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Southern Fried – April 20, 2007

Welcome to the April 20, 2007 edition of Southern Fried. I hope you enjoy the carnival because there are some mighty tasty treats.

Boomer blog presents Road Trip: New Orleans posted at The Boomer Blog. If you like travel, get a glass of iced tea, and settle in here.

Viv presents Southern Hospitality posted at Cool Moms Rule. Go here to find out what GRITS really are. I have a key chain on my dresser to remind me.

Don West presents The Big Chicken- Idle Minutes posted at Idle Minutes. It’s all about the history, ya’ll.

Sheila Scarborough presents In Florida, go north to see the South posted at Perceptive Travel Blog. This is a smörgåsbord of delightful little tidbits, served up crispy-tender.

Heather Truett presents Paula Wall, Will You Marry Me? posted at Madame Rubies. She’s having a good time with a fine southern tome.

I’m offering my own Blog Interview, which was posted at Midlife Musings. Learn more than you probably ever wanted to know about your hostess right there, ya’ll.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of southern fried using our carnival submission form.Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. The next edition will come out on May 4nd.

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Southern Fried Carnival April 7, 2007

I went to get the submissions so I could post the carnival today, and there weren’t any. this time it was totally my fault, and I do apologize. When I went to let blogcarnival know the last edition had been posted, I evidently did not click all the way through the screens, so there hasn’t been a way to submit. I am so sorry, and the problem has now been rectified. Please just consider this a false alarm/reminder and submit your post for the Southern Fried Carnival, and will run next Friday. Just click the chicken in the sidebar, ya’ll.

Southern Fried – March 23, 2007

Welcome to the March 23, 2007 edition of Southern Fried. We have a smallish carnival today, I’m disappointed to say. The submissions we do have a great, though, and I am sure you will enjoy them!

Ivy presents Isn’t that the sweetest thing? posted at Home Ec 101.

Skeet presents Growing Hope posted at Skeet’s Stuff.

Suni presents I think I want some corn Fritters posted at Bucket O’ Bulletz.

And I’m offering up my Sweet Tea Recipe from Midlife Musings.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Southern Fried from the Southern Fried Carnival home page. The next carnival will run on April 6th. I’m not assigning a topic for the next run, so have fun with it!

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Southern Fried – March 9, 2007

Welcome to the March 9, 2007 edition of southern fried. We have three awesome submissions for this carnival, plus one from me, LOL!

Brent Diggs presents Refund Offered For Unused Turn Signals posted at The Ominous Comma. It’s a witty poke at those who need it, and I really enjoyed this piece.

CyberCelt presents Sitting in Trinity Texas Waiting on a Car Part posted at Texas RV Travel Blog. She tells us of a vacation that drifted far from her original plans. I’m nit sure she meant to make me chuckle, but chuckle I did.

skeet presents Sgt. John Howard Bailey, USMC posted at skeet’s stuff. This is an incredible tribute to one amazing man. I promise, you will be moved.

I’m offering up Stitcher, part one, posted at Cass’s Midlife Musings. It’s the first in a series of fictional vignettes.

That concludes this edition. The next edition will run on March 23rd, and you can submit your post from our carnival home page. The theme will be “iced tea”. Send in your recipe, your conversations over said beverage, whatever you have that pertains to (or mentions in passing) that beverage.

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It’s Fry-Day

And you haven’t seen a carnival yet, have you? I have had just one submission so far, so I am going to hold off until next week to run it. If you like to do the readin’ ya’ll, ya gotta write some, too.


It’s Wednesday evening. In less than 48 hours, it will be time to post the [tag]Southern Fried Carnival[/tag]. Please make sure to get your entries in by tomorrow night. Dig through your archives and let’s serve up a tasty treat, worthy of the finest bed and breakfast. You can submit your post through the widget on the carnival home page. Just click the chick(en), ya’ll.

Southern Fried – February 23, 2007

Hey ya’ll! It’s Fry-day! Welcome to the February 23, 2007 edition of Southern Fried.

kat shares My Single Mom Life: Archives posted at My Single Mom Life. It’s great piece about neighborly neighbors.

Julie Heath – More4kids Inc. presents Tips For Taking Family Photos posted at More4kids.

Bill Losapio presents So What’s the Nature Conservancy Doing In YOUR County? posted at Bill Losapio, saying, “I thought this might be a good one for your “rants” category. I’m from the east coast of Florida. Our clerk of courts, a bonefied hillbilly, had some interesting things to share about corruption in county government that could be a warning to all folks who value their property (a trait many southerners still have, thankfully). I’m a new england transplant to central florida, by the way, who looks at the Confederate loss in the Civil War as a great tragedy, and the subsequent pillaging of the South by the Whig/Republican North as a horror yet to be rectified. I understand if you feel this article is not appropriate for your blog, but I thought I’d submit and let you decide. Best of luck in all your endeavors. Regards, Bill Losapio”

Bill, I not only found it appropriate, but your correct understanding of the War of Northern Aggression has earned you a place of honor in the Hall of Fry.

skeet presents A long, long time ago posted at skeet’s stuff. You must go see the pictures of skeet-past.

CyberCelt presents Celebrate Texas Independence Day posted at Texas RV Travel Blog, inviting you to share Texas Independence Day.

Alli gives us a glimpse of the Walnut Street Bridge at Chattanooga is Home.

Cass (that’s me) shares Papa’s Cuckoo from Cass’s Midlife Musings.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
Southern Fried at the Southern Fried Carnival home page. I look forward to hearin’ from ya!
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Southern Fried Carnival February 16, 2007

Hi and welcome to this edition of the [tag]Southern Fried Carnival[/tag]!

If you are here looking to read tasty tidbits from our fine southern bloggers, I am sorry to inform you that there aren’t any. That’s right, ZERO submissions, and I am seriously pouting. Now, I don’t know what ya’ll were up to this week, but I am sure curious. How ’bout you write a post about it and submit it for next week’s carnival, ok?

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