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Must call SIL

I need to call my sister-in-law about her sweater. I haven’t talked to her in ages! I look forward to hearing about the nieces.

I should tell you the story of her. My ex husband convinced us both that we would hate each other. But she thought I should see my oldest daugher, and so she invited me to Texas to stay with her for a weekish and have a good visit with my young’un. It had been years since I’d seen DD at that point, so I agreed. Mama, Grandmother, the current five children and I all loaded up into one of those huge rental vans and took off for Texas.

Kathy and I circled around each other for about an hour, and then……..we just looked at each other, laughed and started over. We talked together and prayed together, both for her family and mine, that whole week. And we went back the following year, and it was just as marvelous. It was a wonderful time, and I tell, ya, I miss her! She doesn’t come this way, and I don’t go that way anymore. But I would surely love to do so.

Might be taking a trip

Ted at PPP has announced the date for PostieCon2007. It’s the second weekend in June, and I am really considering going. It would be great fun to meet the other posties. Some of my good cyber-friends will be there. And the offices are right there, so I am sure we’ll meet more of the PPP staff. There are a couple of people I’d like to shake hands with. I’ve asked my mom to help DH with the kiddos while I am off enjoying my self working!

I won’t be needing to take advantage of any Florida vacation rentals, since I’ll be rooming with friends to save money, and we want a hotel very close to the……umm, never mind, *that part is still a secret*. All I can say is that Orlando is on my mind.

French Lace?

Following up on my earlier post on France, I’m still dreaming of a little solitude. Since I finished Grandmother’s socks, it’s time to turn back to the little lace dress, and I need some quiet to learn the new lace pattern. An overseas property would get me far enough away from other distractions to allow me to concentrate, right?

Shhh, don’t tell me that I would be more distracted by the adventure. That’s not what I want to hear. I want to hear that a house abroad is just the ticket for my normally knitting ADD self!

Seriously, it is time to pick the dress up again. I’d really like to finish it this month. Well, let’s back up. You may remember that my original goal was Christmas, but that turned out to be a real belly-busting joke, now didn’t it?

House Shopping again

In my dreams! I do like to look at them though. Today, I am looking at houses in France. I’d like one in the country, please. A little chateau would be just thing, don’t you think? Wine, cheese and silence. I am really stressed right now, and a peaceful place would suit me just fine. It’s a nice little mental vacation to think of properties to buy abroad when I am at my wit’s end.

What do you do to get away for 5 minutes? I usually stitch, but since that’s one of today’s stressors, dreaming of overseas properties will have to do.


I’m talking about the city in England. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I’m looking at the picture tour. I would love to see some of these sites up close and personal. In fact, I’d like to go to Britain for an extended stay. I know where I’d stay, too. A quick perusal of JMP Travel turned up some serviced apartments in Bristol UK that would be great for an extended visit. That would be so much more convenient than a hotel!

Not only could I cook for myself (how long do you think I can survive without fried chicken anyway?), but I’d feel safer leaving things in an apartment than a motel room. The added space would be awesome with my crew as well. We are so cramped in hotel rooms, but only one of the children is able to be in a room alone.

Spring Training

You know what would be fun to do? I have a friend who frequents this blog (yes, you) and she lives in Illinois. I would absolutely love to go there and meet up with her, and spend a bit of time at the huge mall in Chicago (I can’t remember the name of it, for shame, but when I went it was the second largest mall in America.

And then I’d like to get some Cubs Spring Training Tickets, and spend some time watching the team prepare for the season. I do like baseball. I don’t like to watch it allllllllll. summer. long. But I do like to see a few games early in the season to see how the teams are stacking up, and I like to watch the playoffs and the series, of course.

So, Ang! [tag]Shopping[/tag]? Or [tag]baseball[/tag]? Or both?


I got tagged with a meme over on Musings, and I got reminded doing that meme, how much I used to enjoy riding motorcycles with my dad. Daddy was never a big talker when I was at home, though he does talk a lot more now. Riding was something we could do together that was fun for both of us, but did not require conversation.

Riding a motorcycle was naturally easy for me, but man, he hated taking my mom, because she was so tense on the back of the bike that it made the motorcycle hard to control. He always insisted that we wear a motorcycle helmet when we were on the bike, and I have never seen him on a bike without one, either.

Man, I miss that. I think the last time I went I was pregnant with DS#1, so more than 8 years. Daddy gave up his motorcycle endorsement not too long after that. On days like today………I could really use a ride, nothing to talk about, nothing to think, just the noise of the road in my head, and nothing else matters.

I Need a Bath

Ok, actually a shower, but that’s not what I am going to talk about. Instead, I am continuing the travel theme, with a wee postie about Bath, the city. Bath is one of several so-called heritage cities in England.

Bath EnglandBath’s impeccable historic credentials don’t tell the full story. Today more so than ever, it’s a thriving, vibrant city. 19th century Georgian gaiety has been replaced by a decidedly 21st-century cosmopolitan buzz. Bath offers an enviable lifestyle, with a year-round calendar of events.

I love these types of sites. I so enjoyed my one visit to Europe, and wish I could go back to see more. You know, don’t you, that in spite of our break with Britain over 200 years ago, their history is our history, too?

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