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Productively Speaking

You know, this week, I have spent a lot of time beading (yeah, I hinted at that in the last post, and it is absolutely true). Now that means I haven’t been able to spend as much time blogging as I usually do, because I can’t do both. Well, not with my current set-up, but watch this:

And this:

How fantastic would it be to be able to blog and bead. Or blog and knit? Or blog and put on my makeup? Or blog and paint my nails? More to the point, what if I could create my Cass in the Kitchen post for the week while I was actually cooking? Or blog a knit pattern as I create it? Yeah, see? Now, I would need to buy a Blue Tooth noise cancellation microphone to use it, but I think the time savings would be so worth it! I could earn enough with the products I could make in the time I usually spend typing to cover the cost.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred Dragon Naturally Speaking can capture and transcribe up to 150 words per minute. Now, I took the typing test and I can only type about 58 words per minute. BTW, they need to work on Dragon’s typing speed test! . Or maybe I didn’t understand it, or maybe I just suck, because it never told me I was finished, and the timer kept going until I was down to a very discouraging 16 words a minute. But I won’t hold that against them, since DNS is a speech recognition program, not a typing program, LOL.

MacSpeech Dictate If your to-do list looks anything like mine, you should check it out. It could be like finding an extra couple of hours in your day! Oh, and if you are a Mac user, no worries. You’re covered, too:

So now, will you all quit blogging by typing all the time, and make something to share with the Online Craft Club? Please?!?

Incredible Egg Art

No, I am not announcing a new hobby. I know that’s what you think, but seriously, I’m happy for now with what I already do. But that doesn’t mean I don’t gasp in delight when I see some of the awesome things other people create as hobby art. I saw this picture about a month ago, and gasp I did.


Isn’t that the most incredibly delicate thing you have seen in, like, forever? I mean, I have made some pretty stunning things in my time, if I do say so myself (right this minute, I am thinking about the lace baby dress) but seriously, I am humbled looking at that egg!

treeoflife 190x300 And look at this one! A tree of life right on the egg! That just amazes me. I hace always liked the tree of life designs, because they remind me of my family. I mean, come on, I have as many children as there are branches in that tree. Practically. For all intents and purposes. Especially if you count the ones that I didn’t give birth to that just hang around here. I should knit me a sweater with that design in it. It could replace the embroidered sweatshirt I got three kids ago and don’t wear anymore because not all my kids are on it. Anyway. I think I might be digressing.

So, where was I? Oh yes, I saw these eggs from L.D Bolton Arts a couple of months ago, and I begged to be able to tell you about them, because I know that my readers love beautiful things, and could appreciate the time and skill that goes into something like that. Go check them out, because the two I have showed you??? Those are just the tip of the iceberg eggshell.


A Great Giveaway

Do you live in an area where you can get Charter internet? Because if you do, you need to perk up! They have got an awesome promotion going on right now, provided you think saving money PLUS maybe winning a car is awesome. And not just any car, either, it’s the new Honda Civic Hybrid worth $24,000. Yeah, color me green with envy. Well, no, color me polished metal, which is the color of the car in question. This car gets up to 45 miles per gallon. People, I am averaging 16 or so in my minivan, maybe a bit more since we took it back to the shop and had the sensor adjusted. I could totally use a hybrid car.

Alas for me, Charter doesn’t service my area, so I feel comfortable letting you all know about “Save Green, Go Green” sweepstakes. I might would be more selfish if there was a chance that I could win. You can read the complete rules here, and then enter by subscribing to Charter. They offer some sweet phone/internet/cable packages much like the one I have. It’s convenient to only have to worry about one bill each month, instead of three. Do me a favor though: If you do sign up, once you are a customer please recommend they expand to cover coastal North Carolina, ok?


Of Postcards and T-shirts and other branded things

livepreview.aspx 1 2Not too long ago, I said that I was going to order myself a logo’d t-shirt that I could wear out and about. I’m hoping people will stop me and ask me about it, so I can tell them about the blog, and knitting and beading and all that stuff. And also where I got my t-shirt, LOL! I got it at VistaPrint, of course, the same place where I get my business cards and pens and car magnets. That’s a no brainer for me! In fact, along with my t-shirt, I also ordered another car magnet, and when my mom asked me about business cards, I told her about VistaPrint and helped her with her own order.

And now, we may be ordering again! We were talking last night about doing a booth at the town Christmas festival, and even doing some jewelry parties with a friend of hers. If we do that, I want to order some postcards to use as invitations. We can get 50 of them free with the coupon PC50, and I think they would be a classy way of letting potential customers know where we will be. I’ve been satisfied with everything I have ever purchased from VistaPrint, and so I have no doubt their postcards are high quality. The biggest problem will be deciding between my logo and the design she used for her cards.

HA! Maybe we better both use that coupon code, eh?

Might be time to call Empire Today

I’m thinking my carpet’s time might be just about up, here. I was just vacuuming my bedroom and living room. Oh, shut up. Quit laughing. It happens. Rarely, I know, but it happens. It’s embarrassing enough without listening to you giggle. Can we move on now? Ahem.

Canister vacuum cleaner for home use.
Image via Wikipedia

I was just…..stop…..vacuuming my floors. Now, I have reported before that my carpet looks a little worn on spots. I might even have mentioned the bald spots in it. But I don’t think I have told you that those bald patches seem to be growing, and that we may eventually be walking on just the carpet backing because the carpet will be gone. You know how some people check the brush each morning after they brush their hair? Well, I have a bagless vacuum, and and I check to see what’s in there when I dump it, and you know, lately, there has been an amazing amount of lint-y type fuzzy stuff. You know. The kind of fluff that might be made of *gulp* carpet fibers. I’d show you, but I just dumped it after I got through vacuuming, and now it’s in the nasty trash can, and some things just should not be seen, and among those things are my kitchen garbage.

Of course, I have mentioned before that I am ready to give up my carpet and my kitchen linoleum for hardwood flooring. I just love the look of it, and seriously, the idea of being able to clean my floors with a swiffer instead of lugging around a vacuum does have a wonderful appeal. Mine is light, yes, but not as light as a swiffer.

And have I mentioned the mud? You know that pile of koolaid created sludge there where the kitchen meets the living room? My kids like to stand there so they are technically “in the kitchen” but can still see the tv. Well, I am scared to clean it, because…….. what if the [tag]carpet[/tag] just dissolves? Ykwim? That could be bad. Really bad. Of course, maybe I should do it just to see, because if that did happen, then I could have a good excuse to just rip the whole mess up, LOL!

Sweet Baby Feet
Image by Just Taken Pics via Flickr

Heh. Maybe they can give me a good quote on the kitchen, living room AND the small bathroom. The floor in there has just a touch of water damage. Then I could write one of those Empire Today Bath Stories, only way funnier than the ones they have now. Because life is just easier if you can keep on laughing, right? Especially if your carpet has bald spots created by many happy little feet.

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Some Important Stuff

Ok, I know I teased you all this morning with tawdry keywords and promises of more to come, and I will deliver. You know I always deliver, but I need to get serious for just a minute or two first. While I was off having a blast and getting covered in shaving cream and chocolate, there were men and women sucking it up in the desert and getting shot at. And I know there are arguments on both sides about why they are over there, and whether or not they should be and how long they should stay and, and, and. AND. And that’s all beside the point. The point is they are there, and they are going to be there for a bit yet, and they probably would like to be home, and that’s just probably not going to happen very soon, and almost definitely not before Christmas.

Adoration of the Magi by Don Lorenzo Monaco (1...Image via Wikipedia That’s why I am so pleased to tell you how YOU can do something to help make sure our soldiers know we are thinking about them. You can support a business that is donating a card for every service member overseas: one hundred and eighty thousand cards. That’s a hefty donation. They are giving the cards to Soldiers’ Angel’s for distribution, and if you aren’t familiar with Soldiers’ Angel’s, their motto is “May no soldier go unloved”. That’s a great sentiment, no matter what your political leanings, right?

Wanna know what you can do to help? Use for Business Christmas cards or for your personal ones. You need them anyway, and this way, you can do something for those who are doing something for you. It’s a pretty fair trade, don’t you think?

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Might be Kinkade for Christmas, or a leg lamp

Most years at Christmas time, I put together a Christmas puzzle with the kids. We glue it together and frame it and use it in succeeding years as part of our decorations. Well, beginning a few years ago. Except we didn’t get it finished last year, and I forgot the year before that. Okay, maybe I need to rephrase: I am trying to start a Christmas puzzle tradition with my kids, with greater or lesser success, depending on the stressors involved in the particular Christmas season. So. Anyway. Moving on.

I also have a thing for Thomas Kinkade, and I realize I am the only woman in America who enjoys his artwork (HAHAHAHA), but today I was looking for puzzles on Thomas Kinkade Christmas and I found this:
pdtl 47190

It’s like a puzzle club, thing, where they send a new puzzle every month or so. The puzzles are 250 pieces, which is great for doing with even the younger kids. I only wish they were all available at the introductory price, ykwim?

overlayThis one on the left, however, is available for just 15.00 bucks, and that is do-able. I’ve never seen A Christmas Story, so it would be fin to watch it and then put the puzzle together, don’t you think? Although, with my luck, someone in this house would be wanting a leg lamp before it was over. And I’m with holding names on that one to protect all the guilty parties.


I have the most delicious thing sitting on my desk. It is this:

IMG 0844

Can you smell it? I ordered it from Johnson Candles and I could smell the goodness as soon as I opened the box. Ya’ll, it smells like I am in that-very-trendy-coffee-shop-with-the-astronomical-dollars-name. In fact, when I opened the box, I was on Skype with Ang., and I waved it at the webcam to share the scent with her before I thought about what I was doing!

Then I let it sit here with the lid off for a day. And then, I finally cleared my desk enough that I wasn’t afraid to light it, and I took that picture. Of course, that increased the scent, and I burned that candle until a full inch of melted wax was sitting on the top. A very long time, ya’ll. All day. And I almost set the Food Lion sale paper on top of the flame. OOPS! Clearly I need a shelf for my candle, and there will be one on this desk shortly, so that I can light it again. Unless I just clear the shelf I already have, which is a distinct possibility.

Now, I am already planning to get another candle. I’m thinking the Iced Cinnamon Rolls might go real well as a follow up to the Cafe Caramel, don’t you?

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