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make wonderful, beautiful things

FOs 2006

DD 5s stocking
DD#5’s stocking 12/23/2006 Details

knitted ornaments 2
Knitted ornaments, 10 little toboggans 12/22/2006

Stole for Granny 12/01/2006 Details

Dulaan set 11/22/2006 Details

Altered dress for DD#4 11/14/2006

Blanket for DD#5 10/29/2006 Details

russset.jpg russsocks.jpg
Set for DS#1 10/03/2006 Details

Another keyhole scarf 10/01/2006

DD#4 models the kehhole scarf. This was made in a variety of blues, and looks so much better in person. 9/11/2006

Opal Tiger Hat for DD#2 9/9/2006

Midwife hat and Opus square, finished 9/8/2006

Pinwheel sweater 9/1/2006 Details

Suede hat for DD#2 8/20/2006 Details

Square for Opus Blanket 8/13/2006

Hat for the midwife 8/12/2006

Jenna’s socks 8/12/2006

DS#2’s socks 8/10/2006 He’s distracted by a fistful of oreos.

DS#3’s socks 8/9/2006 Details

Grandmother’s socks 8/6/2006 Details

Buttonhole Bag 7/24/2006 Details

Feather and Fan Pullover 7/20/2006 Details

Dulaan neckwarmer/earwarmer 7/9/2006

Baby hat 7/8/2006

Fairisle hat going to Dulaan 6/21/2006

This is DD#2 in her new sweater, knit on 7s, with Cascade Pima Silk and Art Yarns Serenade, about 1100 yards total. Basic top down raglan. I assure you, she likes it. She was dancing with glee last night, before I even had the second button band on it. I guess she’s intimidated by having her picture on the internet or something. What can I say? she’s 12, almost 13. 6/19/2006

Altered Baby Surprise Jacket for Dulaan 6/12/2006 Details

Dulaan Hat 6/1/2006

Ok, I did cut part of his arm off, but the expression was so funny that I had to keep this pic. The yarn is Plymouth Encore, and it’s my bottom-up unpatterned sweater. 5/29/2006

4/14/2006 Details

Opal Brasil 5001 on size 2 dpns 3/24/2006

Hat for DD#5 2/14/2006

DD#5 2/13/2006

Socks for me 2/13/2006

Socks for me 2/10/2006

Blanket for the babe 2/8/2006

Opal Dress for DD#4 2/6/2006

2 midwife hats and 4 Opus Squares

BSJ with scarf, hat and thumbless mitts 2/1/2006

DD#4 and her mittens 1/31/2006

DS#1 and his mittens 1/28/2006

DD#3 in her new sweater, holding the midwife hat I made with the leftovers 1/27/2006

DD#1 and her Crusher Hat 1/24/2006

2 more midwife hats 1/23/2006

Soaker for the store that I finished sometime last week.

DD#2 crusher hat 1/22/2006

DD#3 crusher hat 1/22/2006

More midwife hats 1/20/2006

DS#2 mittens 1/20/2006

Ds#3 mittens 1/16/2006

Easter sweater for DD#4, matches the little dress and hat 1/15/2006



Soaker for the new babe 1/12/2006

Crusher hat for gift and 2 midwife hats 1/11/2006

Size 1 shorts for HSY 1/10/2006

4 more midwife hats 1/9-10/2006

Dulaan hat 1/9/2006

2 yarn scarf 1/8/2006

Hat 1/6/2006
Scarf 1/7/2006

This year’s major project will be the patch blanket for DD#1’s hope chest. Here are the first four squares.

Pair of midwife hats 1/4/2006

HSY piece, in the store, 1/2/2006

Crusher hat, Dulaan hat, and baby soaker shorts 1/1/2006