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A funny thing on the way to the forum

Do you remember that movie? I’ve never seen it, but I remember the line, and occasionally use it. Like now, how I just did, because it made me giggle. And that wasn’t hard, because I was already in a good humor after visiting the Trusted Tours & Attractions site. They are a travel company that specializes in family vacation ideas such as trips to the San Diego zoo. This isn’t a travel agent, where you can get plane tickets and such. Rather, you use them after you already know where you are going.

They have pages set up for different cities, so you can just click the city name on the sidebar and find fun things to do in San Francisco, for instance. I used to go there several times a year when I was in the Naval Reserves. Now, it’s been probably 16 years since I have been there, but I remember walking through China Town, and eating chowder in sourdough bowls on the wharf. And the Spaghetti Factory. Nothing makes a loud restaurant louder than 25 sailors, LOL! I guess I could confess that I got a huge tattoo on my back the last time I went there. That’s not rue, though. The craziest thing I ever did there was dance with a handsome-but-much-younger-than-me fellow reservist. Oh, and by a Christmas ornament shaped like a trolley car. Guess I was boring even back in the day.

Back to the website. TT&A is running a promotion for folks who visit their website and ask for more information. If you sign up for the Trusted Travels eNewsletter and enter to win an IPOD Nano! Offer ends Monday, March 31st, 2008. Having just gotten my own mp3 player, and already wanting a larger one, I recommend you go right over there and enter.

Stitching Away (from home)

A few months ago, I had an idea for a vacation burst upon my brain. I thought it might be neat to organize a holiday for me and some crafty friends, and we could get away and do crafty type shopping and chat and eat bonbons and drink wine and stitch. And then we all got kinda broke, and I got kinda busy, so that idea has not been developed any further. But then today, I saw some info about the sightseeing tours available from Trusted Tours & Attractions, and I thought more about it. They have an extensive list of cities to choose from, and I think I’d like to go to any of them except Tampa. I’ve been to Tampa and it was just not a real fun time for me!

I went there with just a couple hours notice when I was 8 months gone with my second son because DH was there on business and had to have emergency surgery. Now, after he got out of the hospital, we went to my cousin’s in Orlando and were able to visit some of the attractions at the then-new Universal Studios Park. That was fun, but it could have been funner if I had not been worried about him. Of course, since he had just had his head cracked open, and I was very pregnant, and there were no small children to chase, we were able to slow down and relax for the first time in years. Come to think of it, that’s as slow and relaxed as we’ve been since, and that child I was carrying is 8 years old. No wonder I feel like I need a vacation, LOL!

And I don’t want to go to Vegas just now, because I just went in November. And I don’t need to go anywhere in Florida, because I will be attending a conference there later this year. I think of the remaining cities, the Savannah or Charleston tours most appeal to me. I’ve always wanted to go to those places, and my accent won’t confuse people. Since that same cousin lives in Charleston now and I can get a tour anytime I want (he’s a tour guide, in fact), I guess that ………..leaves……

Hold that thought, ya’ll. I’ll get back to you on that.

In the meantime, I’m signing up for the newsletter at Trusted Tours and Attractions. You can win a handheld GPS just for signing up, and you know I like the toys, ya’ll.

Moblogger R Me

Okay ya’ll, I will be moblogging a time or two or more while I am gone. I have my updates set up to go to Mothering Many. It seemed appropriate, given the nature of the trip. Check in over there to see what we are up to!

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Hey ya’ll, I’m home. I have an almost finished footie to show for my trip! Here I am knitting on it, in at [tag]PostieCon07[/tag] in Vegas. Excuse the blur, I was in a hurry.

IMG 0981

And here I am meeting Jim Jones Ted. He’s a riot, a total fireball, just like I thought he would be.

Ted and Cass

And also, he is followed around by Hot Travis the camera dude all the time. All. the. Time. Sometimes people say wild and crazy stuff to Hot Travis in an attempt to get him to stop filming. It never works. It will probably even come back to haunt them. Just sayin’

Hot Travis

I also met Pete, and Britt and a bunch of other really neato people. In fact, I enjoyed sleeping with them all.

I was planning to live blog to conference, but my computer did not like the wifi there, and I could not connect. I was the only person there who couldn’t, which seems really unfair, but I lived through it, I guess. I suggest they look into a better wireless router, or at least one that works with my laptop.

Travel Knitting

As you know, unless you have been living under a rock, or not reading my blog, which, really, is practically the same thing, I. am going. to Las Vegas. Got that? In 11 days, I am getting on a plane and going to Vegas! Woohoo! Vegas. Me. Me in Vegas. I can hardly believe it, and I am so super excited to be meeting up with some awesome online friends, and squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Vegas, ya’ll!

Travel knitting

So, umm, knitting. For my trip to Vegas. I am debating shawl or socks. I don’t want anything I will have to concentrate on, so it’s got to be simple. I don’t want a huge suitcase, either, so it needs to be something small. And I really should not buy yarn, though I really, really want to, especially after seeing this sweater. It’s not that particular sweater that so intrigues me, but rather the idea behind it. I am pretty sure I could get a cardigan for myself out of 3 large balls of sock yarn, but…. I love all those different colored stripes.

Ok, the possibilities are endless. Well, endless if I already have the yarn. Here is the stash–what would you take to Vegas if you were me?

Storage Idea

So, how was your weekend? I stayed busy, busy, busy. Saturday was a trip to Fort Caswell where this happened:
IMG 0622

And then from there it was out to the ball park where there was this:

IMG 0439

And then there was and a movie with the fam and this:

IMG 0605 1

Sunday was church, a nap and then shopping for this*:

IMG 0632

And also these:

IMG 0634

I got these to help with the organizing of the bazillion craft projects. I figured they’s be good sized for tool storage and also the materials. Especially for the cross-stitch, I think I could get the pattern, the piece and everything else I needed in there, too.

Today, I’ve been dentist-ing and cleaning. I do have a picture of the former, but I am saving it for a slow day. As for the latter, that’s why I can’t tell you if my storage idea works or not.

*Those are not my feet and those are not my shoes. They are, however, someone’s first high heels, so I thought they were worth a mention.

Psst, Ang!

Look at this one! (Ya’ll scuse me, I need to book a hotel, ok?) I just priced a room here at the Imperial Palace Las Vegas, and it was less than $1000 for four people for our dates. I’m not sure how close it is to the convention center, but it might be worth checking out. Let me know what you think.

And also–>> Legends in Concert. Must go.

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