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Not as sore as I thought I would be!

So yesterday, being full of stress and emotion, I re-arranged my room, including the solid wood hutch and dresser. Which I didn’t bother to unload. I expected to need a thera band workout to get teh kinks out this morning, but I didn’t. And I absolutely LOVE what I did in there. I will be tweaking it over the next couple of weeks, I am sure, but still, I love it.

Good morning, Afternoon

Hello there! I am thrilled to announce that summer session is over for me. Or will be as soon as my last grade posts. HA! Nothing brings out mild OCD like waiting for the last grade before one will allow summer to actually begin, right?

So, I plan to do a lot of reading, writing, exercising, and cleaning over the next couple of months. What have you guys got going on? Who wants to add some new tunes to apple ipods and walk off ten pounds with me? Come on, it will be fun. Ish.


I’m feeling kind of out of the loop, because I *just* found Adele. Like, two weeks ago. Where have I been and how have I missed this artist? I don’t care what kind of instruments her band uses: evh, Fender, Ludwig, Gibson, it’s that VOICE that gets me. Tight here. She starts singing and I am so there! ALso, Norah Jones, to whom I was introduced after I made a Pandora of Adele. Dang, ya’ll!

About that 10 pounds

So, this semester, after a year of weight loss and a year of maintenance, I have managed to pack on 8 pounds. Ok, TEN. It probably has something to do with exchanging a regular backpack for one that rolls and a sudden love for chick-fil-A chicken strips. Fortunately, I think I am over that particular obsession, which is good, because I don’t want to have to be visiting in a moment of despair and self-loathing. But I do need to get up off my heiny and do something besides surf the internet and read, right?

No Knitting

No knitting, no beading, no camping, just school, homework, reading and one hour of fishing during which I read a textbook. Cass is not getting much done that one can actually take pictures of and blog about. That’s the truth, and this trend will likely continue for the next 13 months. Plus 2 more years, right? right. At the end of that time, I won’t be ordering discount scrubs, because I don’t plan to wear a uniform to work. It’s gonna be a street-clothes gig. Yay me!


Listen guys, you gotta tell me when the blog goes awol! I stay logged into the admin panel all the time, and tat means I can see it even if you can’t. This time, it wasn’t my fault, I swear. My host had an issue and reset all the ftp passwords. What thy didn’t bother to say was that we had to log into the ftp with said new passwords so our sites would be publicly visible again. Luckily, this blog was the only one affected, at least as far as I can tell. Perhaps I need blog insurance. Sorta like rv insurance, only I want to make sure it *doesn’t* go anywhere!


I also found my mending basket again as I was unearthing the house. It’s still full. Not surprising, right? It stays full. It’s so much more fun to make new stuff than to fix the old right? But I need to get on it, because, well, it needs doing. And also, there is now a pair of socks perched on the top.

Also, a small caveat. I know I could have combined all these little posts into one big one, but my hosting bill is due, and I’m not sure whether or not it qualifies as pci compliant hosting or not, but the fact is, I need it and if I don’t pay the bill, I won’t have it. So there you go.

Well, Hello Blogland

So, here I am again. I had a good excuse for my absence this time: I wrote a freaking book! Yay me. I am so excited, because that’s been something on my to-do list for quite awhile. Much more exciting that researching Medicare plans, in my opinion. I’ve still got quite a bit of work to do on it, of course. Since I wrote most of it long hand, I have to type it up on the computer and take it through about 6 more drafts, but yeah, I wrote a book.

Today, I am looking at a mountain of back-upped work, both online and inhouse. And also, I need to do something about this hair.

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