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Repeated note to self:

Always, always, always keep a simple project going, one that requires no counting or thought. Always, always, always keep it close at hand. Yes, I am repeating this, because I tend to forget it, and then when I do have a simple project close at hand, I rocket through it, and I am amazed at how much gets done as I sit here and talk to my children about their school work. Seriously! It’s a lot of stitching time, at least 2.5 hours a day, often more. I don’t think I’d get any more done on vacation, because I would be distracted by the going and the seeing and the doing. Not that I would turn down a free Seville Hotels Destinia vakay or anything. Cheap hotel bookings are a thrill whether I get to stitch or not! Just sayin’

Fantasy vacations aside, I really think there will be an FO to show you on Friday. And even if it’s not an FO, I might show it to you anyway, because I can. I also have a book to tell you about!

And now a question. Is it acceptable to put Crisco on my son’s face? I only ask because that football helpmet is so hard to get on and off! maybe I will let the other son lick it off, since he’s supposed to gain 10 pounds by Saturday. Hahaha. Hahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahah. *continue hysterical laughter*

HEY! HEY! We could do a lipo-transfer! Muhahahahahaha *continue evil laughter*

Baby Shopping

digimarc.msSo, two of my internet friends are expecting, and one is likely to give birth a pretty much any minute. Back in the day when I was half of HSY, I tended toward soakers and prefolds for baby shower gifts and I may still go that route after I check to make sure my friends plan to use cloth dipes. You know any chance to dye wool is a good thing, right? I’m ready to jump in again, but have not yet had a convenient excuse. If they aren’t though, I’ll need to either send paypal (not as much fun) or shop (much cooler for me).

So, in spite of the fact that I put a potty chair on this post, as if I had already made up my mind what to get, I haven’t. That was more like wishful thinking on my part, because DaBaby, she is totally uninterested in the potty, and I am totally interested in her being interested in it, and guess who is winning and it isn’t me. Well, now. It’s all about me, isn’t it? No?

Fine: I haven’t shopped for a baby shower in a goodish while, so what’s all the rage these days? I mean, I know what I would want, and I mentioned that up above. But, they aren’t me. Is it still ok to give a gift for the mom? Those were sorta my favorites, LOL. Oh wait. Right. Not about me. Sorry.

Almost forgot!

And this is a biggie. A seriously biggie. And I deriously, finished the last post, and got up and went to put on the face in the jar by the door, and remembered that I FOUND A CRAFT STORE FIVE MINUTES FROM HOME. Seriously. I told you it was a biggie!

Now, she doesn’t have much yarn, but she can order it. But she has beading stuff (oh the beading stuff!!) and she has scrapbook stuff (oh the scrapbook stuff!!) and she has fat quarters (oh the fat quarters!!) and she has balsam wood models for my boys (oh the models!!) AND she has classes five nights a week and the biggest part–she is open until nine p.m. people! NINE PIP EMMA AT NIGHT!

I carefully and meticulously avoided dropping a boatload of money last night when I found her, mostly by the expedient of not having it to drop, but…. I shall return.


If you noticed the other day when I reported on my trip, I showed this picture of the kids playing a game:

I didn’t say much more about it at the time, because I wanted to ask them about it, which I did this morning. Drama, Batman, Spidey and Stuntman declared the game “awesome”, and only Country, whose job was to work the remote found the game less than thrilling. And guess what?? Drama won! How often do you find a game where the youngest player wins? Of course the rest of the crew insists she had help, but seriously, how can you “help” someone play bingo, when the dvd does all the calling?

Disney Bingo comes with the DVD that features a short how-to-play segment, and calls the numbers. You can play several different patterns on the 6 reversible cards. It’s for ages 4 and up, and each letter is populated by a Disney character. There are movie clips on the dvd, too!

You guys know, because I told you, how busy I have been the past couple of weeks. I didn’t mind the work so much as I missed my children. If you don’t think you can miss people you live with, let me assure you that you can. We have a lot of fun hanging out and playing games together. Before football practice started, I was spending the time after dinner and before bedtime playing games with them. It was a pleasant way to end the day, beating the pants off them at “I Spy Snap” and “Phase 10″ just having a little fun together. ScreenLife Games’ Disney Bingo allows even more of us to play together at once, and around here, the more the merrier. I only wish there were 4 more cards so all of us could play at once.

You can get the game at or, and I recommend it without reservation. Here’s a little video about it:

Sponsored by Screenlife Games

Invisible Yarn? Gone! Also, shopping for shoes.

Remember I said I had the two uncounted balls of yarn I needed to use up? And then I mentioned I gave myself permission to throw it away? Well, I didn’t throw it away. Instead I took it to practice last night, and put it in the sweater. And later, during the Olympics, I got to put on a ball of nice soft wool. My hands thank me!

girlsNow then, shoes. You know it is the time of year when the kids want school shoes. Yes, even mine, who mostly attend school in slipper socks all winter. Unless they are jogging to Wal-Mart in their new Vans. All my boys have outgrown their good shoes, and their play shoes now look like yard work shoes. And my little girls, they are needing “brand new feet”, too. (Thanks, Joe Jonas for that new shoe reference.) They are both in regular shoes, now, and it feels a little weird to pass by the childrens trainers after all these years. I’ve only spent 20 years in that section, LOL!

I was poking around the StartRiteShoes site today, and reading their articles on fit and shoe care, and I am pleased that I am doing at least one thing right: I no longer hand shoes down from one child to another, except for Sunday shoes. I do pass those down because they only wear them a couple hours a week for a year or so. I just can’t bring myself to think that 104 hours of wear is the lifetime use of a shoe. Maybe because I have to buy so darn many of them, ykwim? I make up for it in their everyday shoes, what most folks call school shoes: 2 pair each, every time. Their little feet thank me and my wallet just screams.

Organizing the Stuff

I posed a couple days ago on Midlife Musings how I had (we hope) marginally organized my blogging, and now I am moving on to thinking about how we can better organize all the stuff. School is ramping up for those in public school, and my kids get their new school supplies this time of year, and it’s …alot of stuff. We color code as much as we possibly can, but with 7 children (and yes, they all have to have “cool plies”) we can’t always find what we need in the right color for the kid who needs it. Since my attempts to Sharpie things are sometimes thwarted by over-zealous rubbing, I’m thinking that it might be time to make life easier with the use of some good labels.

The Ultimate Back-to-School Combo (your agent is Nicole Lee) The Ultimate Back-to-School Combo (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy Tag-Mates separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy Skinny-Minis separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy shoe labels separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy bag tags separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy bag tags separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy bag tags separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy bag tags separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy bag tags separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy Tag-Mates separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy Tag-Mates separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy Tag-Mates separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy Tag-Mates separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) agent site for Nicole Lee buy Skinny-Minis separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy Skinny-Minis separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy Skinny-Minis separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy Skinny-Minis separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy shoe labels separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy shoe labels separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy shoe labels separately (your agent is Nicole Lee) buy shoe labels separately (your agent is Nicole Lee)

The Ultimate Back-to-School ComboI’ve been looking at the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo from Mabel’s Labels. The combo and the colours are available for a limited time only, until September 30th, 2008. One pack per kid ought to be enough to sort out their school stuff, their sports stuff AND label a couple of drinking cups each (do you know how many of those we use per day???), and it would last for-ever!

Your Mabel’s Labels agent is Nicole Lee. She’s a WAHM like me, and most of you. You know I like to do business with other WAHMs. It just feels good, ykwim? Mabel makes clothing labels, too. I happen to be at the end of my “made by Mama” stash. Since I fought and fought to sew the old ones in neatly, I’ll probably order these instead:


Whaddya think? Should I ask her if she’d be willing to trade some sidebar ad space for an order of clothing labels?

Silly Wins

Ok, having tried to start this post three four times, and backspaced over it, I guess I am just going to jump right in. I watched a video today that was promoted as funny. Now, it didn’t cause me to laugh, but I did feel compelled to search out a second video in the series and watch it, too, so I guess it was effective.

The videos feature “The Sproutwells” who are, apparently, fruits and vegetables living in a human neighborhood. The videos are short, just one minute and forty seven seconds. Here is the first one:

Now, i think if I had to be one of the sproutwells, I would be a tomato, or maybe a round squash. Emphasis on round. Next year, though, I am aiming to be a zucchini.

Make sure that you check out the sponsor’s site after you watch the vids. I was surprised to find out who it was, because it’s totally not who I expected it to be from the vids. I’m not spoiling the surprise for those who are amused by the quirkiness of the human mind, but you’ll find the link at the end of the vid.

Sponsored by Fresh Funds

Ready, Set, Advertise!

I threatened the other day to order a car magnet and new business cards. Tonight I sat down and did that very thing. See, I have a conference coming up and I wanted the new cards for that. And yesterday, Carla sent over the pics from HSY, so I’ll be listing dye slots soon, and I wanted to get the car magnet (s, but I’ll get to that) in anticipation of that. And while I was at VistaPrint, shopping the Special Sale, other things kept hopping in my cart. Like a free pen, and a free notepad, a free window decal and 2 MORE car magnets, because the price was just unbelievable. Yes, two more, for a total of three. So, who else wants to ride around with my magnet on your car?

livepreview.aspx 1

Isn’t that the coolest? And it is so pink! Love me some pink. Yes, I would have loved my header better, but I don’t have that photo anymore, and the header was too low a res to print on the magnet. I briefly considered my photo, but I really disliked the idea of a slogan across my forehead!!

Oh! Here’s the business card:


Can’t beat an entire resume in 2×3.5 premium and customized inches, now can you? I’m excited to stalk the mailman now, and if you are willing to display that third magnet, just let me know!

I’m about to put a bar in this post to indicate that VistaPrint sponsored it. I reckon that this time, given the boatload of bucks I dropped there, we might could consider it a co-sponsorship, don’t you?

Sponsored by VistaPrint

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