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If the shoe fits

I saw something today that made me giggle fer shur. I had heard of brides getting married in flip-flops before, but I never believed it, because, really, who would do such a thing? Well, I believe it now, because I have seen them! I actually saw a website that sells Wedding Flip Flops! I totally could never do that. I mean, I don’t even wear flip flops in public, because I don’t like my toes all out there for people to see. And how do you dance in [tag]flip flops[/tag]? All that flippity-floppiting? Umm, no. Thanks anyway, but, no.

Zookoda Email

I saw this today, and I think it’s a pretty neat concept. Zookoda Email is a free application that let’s you set up a blog email for your blog posts, and send them right to people’s email inboxes. The newsletter owner sets up the frequency: daily, weekly or monthly. Readers have to subscribe, of course, so you can’t just start flooding folks with stuff they are not interested in. The subscriptions are handled with signup forms that you put on your blog with a little javascript, and [tag]Zookoda[/tag] handles all the subs and unsubs for you, as well as generating reports to help you gauge the effectiveness of your newsletter. That means you add the sign-up form, set your newsletter frequency and not have to mess much with it after that.

The newsletters are generated from your existing RSS/Atom feed. The intent is to build traffic and readership by putting your name in front of people on a regular basis. The hope is that the summaries will intrigue them, and they’ll click through to the site. One thing I’d like to see is the ability to add multiple feeds to one newsletter. This would be a great option for bloggers like me, with several niche blogs, just so people could get a taste of what I have written here, there, and everywhere. Zookoda is a good service just as it is, but I think that addition would make it great.

Registration was simple, and the confirmation email came quickly. If they add the ability to use multiple feeds, I’d use the service as a convenience to my readers.

Safe for Surfing

Well, I think it’s safe for ya’ll to come back in now. In case you didn’t notice, I am re-doing the categories for the blog. I’ve got the last month or so done, but anything beyond that is in the “need to cat” cat. Except for the posts that currently have NO category. That’s supposed to be impossible in WordPress, so I’m still wondering exactly how that happened :).

Ah well. Now you know what I am up to. [tags]site maintenance[/tags]


Ya’ll don’t forget the [tag]Southern Fried Carnival[/tag]. It’s coming out Friday. I have three submissions so far, and I want more. I am greedy like that. Let’s rock this thang! Submit here.

Audio Conferencing

I saw this today, and thought how cool it would be for groups of internet friends. Free Conference Call Services allows groups to connect via phone at any time and from any place! Here’s the part that really got me excited! The service includes MP3 recordings that you can use for [tag]podcasting[/tag]. Can you imagine getting today’s big knitters all together on the phone at once, maybe taking questions from a call-in audience? I’d love to hear Brenda Dayne, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Ann and Kay, and Laurie all together!

The only cost involved is the individual long distance charges to join the call. I’d be willing to take up donations to get that kind of knitting experience on the line. It would be an incredible resource!

[tag]FreeAudioConferencing[/tag] is great for any group, including non-profits and small businesses as well as special interest groups (like knitters!).

Oh, this is good!

I saw a website this morning that has to rank up there in the 10 most useful websites I have ever seen. It’s a portal to other sites, and it looks like this:

Each of those icons will take you to the site represented. You can use the menu on the left to choose which categories of icons show. I clicked on Blogs, and all the big ones are there, including PostSecret, Instapundit and Daily Kos. (Don’t be appalled, I do keep up with the other side, ya’ll.)

You can connect to all the state governments through this site, and the News/Info tab is equally impressive. I like the fact that both sides of the media are represented. Yes, I said two sides. While both sides may be telling the truth, they aren’t necessarily telling the whole truth, and you need to visit several to get the facts.

If you ever lose your favorites, this would be the place to start rebuilding the list. But don’t wait until that happens: Go to [tag]Locate It Online[/tag] now, and check it out.

Get out of the house already

Amazing things every day, I tell you! Every day. Do you remember back in the day when [tag]pool[/tag] was a game played with real ceramic balls on a big ol’ table, and you used long sticks called cues to play it? You gathered at the local club and jacked around with your buddies, laughing and having a good time together. It was fun. Together. Well, welcome to our new world. Today we have [tag]online pool games[/tag]. You can now play pool with all your friends alone. Now isn’t that nice? All anti-social and everything. Forgive me for being less than impressed, but at least you don’t have to argue over who’s buying the drinks.


My friend Ang. just showed me a picture of her pool. It’s the top one in the post I linked. If you look on the left side of the pic, you can see her [tag]pool[/tag] is frozen SOLID! I don’t think those guys will be needing [tag]bathing suits[/tag] any time soon, do you? I don’t think even the longest swimdress would be enough to brave that pool just now. The picture just amazes me, because, well, it doesn’t usually freeze like that here. Ever. I almost feel ashamed of myself for whining about how cold I am. Almost, but not quite, LOL!

When they do need swimsuits, I’ll have to recommend these girl’s swimsuits. I know my friend values modesty in a swimsuit, just like I do, and some of these look pretty good.

(Plug for her daughter, who took the snow pictures: The girl is eleven, ya’ll. Eleven and takes pictures like that!)

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