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Hosting is Everything

Back when I moved this blog off xanga, I went with a hosting company owned by internet friends. The price was good, and it felt good to deal with friends. When my mom got a blog, I set her up with that same company. When I got ready to start my second blog, I contacted them about hosting it, and discovered that I was about to exceed my account limits and needed to make different arrangements ASAP. The next tier of service was more than I felt like I could afford, so I changed companies entirely. Some of you long term readers may remember all that. I still thank Xial silently for packing, moving and unpacking this blog into it’s current digs. I doubt he will ever know the tears he saved me! I selected Dreamhost because another friend could provide a coupon for it, the space was vast, the bandwidth was ample and I needed to get out NOW before my site went down.

If I were moving today, however, I would probably take advantage of the Web Hosting Blue Book. They have gathered the information a person needs to select a host that will meet their needs now and tomorrow. They don’t have all the hosts listed, of course, because….well, because, how could you? New hosting providers pop up all the time, but they have a plethora of info for the top ten hosts. Just check out this web review of Host Monster for example. I like the rating feature, because that lets me know what other site owners think of the hosts in question, and I am noting with some dismay that my own host didn’t make the top 10 list at all.

No Wedding Ideas

I was totally going to use this space to talk about the wedding gowns I just looked at on the site. Like most females, I enjoy looking at wedding gowns. I think it’s genetic, yk? Comes with that girl chromosome. But I can’t do that because, the site that wants you to rely on them for all your Wedding Ideas wants me to register before I can see a single gown. That really makes me angry. I can buy wedding favors, I can shop for registry items and I can even look at invitations without registering. Consider this my formal complaint!

Please let me in. By the hair of my chinny-chin-chin, I want to see that dress that looked like it was spun with icing! Please!

Looks Diff’rent round here, huh?

Ryan of Ryan’s Reviews graciously offered to review some blogs last night, and I jumped at the chance. One of the issues with designing a blog, is that your eyes get tired. You work and work and work on it, and then you just stop seeing it. And so do your visitors to a certain extent. I was pretty sure Ryan had never been here before, l so I was especially interested in how the site looked to a first time visitor.

He was much politer than this, but his reaction to the site layout was basically, “Holy crap, that’s a lot of busy-ness in your sidebars and footers.” Thankfully, his reaction to my content was much better, LOL! So, I spent a good but of time today working on the layout. I hope it looks better, and shortens the load time. All the information is still here, you just have to click on the plus signs to find it.

I looked at the W3C validator, but I really don’t understand how to fix those errors. Perhaps in time, I can study it, and begin to fix them. For now, I’m pleased with the cleaner look. I still want to get the pages in a collapse, but I’m having a bit of trouble getting the page call to function without generating a second h2 “pages”.

Thank you again, Ryan, for your helpful review!

Free Stuff

I came from a long line of stingy thrifty women. It’s even been said that my Grandmother could squeeze a dollar until the eagle screamed. Now, while I am not quite as frugal as all that, I do like a good bargain, and I particularly like free stuff, especially when I get to pick and choose my goodies, and not just take what someone wants to give me, LOL. Yeah, I’m cheap frugal AND picky.

Now most sites that I’ve seen lately that promise free stuff are actually lying. You have to try this or try that, refer friends, earn points, etc, etc, ad nauseum. But That Freebie Site is actually really full of stuff that’s free. They have books. They have health and beauty stuff. They have an amazing array of stuff you can have just for asking and providing a mailing address.

The list of categories is on the left hand sidebar, and it’s way longer than I want to list here, and they are adding new free stuff all the time, pages and pages of it. Go check it out for your self, and let me know what goodies you picked.

Practical Purls 1

I watched a movie a long time ago, I can’t even remember the name of it now. (Or maybe it was a book. I frequently create such vivid mental images when I reading that they seem like something I have actually seen.) I don’t remember anything except a woman who had a chair to take her up and down the stairs, and she got trapped in that chair, and it just kept taking her up and down, faster and faster. As I type this, I am almost certain it was something be Stephen King, because I just remembered the ending, and folks, “it wern’t purty” as they say. Anyway, I thought that such a chair was a made-up thing, but I was wrong. (Imagine that!)

Such contraptions are called stair lifts, and they are a real boon to disabled people who live in multi-level homes. the site I have linked to sells a variety of them, so you can see exactly what I am referring to. And if you live in the UK, and need a stair lift, be sure to check out their warranty. I don’t think you’ll find a better one.

Practical Purls 5

How many social networking sites do you belong to? They add up pretty quickly, I guess. Here’s a guy who’s all over the internet. You can find him at Navtej Kohli, Navtej Kohli, Navtej Kohli, Navtej Kohli, and Navtej Kohli. I guess those profiles add up pretty quick, don’t they?

And speaking of gifts

Father’s Day is, umm, Sunday, ya’ll. I don’t have anything for Daddy or my husband. Nor have I really looked at anything, because I am lame like that, so now I have two days to come up with something good. Therefore, I am checking out websites like Weidmann Trading that offer Muscle Car Apparel & Gifts . Dh is really into old cars. In fact, for the past few Christmases, I have gotten him a classic car calendar, so I know he’d like something from there. Perhaps I could get him a shirt with an old Mustang on it to be a constant reminder of the one he flew through the windshield of as a teen.

My dad on the other hand might like the Dodge charger shirt, or something with the GTO logo. He’s driven both of those cars in the past. His GTO was silver with burgundy interior. He kept that car in pristine condition, as he does/did all his vehicles. We could never eat in there, and I remember being shocked that he actually allowed his Siberian Husky to ride in it.

Anyway I digress (as usual), and if you have a guy who likes cars (and don’t we all?) give this site a look-see.

Safety Net

Last year, I remember that several knitting bloggers lost their archives, and had to scramble to restore them. Several of my non-knitting blogging friends have had this happen recently as well. Since many of them monetize their blogs, this is a real issue, as you can imagine. I found out today that Online Backup is available for your blog! It’s an addition to IDrive-E, and it will do recirring back ups of your blog automagically after you set it up. You can backup as much as 1GB this way!

This is the company I mentioned before on another blog that lets you back up files from your PC (up to 2GB for free, unlimited for $4.95 a month). I think this is a great addition to their line-up, because I am too much of a technotard to set up a chron job on my host. Yeah, I can say it, I just can’t DO it.

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