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Awaken me this

7089.LgHere’s the skinny: Go here and order this. In case that last link only works for me, this is what you are looking for.

You find it under “aromatherapy”.

The fat: When Ang. and I were in Vegas, we tried some salt scrub stuff on our hands, and it felt. so. good! However, we had just dropped a load of dough on face stuff and so we decided not to buy it. Since then, I have popped in to B&BW a couple of times expressly to sample one of their hand scrubs. And then I walked out withut buying them because I am a stingy woman when it comes to anything except crafts. Or shoes. But we won’t go there.

Anyway, when Ang. started selling Arbonne a couple months ago, I was all set to give her an order, because that’s what friends do, right? So, I asked her if they carried “any of that sea salt stuff”. And she said yes, and I said “I’ll take that” and she gave me a discount because that’s what BFFs do, and she sent it to me. And then I let it sit on my dresser for several weeks, while she kept asking me if I’d used it. Because I am lame. And busy, very busy. Yes, too busy to wash my hands, I guess.

But I tried it this morning, and then I came and sat right down to tell you about it. Because it is good. The scent is nice, neither floral nor fruit, and it lingers just enough to remind me to feel my hands and revel in their softness. And I bet when I knit today, the yarn doesn’t catch in my raspy old lady hands. Mostly because I now have soft sweet-young-thing hands. So, go get some. Right now.

Abby Rose

yhst 95552160618728 2009 25882772I’ve been eyeballing comforter sets for my room for several months now without buying anything. Yeah, I know. I don’t usually dither quite so long over stuff like this, but money has been a little tight, and I have had other things I wanted to buy. But isn’t that the cutest thing ever? I know it’s marketed as a kid’s set, but it is so pretty. I found it at Beyond Bedding. They sell polka dot bedding for babies, kids and teens. And grown-ups, even though they don’t seem to know it. Surely I am not the only grown woman with a penchant for pink!

Hmm, perhaps I could offer to trade craft supplies for a bedding site. How do you think that would work out for me? And do you think if it did work out, that I could convince Dh that pink is a perfectly valid color for a bedroom a grown man sleeps in?

School Supply Fun

I also picked up a few school supplies Saturday morning. Even though we home school, I am still buying supplies for a bunch of students, and we use pens and pencils and crayons and paper just like students in public school. So I buy it when you do–as soon as it goes on sale, and not one minute before, LOL! This year, I also received a box of school goodies from EZ School Supplies. You woulda thought it was Christmas up in here, ya’ll! Look at this:
IMG 0597 1

They had so much fun, and I got several blissful minutes of quiet!

I really like the box the supplies came in. It’s a good sturdy box with places to write in the child’s like and dislikes, and then keep special work in after the school year is over. It even has a handle on top. I don’t know about you, but I am all about the storage!
IMG 0569 1

Quick Rundown

After I posted Friday, I went back to Myrtle beach with my folks. I had already been Wednesday to see Deb, which is a pst of it’s own, but will be on my other blog. Maybe. Anyway, we bought a necklace I had etyed on Wednesday, and a pair of shoes (yeah, whatever, hush), AND we scoped out a new yarn store. It’s in NMB, and it’s called Knittiing up a Storm, and it is fantabulous.

On Saturday, I finished my purse, and helped Mama shell peas, and then started a puzzle. We were supposed to camp this weekend, but it was just too hot and also very rainy, so we stayed in the air conditioning and played games and such. Except for the pea thing.

DH says puzzles count as finished objects, since I buy serious puzzles that take some mad skills to assemble. What do you think?

Christmas is Coming….

The goose is getting fat! It seems like I type that earlier and earlier every year, but I can assure you that is already past the middle of July here, and Christmas is just FIVE MONTHS away! How crazy is that? I still have broken ornaments from last year over there in the craft area to be fixed. Also! I did not make personalized ornaments last year, and I mean to get on that this year. Hell-o!

Anyway! Back to the point, which is NOT my lack of Christmas Organizing Skills, but rather personalized Christmas Cards and the photos that go with them. Yep. Pi-chers for those of you who speak southern, like me. I found a boatload of articles on how to get good Christmas cards shots, and other tips, like this gem:

Flowers are wonderful subject matter for photographs. To create a dew-dropped masterpiece, place drops of water or glycerin on the leaves or petals. Glycerin can be found at most pharmacies and won’t dry up as quickly as water.

Color me open-mouthed, because it never occurred to me that those flowers we see in photos were anything other than legitimately dew-kissed. Sometimes my own naivety amazes me. Rube=Cass or something, I guess. Anyway, go read. I’ll meet you there with a glass of iced tea, ok?

Mmmmm! Smelly Business!

Ts_version_2I have a wonderful smelling something to tell you about! I received a TriScents Transform Your Home Kit in the mail the other day, and let me tell you– it smells so good. I usually don’t put a lot of stock in air fresheners, because I find that they tend to combine their overpowering fake flower scents with the stale sock and full diaper pail odor I was trying to get rid of. But Renuzit has definitely raised the bar with this product. First off, I was surprised (and pleased) to see that my sample was Seaside Breezes. It seriously smells so good!

I have plugged the Renuzit TriScents in just inside my bedroom door, and every time I walk in there, I get to enjoy it. And since my bathroom is through the bedroom, and I have a bladder the size of a thimble, I get to walk through there quite often. It changes scent every 45 minutes, so it stays fresh. I have mine set on “minimum”, and it is just perfect.

Listen, if you haven’t tried it, run and do so. Just go get one and plug it in, then come back and thank me. Oh! Almost forgot. Go to and print out a coupon first! I want to get another one for the boys’ bathroom.
Sponsored by Renuzit TriScents

Like a hole in the head

That’s how bad I need a new sewing machine. I have to tell you that right up front. I do not NEED a new sewing machine. However, I can still look at sewing machines, right? Of course I can! I do enjoy reading sewing machine reviews, and I do pass by and see the new models from time to time, but I just can’t justify buying a new sewing machine. My basic Brother has served me well for over 20 years, and it’s seems cruel to put it out to pasture for no good reason. Although a few years ago when one of the kids knackered the tension, and it took me a few WEEKS to figure out what was wrong, I was ready to put it out the door. Yeah, I’m big on the operator error.

I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the long arm machine, that quilters use, for instance. How do you control that great pile of fabric from way over there? I guess I will have to see it in operation before I “get it”. I do like the way sergers finish seams so neatly, but believe it or not, I am not overly interested in an embroidering machine. I figure I can buy a butt-load of patches for the cost of one of those machines, ykwim?

Ok, now I want to do some stitching. Maybe that three-quarters quilted quilt needs attention!

Someone is shrinking

and that someone is me! Finally! I’m really hopeful that I have gottne of the diet yo-yo, and that I have lost that three pounds for good. Yeah, did I mention I have lost teh same three pounds five times now? Whatever! But I am sitting here typing this at my standard adult weight, and I am planning to go ahead and try to lose down to where I was right before I weaned DaBaby. And mostly, because I am vain, and I looked so good. There I said it out loud. Of course, having to be very aware of my fat intake is only helping, so perhaps my insides will look good, too!

Anyway! Yesterday, I noticed that the shirt I was wearing was too big. How cool is that? I’ll need new clothes!! Not that I haven’t purchased new clothes recently, because we both know I have, but you know, a girl needs new things after she loses weight. It’s like, mandatory, to replace those things you under-grow, right? Right.

Well, of course, I love a good deal, so I’m looking at coupons, and I noticed that over at Coupon Codes Mall, they have a category for clothes. That will come in real handy in another couple of months. Do you think I am too old to “shop the bunny”? Ok, ok. Maybe not too old, but probably way too conservative.

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