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Not Yet, Either

Nope, not yet. Sorry. Maybe tonight, unless I decide to actually go to bed at a decent hour. Umm, guess I picked up in the middle of a thought there. I’m talking about the second sock.

What I did do in a fiber way today was to pull my sock yarns out of the bin they were in, and put them back on a shelf so I could enjoy them again. I, umm, noticed that I have a lot less than I used to have, and I know I haven’t knit it all, so………yeah. What’s up with that????? Ok, scratch that. I guess I’ve made more socks than I thought. I just checked the stash page, and it’s all here. I guess I have more in the project spectrum basket than I thought I did.

Wow, can you tell from this post that I really need a nap? I figured you could. Not that I’ll get one, just that I need one.

Fresh Basket

And then, after all that knitting, I decided I’d had enough of pink, yellow and green and that it was time to re-pack my knitting basket. The new Project Spectrum colors are black, red and metallics, so I have gathered those up. You’ll see several sock yarns here that contain those colors, and I have just remembered that I could also pull the solid red and the black/white to make myself that pair of socks I’ve been planning for a couple of years, too: The ones like I made my sock pal forever ago. There is also a ball in there to represent finishing the sweater for DS#2 and one for my Sonnet. Finally there is a ball of black feathery stuff to make DD#2 a hat.

june and july basket

So, fresh yarn, fresh ideas, fresh air–I may sit outside and knit this afternoon, lack of teak outdoor furniture not withstanding. I’m thinking the first thing I want to do is a pair of feather and fan socks from that black/brown/white you see in the middle, but you know as well as I do that I won’t make up my mind until I am actually ready to knit.

Full Knitting Basket

What have we here? This segment of project spectrum is heading to a close, and I have pulled various pink, yellow and green yarns to make some scrap projects. There will be at least one buttonhole bag out of this, and maybe a scarf. Or two button hole bags, or………..yeah, the wool is fine and the possibilities are endless. I am avoiding the urge to cast on another pair of socks for myself with great difficulty. the only thing holding me back is the sure and certain knowledge that I could not finish them within the next 9 days. But oh, the yarns I saw when I was digging to find this stuff, so soft, so pretty, so me. Sigh.

full knitting basket

Knitterly Thoughts

Hmm, almost mid-May and the next segment of Project Spectrum starts in June. I’m pretty sure I will finish my socks before the end of the month, if I can tear myself from this new computer long enough to knit. Speaking of the new computer, here is a picture of my socks-in-progress that I just took with the built in camera.

socks in progress

The colors for June and July are red/black and metallic. That means Sonota(!!), probably a hat for DD#2, and if I get through with those, I have some red lullaby here as well. One of the benefits of having enough yarn here to pay for an Orlando vacation rental is that I will be able to play along all year and never have to buy yarn, LOL. Sometimes it pays to be a yarn ho.


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Thoughts on Fun Fur

Have I shared with you the plan for the [tag]poncho[/tag] I am working on? DD#3 wants it trimmed in fun fur. Have I mentioned that I have a real dis-taste for [tag]fun fur[/tag]? I mean, it’s ok in small doses, a little bling on an otherwise plain garment, but, over-all, I think it’s highly over-rated. She however loves the stuff, and happily makes scarf after scarf out of it, for herself and friends. I let her use it whenever she wants to, except for the one ball I am holding back for this poncho. She thinks I am just being generous and easy with my stash. But all the while I am secretly thinking “another successful hair transplant“.

Shopping Made Simple

I saw something today that made me totally jealous. Okay, I saw it a few days ago but I am just getting around to blogging it. Now, you know from reading this blog that when I am ready to make a purchase, I like to [tag]comparison shop[/tag]. I want the best product I can afford, and I want the best price on my final selection. I’ve found the perfect shopping companion for me, except for one thing: It doesn’t work here in the USA.

Twenga is available in France, the UK, Spain and Italy right now. It can be used to comparison shop for computers (yep, I’m looking for one), digital cameras, (yep, I want a bigger, better, badder one), even sewing and knitting supplies. They even have hot deals that are updated daily.

Now you can see why I am jealous, right? I totally wish [tag]Twenga[/tag] would expand to serve the US, because this makes it so easy to find the best price on the goods you want. The site is very easy to navigate, with a well-laid out menu, and a search box right at the top. I really recommend that you use the search feature. I didn’t find any yarn at all in the knitting supplies, but when I typed in rowan, I hit the motherlode, with learning kits for crochet and knitting, and lots of yarn, including this lovely [tag]Rowan Tapestry[/tag].

Isn’t that gorgeous? Yeah, I totally need more yarn. Don’t you think so? Just say yes!

Alpaca Anyone?

I found something today you guys might like. Can you say alpaca? I found suri dream on sale at! And they have free shipping if you order $50 or more. Now, if you know me, you know I love me some luxurious fiber, but I always tell myself it’s too pricey. I think at this rate, I can safely say it’s affordable, don’t you? I can afford more than just enough for a scarf! The store has lots of other [tag]alpaca yarns[/tag], too.

Oh. my. word. Cascade Fixation at $3.99. Please somebody pinch me, because I need to know if this is a dream or a nightmare! I guess that will depend on whether you ask me or dh, LOL! And also, maybe on how fast I finish the projects I already have going. I just said I’ve been neglecting my knitting, but it’s definitely time for that to stop! I’ll have to do some serious poking around on the site, but don’t be surprised if you see me adding to the stash page in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s the press release:

Brentwood, CA (PRWeb) March 14, 2007 — Alpaca Direct (, an online provider of Alpaca apparel and knitting yarns, today announced strong demand for luxury knitting yarns like Alpaca, Silk and Pima Cotton. The online retailer has seen a strong upward adoption of higher quality natural fiber yarns as more knitters take on challenging heirloom projects while participating in this rapidly growing national pastime.

Quality alpaca yarn is lightweight, soft as cashmere and warmer than wool. American knitters are beginning to discover the many unique benefits of Alpaca Yarn. This natural hollow-core fiber is lightweight and thermal regulating, making it a perfect fit for creating versatile sweaters, ponchos and socks that can be worn throughout the year. “The response has been phenomenal! When our clients discover alpaca, they become lifelong customers!” says Kelley Hobart one of the founders of the Silicon Valley dot com venture. Alpaca apparel and yarn has been somewhat of a secret among Alpaca owners since most retailers have not offered natural fiber alpaca products due to its exclusiveness and limited availability.

In addition, most of the Alpaca products available have not been designed for the North American fashion market. “We teamed up with American designers to introduce the public to fresh colors and styles combined with the incredible natural benefits of alpaca. Combining incredibly high quality products with easy online shopping and fast shipping has been a winning combination. Our goal is to educate the consumer market about alpaca apparel and yarn. Most people do not realize this natural fiber is soft as cashmere but much warmer and 5 times stronger than wool.” Alpaca Direct is addressing the market by making the entire line of Alpaca apparel available online, in popular American styles through a highly usable retail website. Most retail web sites are very difficult to use and have a high abandon rate. To solve this issue, the software design team at Alpacadirect has focused on usability of the core shopping experience. This focus, combined with old-fashioned customer service like free shipping and quality gift wrap aims to set new service level expectations for online retailers.

“Our goal is to target a specific market niche, usability test the shopping experience and refine our approach based on user feedback.” Specialty apparel retail sites like Victoria Secrets and LL Bean have been leading the growth segments in the elusive e-commerce market by using a similar online strategy. “It is all about the basics… Great products, competitive pricing, excellent customer service all delivered in an effective online shopping experience,” says Mrs. Hobart.

About Alpacas Alpaca are native to the high Andes Mountains of South America. Domesticated for centuries by the Inca of Peru, their precious fleece was worn only by royalty. Alpaca produce over twenty natural shades of a fiber that is soft as cashmere and stronger than wool. This unique hollow core fiber is extremely light yet retains the ability to warm its wearer against even the harshest winter chills. Alpaca are still very rare in the United States with the current US alpaca population at about 50,000. The average female alpaca sells for between $15,000 and $40,000 dollars in the US market.

About Alpaca Direct Alpaca Direct is the latest e-commerce retail venture launched out of Silicon Valley. Located in Brentwood, California, USA the site was extensively tested in a state of the art usability lab and offers a wide range of high quality [tag]Alpaca[/tag] apparel and gifts.
Contact: Bianca Ruehlig 925-308-7655 Alpaca Direct # # #

Now, let’s go shopping, and we can meet for coffee later to discuss the goodies! Cause, umm, ya’ll? I just saw the [tag]rosewood knitting needles[/tag].

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