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Halloween Scoop

Halloween will be here before you know it., so it’s a good idea to start looking for kid’s costumes, today. Selected themes and characters are limited in quantity and based on demand, could run out of stock very quickly. This is particular true with kids sizes 4-6 which is by far the most popular. Determine who you will be buying for; baby or toddler costumes, girls, boys and what their size is. What is your childs favorite character…is it a princess or a super hero? There are many different styles, sizes and accessories available now in stock. So if you don’t get a start on it now, your child will undoubtedly give you that frumpy look of dissatisfaction as they wear a costume two sizes too big.

Instead of purchasing the same old regular style costume, pick up a deluxe style costume package, which includes extra accessories such as tiaras and muscle chests, and make your child’s Halloween a day to remember. If your daughter likes Hannah Montana, there are several types of costumes for you to look at. Hannah Montana costumes including a gold metallic jacket with the Hannah Montana logo, a matching tunic top, black cropped leggings, and a glittery belt. Costumes come in different sizes ranging in sizes from 4-10. Stars Wars costumes are always a very popular year in and out for boys and girls, babies and toddlers. A Jedi Knight is great for the hero, but Darth Vader is by far the most popular for Halloween. Kids love the dark mask, as well the light saber accessories. Princess Leia is still a classic choice for all girls and little princesses. Star Wars costumes all are available to babies, too!

In the category of did you know

Ok, I don’t actually have a category called did you know, but I should. Except I already have a slew of categories, and don’t really want to make my blogging life even more complicated, but DID YOU KNOW that Mama is cleaning out her house? And DID YOU KNOW that way back in my sister’s old closet, she found the helmet we used to wear when we rode on the motorcycle with Daddy. Talk about a blast from the past. And DID YOU KNOW, she threw that unroadworthy thing away? Guess she’s haoping that will keep me from needing to shop for motorcycle accident attorneys further down the line.

The Finnished Pink Helmet
Image by Cramit via Flickr

Shhh. Don’t tell her that I know where the bike shop is now, and I can go buy a new one. In pink.

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Lighting and other issues

ceiling rims pr So, obviously, I have been quiet here. I have a lot going on, most of which will probably never make the face of this blog, but will eventually make it to my personal blog in one form or another. Today, though, I want to talk a little bit about how to set up a craft area in my room.

001 shuttersRight now, I have my storage bench in there to hold stuff (plus 2 big wicker baskets. And a three shelf rolling cart. Oh, and an old microwave cart. But, HEY! There is zero craft stuff in my living room. Unless you count hocks. And the yarn for same. Sigh. Oh well, back to my POINT!! Which is a craft area in my room. Right now, I have CF lights in the overhead, plus 2 lamps. The thing is, my curtains are heavy, and I get no actual sunlight in there. It’s great for sleeping, but not so much for crafting. Or putting on makeup for that matter. Should I get lighter curtains and rely on shutters to deal with the light when I don’t want it? I have long toyed with the idea of wood blinds, and here in hurricane alley, shutters actually serve a useful function, ykwim? I like these Charlotte Shutters from Inviting Home, but I’d want them for the whole house.

As for containing the stuff, aside from using it up and then not buying so much, I don’t know what to do. There’s only so much prettifying you can do, even with decorative hardware. But in order to use it up, I have to actually craft, which isn’t much happening for me lately. Sigh.

In search of kids t shirts

Yesterday, my mama and I spent several hours at the mall. Now, we have been to the mall *cough* more than once in the past week-ish, and it has been for the most part a great deal of fun for both of us. Crowds have been minimal, stress has been low, and we have laughed and giggled and had a good time. Until yesterday. When we were trying to find shirts for my three sons.

Ultimate Fighting Championship
Image via Wikipedia

Now, my boys are 7, 9 and 10. They are hardly hardcore trouble, and yet, everywhere we looked we saw skulls and such on the clothes. Yes, even in sizes 4, 6 and 8, which is what they wear. Now, I could have understood this, if we were looking at UFC t-shirts, but we were at Sears, looking at CRB and TKS. Call me a fuddy-duddy, but I’d much rather have my kids in johnny cash t-shirts than skull and crossbones. Unless we are talking pirate wear, for which I make an exception.

Of course, my all time favorite is the stripe. Preferably in red or blues. I’m a sucker for a striped shirt. Or plaid. I love me some plaid. I love plaid better than the crazy hair guy on Seinfield. You know the one—he appeared in plaid shorts all the time? Of course, you don’t see very many seinfeld t-shirts in the kids department anymore. No room for them among all the macabre, I guess.

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It’s all about the texts

Or not. Usually, it boils down to customer service, at which my provider does not excel! Last week, I noticed that Virgin Mobile had charged me $20 three times, and I thought to myself, “well, this isn’t quite right”. I checked my account at the library and discovered that I was paying by the message, and honey, with no internet at home, I am all about the texts! I’d burned through about 40 bucks worth at ten cents per in 8 days, except that I had purchased a messaging pack. Or so I thought. Apparently, it didn’t go through, and the website says only press the button once, so I pressed it….once.

So, I called them. I wanted credit for all those texts! Since I thought I bought the messaging pack, and I followed the instructions online, I thought that it would be fair if they reversed the individual charges and just billed me for the pack I thought I had purchased. Let me tell you, it took 2 representatives and over an hour of my time to gain any ground, and even then, they only gave me one month of free unlimited texts. If I had one of those unlocked cell phones, I would so be on my parent’s plan now, because I totally threatened promised to leave them if they did not make this right.

So I am texting my little heart out, and so are all my kids. And I am still so very in love with the Kyocera Wildcard I bought last year. Too bad it only works with VM, because I cannot give up my qwerty keyboard.

I. am. not. 12.

So, I had mentioned that I needed a new saddle for my guitar, but I didn’t tell you about what happened when I went to get it, did I?

People, it was not a good experience! There were two teen aged boys helping customers an either they both thought I was a crazy old lady who was incapable of sliding a new saddle into the groove of the bridge, or they thought I was 12 and not worthy of their effort. The upshot was that after they told me they didn’t have what I needed—even thought I had the old part with me and showed it to them– and would have to bring my incredibly old and cheap guitar in for a $20 repair, I walked by a display and found exactly what I needed. For $3. And do you know, they didn’t even apologize?

Image via Wikipedia

Let me explain. I may be broke today, but you don’t know when I will have money. And the best way to make sure I don’t drop a load of it in your store when I have it is to treat me poorly when I am watching pennies. Unless of course, they really don’t know the difference between a guitar saddle and an english saddles. Which I find hard to believe since 1) they work in a store surrounded by guitars, and 2) I was led right past the correct saddles to a wall that contained carvable saddle blanks of the wrong size and shape.

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20% off at Michaels

Coupon alert! 20 percent off your entire non-sale purchase at Michaels on page 58 of the November issue of Wondertime.

Also, you must see this: poo-pourri. I just lack words to explain.

I spy with my little eye

an outfit called Zenni Optical. And I am blogging about them to remind myself of them, because I am betting I need them sooner rather than later.

—BTW, let me stop right now, and ask you something: you are getting a copy of your prescription when you go to the eye doctor, right? Because it is YOUR prescription, not theirs, right? And you are entitled to buy your glasses anywhere you want to, not just there at the optometrist’s office. Unless you are my mama and pay 300 bucks for a pair of glasses because you have gone to the same eye doctor since Hector was a pup, and think it’s ok for him to overcharge you because of that long term relationship, but oh well, it’s her money, I guess. Oh wow. Major digression and big run on sentence there. Ok, back to Zenni.—

t 88 04My kids have eye appointments starting on the 30th. I;m pretty sure we’ll end up with at least one needing glasses, maybe 2. And insurance will graciously cover one pair per kid, but knowing my kids, that will not get them through the year, and I will be either replacing those (broken) glasses or letting them walk into the wall within a couple of months. Now, if I buy them at the eye doctors, they will be about 140 bucks. I know this because I bought mine there last time, and I chose a pair of kid frames and I have a very simple prescription, mostly to correct astigmatism. But I am not going to do that again.


Because I can get eyeglasses for around $8 at Zenni Optical, and while math may not be my strong suit, I do at least know that 140-8 is 132 bucks still in my pocket, and that’s a lot of yarn or beads. And maybe even some shoes.

And if the savings alone, doesn’t impress you, read what Clark Howard has to say.

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