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Camping Addendum

Did you guys know that sometimes I can’t sleep? It’s not every night (anymore), but sometimes my mind gets racing and I just can’t settle down to rest. You won’t find any sleeping pills here, because I don’t feel safe sleeping a chemically induced sleep with kids in the house, so I usually use some conscious relaxation techniques when it happens these days.

What makes this camping related was that I didn’t sleep well this past weekend. The forest is NOT quiet at night. And the sounds are different than I am used to. And also, I was sharing a tent with four other people. It was a large tent, but still. That’s a lot of snuffling and tossing and blanket re-arranging and such. And I still can’t wait to go again. But I want to rest up first, because last night?? I also didn’t sleep, even at home, alone in my room, in the quiet.


I’m not as think as I dumb I am. I didn’t do a thing to the blog this morning, and behold! there they are, looking like they ought to. I guess my problem lies in not understanding how to do a hard refresh. Though I really thought I understood how that’s done. Oh well. There it is at any rate.

And also, there goes my furnace firing off. I’m glad because it’s cold in here. I may not need 5th wheel insurance, but I do need heat. Although, laying under a blanket snuggling with a book was kinda nice, too. Reckon I’ll have to get up and pretend to do something useful now. Or maybe not. 😉

Like Wikipedia, but for shopping!

So, tell me, in the past 60 days, how many times have you gone to Wikipedia for information on a topic? Seems to me I am there at least once a week looking up something! Well, today I found a site called Shopwiki, and I thought, if you drool over knitting and crocheting supplies like I do, you might be interested in a place that had info and products. The yarn page has some basic information on yarn types and gauges, and then from there you can search for whatever appeals to you. You know that I looked for sock yarn, right?

They have lots of other craft pages too, each set up the same way. And if you feel compelled to buy non-crafty stuff (for your family members perhaps) they also have mens and ladies clothes, stuff for babies and other such ordinary stuff. Now, please excuse me, because having raved about the yarn stuff and mentioned the clothes stuff, I now need to drool over the beading and candlemaking stuff.

You know, this could be a very dangerous thing for me, right? Especially since the last time I posted, it was about buying art supplies. Yeah.

Should I call a Charleston Realtor?

This past weekend, I went up to Anson County to visit my Aunt and the rest of my “up there” family. I had a great time, as I always do. This trip held the added adventure of going to Carowinds with my cousins, and if you didn’t see my facebook photo of the Intimidator, let me just tell you that it is HUGE and I rode it TWICE. With my eyes closed, yes, but the point is, I got on the darn thing. TWICE. Muhahahahaha.

But that adventure is not the one I will remember the longest, I think. There was a another, much smaller but very significant thing that happened there. Aunt worked on Saturday, and I was there at the house alone. I was out on the porch, writing in my journal that morning, and for the very first time in my life, I heard the sound a hummingbird makes when it hovers. I seriously never knew why they were called hummingbirds until this weekend. And that made me realize how very much I dislike living around people and the noise they make.

See, Aunt’s house sits at the end of a driveway that’s about a half a mile long and curves through the woods. My cousins driveway is even longer, and her house overlooks a lake. And I was thinking to myself how nice it would be to live in a place like that, and hear the sounds of nature every day, where the sound of a car is an exception and not the norm.

The thing is, I like the low country. I’m a flat lander. I like to visit the rolling hills and an occasion glimpse of mountain is nice, but I prefer to live where it’s flat. Which brings me to that Charleston realtor. See, Charleston is flat but I am sure there are areas near there that are secluded and quiet, the kinds of places where you can hear hummingbirds, and the kinds of houses that have big porches where you can sit and knit and drink coffee while you drink in all those wonderful natural sights and sounds.

A Tale of Knitting Weirdness

So, Sunday, I decided I was going to finish the little BSJ and then cast on a Clapotis. I made *knitting plans*, people. And then, like a good little knitter, I proceeded to execute them. Everything was chugging along nicely until I got up to get the buttons for my little sweater and discovered that I didn’t have any that were suitable.

I kinda had a wee knitting meltdown at that point!

Call me crazy, but it took me 20 minutes and a phone call to convince myself that it was OKAY to go ahead and wind the yarn and start the Clapotis even though the BSJ wasn’t finished if I had taken it as far as I could with what I had here at home. Because I was absolutely NOT getting dressed and driving 20 minutes one way and then agonizing over buttons and then driving back home and sewing them on on Sunday. Not. Sometimes, I think I get a little too rigid with my plans. Just sayin’

My best friend once looked at me and said, “Cass, you are a little anal.” Well, Joan, it hasn’t gotten any better, apparently. But at least now I can laugh about it. Later.

Anyway, here is the BSJ, finished except for buttons:


And here is the caston Clapotis, in shades of pink:


Now then, now that the knitting is out of the way, let’s talk about a shiny thing. That One and I always say that when we abruptly change subjects in the middle of something we really ought to be finishing a discussion on. It’s apt, because we are both easily distracted, each having a great love for the sound of our own voice. Specifically, I want to talk about how one gets ready to buy gold bullion. If you’ve done it, were you more interested in the beauty or the investment value? Did you buy coins or ingots? And did you sell it later or do you still have it? If you sold it, were you pleased with the earnings growth, or do you wish you had held it a little longer? If you haven’t sold, why not–is it because of the market, or are you holding out because you have certain plans for that money and the time is not yet right? I mean, I know it’s gorgeous, and it’s sparkly and useful for decorating one’s self with, but what else do I need to know? What’s your personal 411 regarding it?

So, this morning

So, this morning, I knew it was time to put my “back to home” plan in to action. I started by the tabs I have had open in Firefox for over a week. Well, actually, I started by playing Frontierville on facebook, but that is neither here nor there, unless you want to add me as a neighbor, which would be awesome. I also play Farmville, for the record. Anyway! Two of the tabs had to do with freelancing, and two had to do with life lists. And I made one. A life list, I mean. There are some crafty items on it, but since it is not a *mostly* crafty list, I am going to be posting it over on my personal blog. It will be my reward for actually doing the stuff I was supposed to do today, and would have finished hours ago, if I hadn’t gotten side tracked. Several times.

If you haven’t heard of a life list, I recommend you check out the links above to see what I am talking about. After all, it’s like giving yourself one of those personalized gifts, except it’s free. Well, the writing is free, but some of the stuff will likely cost you a penny or eight. But you are worth it, aren’t you?

Back soon with actual knitting.

Planning committee meeting

So, I am home tomorrow afternoon, and I think after I do a little tidying, and I do mean *little*, since I am currently in the middle of a plumbing disaster that has left me without running water, I am going to sit in my office on my nice comfy mattress and do some planning.

I’m going to be taking Thursdays off this summer, which will give me more time to focus on my kids and my writing and hopefully some dye work. I’ve been doing some thinking about how I want to go about it, in order to keep prices reasonable and also avoid huge cash outlays on my part, which I really can’t do anyway. And after all that, it should be around 2:30 and time for bonbons and soaps. But if I can’t find my bonbons, I might knit. We’ll see.

You Should Come Sit with Me

Come here. Right into my room! Can you smell that? Isn’t it delicious? It’s the Febreeze flameless luminary thingy. I got one several months ago to review, and this morning, DaBaby found it and opened it. The shade I have is Green Tea Citrus and it just smells sooooooo good. And it’s pretty. The base flickers so it looks like a real candle. You pick it up and set it down to turn it on and it “burns” for about 4 hours. The shades are a little spendy to me, but….I think I will end up buying more anyway. A pack of two costs about the same as a small candle and releases scent for about the same amount of time, and if I forget to blow it out before bed, it won’t burn the house down.

Hey, Father’s Day is coming up, and while this probably won’t make the top 10 gifts for fathers day lists for most people, it ranks pretty high in my book. And since I am the mom and the dad, around here…….yeah.

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