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A Blanket for Belle, maybe Forever

That’s what I am working on right now. Of course, ya’ll don’t know it as that. You know it as the log cabin scrap blanket. It was in that pile of stuff I have to use up there in front of the bench chest, and once I found out my bff’s dog needed a blankie, well, there ya go. Yes, I have dogs. No they don’t need blankets. They live outside, unlike spoiled Belle, the throw-away boy-cum-girl-dog. Plus, it will allow me to cross off 14 balls of acrylic yarn :) Always an ulterior motive here at Chez Knits.

Speaking of the bench chest…. do you remember it?
IMG 0610 1

Yes, ok. I have decided that in the event that Earth was destroyed and I had to leave with just one treasured possession, it would be that chest. I’d put my Bible in there and yarn and needles. And it would be sock yarn. Because that chest is huge, and there is no way I could use it up full of sock yarn. And no matter where you end up, you always need socks. Even when fighting off the space creatures. I guess that would be my contribution to Operation Immortality, since I am a Tabula Rasa failure. LOL!

Social-spark-315x235Operation Immortality: Leave your mark. Save Humanity. is the website set up to gather ideas about humanity’s greatest achievements, and messages from regular folks. In October, Richard Garriott will travel to the International Space Station and put this archive, along with some DNA, there. Mr Garriott is the man behind the Tabula Rasa game, and the 6th private citizen to go to space.

And man an I behind the times! The last I remember they were just talking about letting private citizens travel to space! Anyway. If you think you have what it takes, then go play the game, and register for a chance to have your DNA sent to space. I’m telling you–that knitting gene MUST be preserved. You know I am right!

Sponsored by Operation Immortality

Cass in the Kitchen: CA Wine Club

:kitchen: ok, I feel so bad about chintzing you on the previous CitK post, that I will give you two this week. But because I am disgusted by the price of food today, we will speak instead of wine. The price of which has not risen 25% in the past month. Let us not go there again. *Deep Breath* Wine. Wine makes me mellow, let us speak of it now.

I have shared that I am beginning to experiment with different wines, and I believe I mentioned that my cousin and I went to a couple of local wineries a couple weeks ago. He has a membership at one we did not visit, and he joined one of the ones he went to that day. But I know he has to go pick up his wine from these wineries, and I do not always make time to go do stuff like that, so I am not sure that’s a good option for me, and besides, he only gets wine once per quarter, and umm, ya’ll, that is just not acceptable.

Cwc-logo-artisan-smallSo, because of all that, I perked up and paid attention when I saw that the CA Wine Club is offering the first month of their club for free. All you pay is shipping. Each month, they feature a different winery, and you can get 2, 3, or 4 bottles of wine.\ plus a magazine that tells you about the wineries they came from. Oh, I guess you want to know more about the free part. Here ya go: free wine.

So, since California had movies, and now we have movies here, and we have wine and they have wine, do you reckon it would be traitorous for me to order wine from California? Kinda Benedict Cass-ish? And more importantly, will they teach me what wine to serve with what food?

Sponsored by CA Wine Club

Cass in the Kitchen: Holy Crap!

:kitchen: Yesterday, boys and girls, I went to the grocery store. I spent less than $420 on about two weeks of food. Last month, I spent $700 on what turned out to be around 5 weeks worth. Can you say Holy crap? I was dumbfounded, and I am still not quite sure how that happened. And I didn’t even buy my full list! Today for Cass in the Kitchen, instead of me talking to you, let’s do something a bit different. You give me your best dollar stretching food tip. Ready?? Set?? TIP!!

Free at last

Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty, I’m Free at Last

Okay, that may be a bit extreme, BUT! Practice was called yesterday on account of rain, and so I took the opportunity to wrap up the project I’ve been working on for the past ten days or so. It wasn’t reading and it wasn’t knitting or beading or any of those other things I like to do. It was pure writing, and while I do enjoy writing …. 10 days in the hole is a bit much.

And you know what else? I have another project that I need to start on (see the empty sidebar?? that would be the next project) that will require some time and effort, but you know what else? I am going to take a couple of days to re-acquaint myself with my little people, clean my house and watch some gymnastics. I may also knit. Yeah, I know, right?

P.S. I knit 2 more rows on the BSJ before I fell asleep BEFORE the end of the men’s all around. I have been too disgusted that I missed it to even look up who won, but the man from China was well in the lead when I succumbed. The last thing I really remember was the French National Anthem playing for Alain Last-Name-Something for his swimming gold.

Next post: kid update!

I had forgotten

  1. just how busy football season is! These first two weeks, especially. I mean, I did the math, and mentally, I understood that we would be in practice every night, and also that I was going out of town this past weekend, and might also have somewhere to go this weekend, but I failed to translate that into “you will next enter a grocery store sometime in November”. Oops.
  2. exactly why I gave up crappy acrylic yarn. My forefinger is still on fire. I hereby give myself permission to trash the rest of that ball of yarn. Two days of avoidable pain is two days too many.
  3. how much craft stuff I have. It hit me again because I didn’t see it for two days! I will attempt to take measures about that today.
  4. how full the days are. I was working on a non-crafty project last week, and I did not get it finished, and now I need to to fit it in this week, and, umm, this week has plenty of it’s own “evil”. Yeah.
  5. how cranky I get without regular crafting time. See items one through four. It’s pretty darn cranky.

So. Hot.

So, tonight, it was football practice, like I said. I didn’t get any mindless knitting started, so I took a book. I got three whole paragraphs read, because I was “the bathroom mom” tonight. I tour the facilities 5 times between 6pm and 8pm. That is a lot of walking in 90plus degree heat, ykwim? I’m sure I lost a couple of pounds of water weight, for which I am thankful, but Geez, Louise, was I ever glad to walk into the air conditioning here at home.

Have I whined yet about the fact that the a/c in my van doesn’t work for squat? I don’t know if it’s the air conditioning compressor or if it just needs that freon-stuff-that-really-isn’t-freon anymore, but I would be totally happy if dh would fix it. Ok, maybe not totally. But I would be happier. And so would my hair that gets blown around all over my head because of the windows being open. That’s a horrible thing to do to curly hair, you know. Horrible.

Anyway, I’ll have to ask him if he can get the auto ac parts and fix it. With free shipping and a full warranty, it ought to be almost affordable!

Not a crafty weekend

Late this week, I took this picture to share with you. I piled up all the left-over, doesn’t-fit-anywhere craft stuff, in front of the chest and snapped this shot. It basically represents all the crafting I need to do to get my obsession under control.

IMG 0699

Can we say pack rat much? And I’ll try to avoid sharing it more than once per week. It’s just mind boggling, even to me.

But even with all that, there was no crafting this weekend. I did some of this on Saturday,
IMG 0714 1 2

and then on Sunday, I did some church and played with this:

You’ll see that photo again, and I’ll tell you about it. For now that, I invite your comments on it. Tell me what you think it might be for/about. Everyone but Ang., LOL!

Daniel X ImageWhile I was doing that, my kids were arguing over who would get to spend time with Daniel X. Who is Daniel X? He’s a “mutant”, who “can turn into ticks and other animals” and “you shoulda seen how he killed that one guy!” I’d say James Patterson has done it again. The Dangerous Days of Daniel X was written for ages 10 to 110, according to the dust jacket, and the quotes I assembled there for you came from my 14yo girl, my 13yo girl, and my 10 yo boy. The 8yo boy is now in possession of the book, and I am hoping to be after him. Of course, I have heard about most of the book already, but all out of order, as the kids all shared what they considered to be the good parts with me. In truth, I don’t mind waiting if they are excited about reading. And how often does the same book appeal to all my readers?? Oh, I remember. It was Patterson’s last Maximum Ride. That little reading party caused several library runs!

Shower Power

2 questions: Remember the other day I talked about branding? So how do you think my header would look as custom shower curtains? Three more: do you remember a couple years ago there was a knitter who posed in her sunken tub with her stash piled over and around her? Do you know where that picture is? Do you think I could do that without scarring anybody’s psyche?

ETA: I love me some Google, at least for searches. You can see the picture I am talking about at . And I like this one, too:

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