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Lookie this

Check this out: exciting moog slim phatty at Musicians friend. Now, why am I telling you bout it? I threw my old electric keyboard out a couple of weeks ago. :( The th8ing just would not turn on. I had let it sit in th corner for a year or so, hoping that it would heal itself. I finally gathered every power adapter I had in the house, tested it on all of them, and made the pronouncement. I really enjoyed that thing when I made time to play it.


Hi, howaya?

Fair to middlin

Goodgood, wife’n’kids?

They’re good, too. You?

Oh, I’m fine. Just doing some chores. Little cleaning here, little painting there. Maintenance mostly. Place is fallin’ down around my ears, but at least the water pumps are workin’. And that’s good, we use a lot of water around here, what with the laundry, that dishwasher, the toilets, the showers and so forth.

Yep, ya guessed it, I got not much to say here, because I haven’t actually crafted lately. It’s school time, ya’ll.

Heat Frustration

So, it’s too hot to knit. It’s too hot to go dig my beads out of the shed. And my dog isn’t here to play with me. What’s a girl to do? That’s right, SHOP! So, this morning, I have been checking out the Personal Creation store. I don’t think I am too old for a personalized backpack set, am I? I could use it for a knitting bag, and put my needles in the pencil case. And everyone needs a cute lunchbox, right? I want the little mint green one with butterflies on it!

What I have and have not been doing

It’s late Ju,y in the south. No, I haven’t been knitting. The good news is, I also haven’t been checking out medicare supplement plans, because I am not quite that decrepit yet. What I have been doing is reading (inside where it’s cool) and fishing (outside where it’s hot, but also while reading so I don’t notice) and petting My Awesome Boyfriend (inside and outside, but not while reading. He is such a dream. Hazel eyes, hairy body, and four, count them, FOUR legs. He gave me kisses and a present on the first date! See, Awesome Boyfriend!

I need a new…

Couch! As comfortable as my big, fluffy brown couch is, it is time for a replacement. I’ve been looking on Craigslist for something suitable, because my couch will also be used for sleeping, and I want a very comfortable one because of that. And I have to have one that comes from a pet-free home because of my allergies. So, even though I am looking for a freebie, or a used one in good condition, I am also looking at sites like Layla Grayce.

They have some really nice Noir Furniture. Yes, I know that page is full of bedroom furniture, but I *did* say the couch would be used for sleeping, right? So, a daybed would work, too, see. But it has to have a back on it, because it sits in from of my glass door, and I would prefer to not have my kids falling through that, ykwim? And if, while I am there, I see a piece I might like for my own room, so much the better, right?

And pillows, lots of throw pillows, because I love them, even though they get spendy. Champagne taste and a beer budget, that’s me. Enh, wine budget; I don’t much care for beer.

More picture frustration

Ok, this gripe has nothing to do with my photopress error. But it is picture frustration. I wanted to take the opportunity to show you some shoes. Black ones, with high heels and studs on the platforms, truly, the girly definition of engine driven pumps. I was going to show them to you because I am planning to go buy them one day this week. But the picture is on my phone and I can’t find my transfer cable. I suck. But really, these are awesome-al shoes.

Pics when I get ’em, provided they still have them in stock!

My new storage solution?

Haha! I could put all my craft supplies in one of these metal buildings, and add a window unit for heat and air conditioning. And a table, extra large, for laying out my work. And good lighting. And a coffee pot, and I could go live in it. Ok, just kidding on the live in it part, but it would definitely make a cost-effective studio space, with a few upgrades, don’t you think?

Sweet indeed.

One more thing

I have decided, at least for now to let my hair go to it’s natural color. Given my genetic pre-disposition to early greying, it is still surprisingly dark. But given that I have been dyeing it for the past four incredibly stressful years, it’s also surprisingly, err, light, especially around my face. And given that I was passing for someone in my late twenties, it’s a wee bit of a shock. Anyway, I’m thinking I will soon be looking for that ever elusive best wrinkle cream, cause if my face has to carry the day, I’m willing to give it all the help I can afford. At least until I decide to dye my hair again, LOL!

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