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9 balls of solid [tag]sock yarn[/tag]



10 balls of [tag]Elann Esprit[/tag] and [tag]Cascade Fixation[/tag]

May 2007: used 1 ball

Trekking Sock Yarns


6 balls of [tag]Trekking XXL[/tag] sock yarn including:
1 of 100
2 partials of 05
a 110
and 2 partials of 109

Opal Sock Yarns

opal sock yarns

14 balls of Opal, including:
2 full Tiger
2 partial yellow Magik
an orange Magik
an original Petticoat
a Petticoat 1291
a Petticoat 1295
another opal not pictured, fish
another opal not pictured, parrot
4 partials whose name I forget, and no longer have the band[tags]Opal Sock Yarn, Opal Tiger, Opal Magik, Opal Petticoat[/tags]

Almost done

I am almost through with the stash page re-do. I have only sock yarn left. But boys and girls, I have a lot of sock yarn. Mucho yarns of sockness. And I have been asked by a long-time friend to organize that a bit, so that the yarn can actually be seen and appreciated. I have no idea how many pictures that will take, LOL, but I will start working on it today, I think.

Elann Baby Silk

Elann Baby Silk
6 balls Elann Baby Silk, destined for a shawl for me, most likely the Swallowtail[tags]stash, yarn, Elann Baby Silk[/tags]

Berocco Keltic

Berocco Keltic

4 balls of Berocco Keltic, becoming a sweater for DS#2[tags]yarn, stash, Berocco Keltic[/tags]

Elann Sonata

Elann Sonata
8 balls of Elann Sonata destined to become a pinwheel sweater for DD#4. I’m hoping there is enough for a similar sweater for DD#5.[tags]Elann Sonata, yarn, stash[/tags]

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