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So, as you know, if you’ve been listening to me whine for any length of time here, I don’t have a lot of knitting time, but I have committed to knitting at least a little every day. Yesterday, I finished the daily quota and looked down at the Clapotis and noticed that I had somehow managed to decrease right over some of the drops on the left hand side. WTH? I was halfway through the decreases and had failed to read the instructions correctly for a piece I have already knitted once before. Really, Cass? Really?

REALLY! So I ripped it back and today I started re-knitting.

In other distressing news, because that wasn’t enough to send me crying to the bathroom sink, I have misplaced my copy of Tweed. That half finished sweater I’ve been calling Carrington, well, it’s actually called Carrick, and it is in this book. I’m looking for someone, anyone who can lay their hands on their own copy and burn me a working copy of the pattern. I own the book, it is here somewhere, and you can verify that by searching the archives. Please. I want a whole sweater, and all I lack are sleeves and the turtleneck.

I need a new…

Couch! As comfortable as my big, fluffy brown couch is, it is time for a replacement. I’ve been looking on Craigslist for something suitable, because my couch will also be used for sleeping, and I want a very comfortable one because of that. And I have to have one that comes from a pet-free home because of my allergies. So, even though I am looking for a freebie, or a used one in good condition, I am also looking at sites like Layla Grayce.

They have some really nice Noir Furniture. Yes, I know that page is full of bedroom furniture, but I *did* say the couch would be used for sleeping, right? So, a daybed would work, too, see. But it has to have a back on it, because it sits in from of my glass door, and I would prefer to not have my kids falling through that, ykwim? And if, while I am there, I see a piece I might like for my own room, so much the better, right?

And pillows, lots of throw pillows, because I love them, even though they get spendy. Champagne taste and a beer budget, that’s me. Enh, wine budget; I don’t much care for beer.

The January Project: Clapotis in pink and green

What we have here is not a set of home audio speakers, although I am looking for some because I need better sound from my laptop. I am sure I have 3 or four sets here, but finding them is an entirely different matter! No, this is The January Project. As you probably guess from the fancy title up there, it is indeed a Clapotis. If the title didn’t give it away, the pattern sheet certainly would have, right?

When I picked it up on the first, I was about halfway through the straight section. I’m still about halfway through the straight section, because I didn’t work on it very long. But progress is progress and I aim to be finished with this project by the end of the month. Slow but steady, the keyword being steady, because I didn’t knit at all yesterday. Shame on me! But I do plan to squeeze in a bit today, somewhere. Maybe after dinner, hmmm?

I mean it this time

How many times have I complained in the last couple of years that I don’t knit much anymore? Probably about as many times as the have been new iphone acessories. But I have actually been thinking as this year winds down about how to recapture that knitting joy.

For 2011, I want to finish a project a month, and by project, I don’t mean hat. I mean something bigger. Not like, a house cover, by any stretch, but more substantial than a hat. For instance, the Clapotis and Carrington. And maybe, just maybe, by the end of the year, Hocks. I even have a plan to accomplish this: Each week, I plan to enjoy a movie at home and knit while I do it.

You know, I discovered something while I was doing the NaNo this November: I can indeed make time for the things I want to do. I just have to decide that the thing I want to accomplish is more important to me than hanging out on facebook and yahoo, chatting. I have to purpose to move away from the keyboard and do something productive. Productive can mean fun, you know.

And also…

it’s raining. Ordinarily, that wouldn’t bear much comment. Except that today, I had actually planned to dig in the shed and get out the Christmas decorations. I don’t want to do that in the rain!!! It’s no fun!

On the other hand, I did ask the kids to get the living room ready, and they didn’t, so …. I mean, some of them did some of it, but it’s not finished, and I refuse to decorate a dirty house, so I have to finish that first. But I’m not real thrilled about it. I am trying to squeeze in a bunch of stuff over the weekend, and had hoped they could finish that small part for me, because my master plan calls for finishing the work before we begin to play.

So, instead, I am looking at nursing scrubs. Not because I plan to be a nurse, but because I have heard they are comfortable. Since I am starting school soon, I need to find some comfortable clothes, and I am not quite willing to wear sweats all the time. As appealing as that might be in winter, I think cheap scrubs might be a better summer-time option. Unless they have the a/c maxed out, unlike my current job where we sweat all summer and shiver all winter. Just sayin’ In that case, I’d need to pack a sweatshirt in my bag for slipping over my scrubs top.

In the meantime, I’m starved, and I just heard my food beep at me. Yay!!!!

More picture frustration

Ok, this gripe has nothing to do with my photopress error. But it is picture frustration. I wanted to take the opportunity to show you some shoes. Black ones, with high heels and studs on the platforms, truly, the girly definition of engine driven pumps. I was going to show them to you because I am planning to go buy them one day this week. But the picture is on my phone and I can’t find my transfer cable. I suck. But really, these are awesome-al shoes.

Pics when I get ’em, provided they still have them in stock!

My new storage solution?

Haha! I could put all my craft supplies in one of these metal buildings, and add a window unit for heat and air conditioning. And a table, extra large, for laying out my work. And good lighting. And a coffee pot, and I could go live in it. Ok, just kidding on the live in it part, but it would definitely make a cost-effective studio space, with a few upgrades, don’t you think?

Sweet indeed.

Holy Carp!

Umml so a couple of months ago, I got a notice that my hosting company was moving this site to a new server. And then my friend, Ang. said her photopress wasn’t working anymore. And then just a few minutes ago, I wrote that post on Carrington, and tried to upload pictures. Guess who’s photopress also isn’t working? Yeah. Mine. And using the wp uploader is NOT convenient. Just sayin’ It might be easier after I play with it a bit.

But it might also be easier to just figure out what’s up with photopress and then I could help myself AND my friend. Hmmmm. Either way, it can’t take longer than weeding through hundreds of plasma tv reviews. But the thing is, I don’t *need* a new tv. On a knitting blog, though, I do need pictures.

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