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Found ’em!

I did find my buttons, right in the sewing cabinet where I thought they would be. I finished the weaving and then had to have a little lie down. Oh, have I mentioned that I am sick? Well, I am. I was with the boys at Scouts Monday night my throat suddenly slammed shut and started hurting. I am not having fun, boys and girls, Not at all.

I have discovered that it takes a couple of hours for a dose of ibuprofen to fully kick in, but that relief lasts about 4 hours after that. I’ve also discovered that when you have a fever, adding extra clothes does not help your coldness, but cuddling with a heating pad under the blankets does. I’ve also discovered that I lack energy to keep up with all my blogs, but that when I do have something to say, I come here to say it. So much for focused blogging, eh? Sigh.

Oh, I remembered something else I meant to tell ya! Tomorrow I am going to start organizing a crafting area for myself. That sounds pretty high-falutin’ for a loveseat with a lamp and a short bookshelf and a small hutch, but, hey, I’ll take what I can get, even if it is a wall directly across from the school bookshelves 😉

And on the cooking front, I got another cookbook today. If I can keep from drooling all over it, I will tell you about it tomorrow. Well, I’ll tell you about it either way, but it will be easier if the pages aren’t all wet and sticky, don’t you think? Speaking of cookbooks, don’t forget to check out the giveaway in the sidebar for the cutest cookbook ev-ar.

Finally, I had a comment that someone was having difficulty coming up with a G-rated answer to my big riddle from the other day. And of course, you know it had to be G-rated, right? The big thing in question was my crazy curly hair, not whatever it was that most of you were apparently thinking. Whatever that was, because surely I have no idea. This is important, because I tried a shampoo sample today, and tomorrow I will tell you about it, after I see how BIG my hair is. I’m hoping for something between Sinead O’Connor and Dolly Parton. Come to think of it, that would mean I like my hair to be just like my spectaculars.

Nope, that wasn’t finally. This is finally, I think: Diva has decided English is boring, and has developed a sedegecret ladaganguage. Wedege aredagar adagall tadagalking fudugunny nodogow. Hadaga, Hadaga. And making dh crazy, Hadaga hadaga hadaga.

Cass, how big can it get?

It can get real big ya’ll. It can get so big that you would not be able to get your hands around it. So huge, in fact, that grown women cry just thinking about it. I am talking about a level of bigness that is just plain scary, and I love big. Big is good, and bigger is better, but the recent bout of dampness has me rethinking my options, considering dehumidifiers and slathering on various oils and cremes just to try to handle the monstrous size of it all.

Your mission: guess what it is.


Quit giggling. I know you are. Oh, just stop. You are offending large donkeys everywhere, as well as making me question the actual size of my booty, and if it is large enough to qualify for one of these huge air moving devices. So cut it out.

Actually, I am giggling, too, and I’ve been giggling since I saw the name and just knew I had to come tell you about it. Especially after our conversation yesterday about Boob Girls, Belly Girls and BUTT Girls. These fans have nothing to do with the junk in your trunk, though. The blades in BigAssFans are 3 to 12 feet long, and you’ll find these puppies in large spaces like zoos and airports and such. Think of it as a Warehouse Fan, designed to move a lot of air. Although as hot as it gets here, one of these might not be unreasonable in my living room.

And if you don’t need a BigAssFan, that’s okay, too. Go buy a shirt that will make you (and everyone around you) giggle, and will also help save an ass. Profits from the sale of logo merchandise are donated to Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Colorado. This company knows how to laugh at themselves and take a joke, you can tell that from the name. Apparently, they can give back as well. I’ll take two shirts, in pink: a large for now, a small for later.

It’s the Day After!

Wanna know what my Christmas tree looked like? Wondering what I got for Christmas? Hey, I told you posting would be light! Did you not believe me? No knitting has occurred, but I can assure that I looked faboo in my mineral makeup. Yes, I have pictures to prove it, but you’ve seen my mug enough lately, so you’ll just have to trust me on the issue.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my wounded shoulder and I are outta here, perhaps to knit. What, you didn’t know about my shoulder? You didn’t click the links then, did you? Umm-hmmm. I see how you are.

It’s broken

So, I made a post today about something I wanted to knit. I linked to my page that lists that stuff that I want to make. Did anyone click that link? And then click the links on that page? Because some of them are broken. Let me tell you, I’m not quite sure that I can knit a 404 error. Could you?


If I watch myself take yarn and produced textured fabric, do I get to call it fiber optic cables? No? Sigh. I thought not. I set learning to do cables as a goal for 2006 and it didn’t happen, and here we are on November of 2007, and I still haven’t done it. In truth, the designs I have seen with cables aren’t as appealing to me as other textures, but I still feel like I need to learn to do it. If I make a cabled swatch, does that count?

In other goal-ish news, I have less than 500 days left on my 1001 list. I totally need to get cracking on that. I realized several months ago that I had made some mistakes when I made the lost, namely putting things on it that depended on other people. I need to go back over that list and see what can still be accomplished off of it.

That probably will not happen this week, heheheh. I’m all booked up!


Bwhahahahahahah! I saw this today, and had a couple of good laughs. First at my own silly self, because my lack of booty is a serious joke in this house. I am so seriously without junk in the trunk. Or at least I was until last month, LOL!

Anyway, what I read was that BDUs make your butt look bigger. In fact, the actual words were “Beyoncé-grade backside”. Now, I need you to know that I once wore BDUs daily, and I can attest that they are indeed enhancing. Unfortunately for me, when I wore Military Clothing, I was all about wanting to look less plush, not more. It was back in the day, when thin was all in, ykwim?

The second laugh came when I remembered Carla laughing at me when I was re-writing the HSY soaker pattern to add fullness to the bum. I called it bootilicious, not realizing there was a song out about that. I couldn’t figure out why she giggled everytime I said it. FTR, she laughed even harder after that.

Hmm, wonder if they still make them to fit me?

Storage Idea

So, how was your weekend? I stayed busy, busy, busy. Saturday was a trip to Fort Caswell where this happened:
IMG 0622

And then from there it was out to the ball park where there was this:

IMG 0439

And then there was and a movie with the fam and this:

IMG 0605 1

Sunday was church, a nap and then shopping for this*:

IMG 0632

And also these:

IMG 0634

I got these to help with the organizing of the bazillion craft projects. I figured they’s be good sized for tool storage and also the materials. Especially for the cross-stitch, I think I could get the pattern, the piece and everything else I needed in there, too.

Today, I’ve been dentist-ing and cleaning. I do have a picture of the former, but I am saving it for a slow day. As for the latter, that’s why I can’t tell you if my storage idea works or not.

*Those are not my feet and those are not my shoes. They are, however, someone’s first high heels, so I thought they were worth a mention.

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