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S.E.X. with my mother

How many hits will I get off that, I wonder? You crafters know exactly what this post is going to be about, but the rest of the perverts don’t. Traffic is traffic, though, isn’t it? Sorry, Mama.

Mama and I squeezed in a trip to A.C. Moore yesterday. She’d been trying to whisk me off to town for several days, but it just didn’t work out, what with this appointment and that meeting and ALL. THAT. FOOTBALL. Oh my word, the football. Let me say that there is beat, and there is beat up, and at our last game, we were the latter. One bloody nose, and TWO possible concussions later, I was kinda glad my scrawny little Stuntman had not made weight! That is a heart in your throat feeling, to be standing there, toe just this side of the field markings, holding the first aid kit, while the player just lays there. And lays there. And still lays there. We all walked away, though, so it was a good day.

Now, back to that S. E. X., which we all know means stash enhancement expedition. Here’s the big picture, and I will be listing the individual shots on the stash page.

IMG 0874

Some of this was purchased to go with stuff I already had, and some are complete sets in themselves. Umm, not sure that last sentence was completely necessary, LOL, but there it is. And with this mega purchase, bead buying stops until we get some stuff made. Yes, we. Mama has about this much, too! Her stash is all different black, red, white, clear and frosted beads.

More, you say?

Well, okay then. I did kinda tease you just a little bit yesterday, I know. But it was needful! Today, I will deliver the rest of the goods, ok? OK!

IMG 0836 1

Um, Beads. Black, white, frosted and clear. Not sure what else to say about these. I have what I want, and Mama has what she wants, so, umm. Guess I better get stringing, right?

IMG 0837 1

Pinks. I do have a definite plan for these, and I probably have enough to do two of what I see in my mind. The little tube of seeds and bugles is in the colorway Mardi Gras. Is it still a colorway when applied to beads instead of yarn? I think so. Anyway, I love the colors in that, and I will probably be looking at replicating them in fiber. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy knowing that ten bucks of materials can buy me a few hours of creative fun and years of pleasure in the wearing, PLUS the chance to recoup the original outlay? Well, I do!

IMG 0838 1

Purples. Saw these and just had to have them, including the little spools. I already know what I am going to do with these, too. Sorry about the glare, but the picture I took without flash left the stones looking flat. Bleh.

IMG 0840 1 2

Some silver beads. not quite sure what I am going to do with these. They are too fancy for spacers, that’s for sure. But not quite enough for a necklace as they are.

Ok, that is all the bead stash except for some spacer balls and findings. Time to quit talking about them and use them. Except not today. Today, I have to find my bare naked yarn so I can post a dye slot or 12.

FO and Stash

Well, I finally finished that Log Cabin Scrap blanket, forever to be known as “Belle’s Blankie”. And I want to talk about some bead stash. I am so glad that my host offers huge amounts of storage, because I never go in and delete old pictures, LOL. It allows me to be lazy! let me give one little piece of advice: if you are planning to start a knitting blog, make sure that you get a host who offers generous bandwidth, and copious storage. My last host did not, and I did not realize it until they were trying to force me into a very expensive package, claiming my blog was too big. And that was 2 years ago, people! Make sure that you read review and look at web host ratings, because it really can mean the difference between your blog being there one day. Or not. Here are some tips on choosing a domain name to help you get started.

Now, onto the pictures that started this whole diatribe. First, Belle’s Blanket:
IMG 0843

And some bead stash. I decided that just having a picture on the stash page of the white basket was totally un-fun, and that I should proudly show off the little gorgeousnesses, so! I took pictures of the beads in their pre-necklace forms. There are a bunch of them, but I am not going to put them all in this post. Not because of my host, mind you, but because my kiddos are seriously needing some focused attention just now.

IMG 0833 1

This is a kit that Mama bought me in that first batch of beads. I should totally make it up, and I will. I think it is going to look fabulous with the cardigan I plan to make myself from that Dublin Tweed. Do you hear me, SisterInLaw? If you don’t send me your measurements before I finish the two sweaters in my knitting basket, I will use that yarn for my stingy, greedy self. (I’ve been waiting at least three years, just so the rest of you know.) I have no idea what I will wear with the sweater and beads, mind you, only that they will look great together. Perhaps nothing. If I make a really LARGE sweater. *evil grin*

IMG 0834 1

These pink beads were also purchased in the first batch, and they are for my mother. I came thisclose to stringing them last Saturday, but I needed to ask her something first, so I didn’t. Soon. Very soon.

IMG 0835 1

These are newer beads, purchased Saturday and Sunday. I can make several necklaces from this, and I am pretty sure you will see something in the sidebar made from part of these eventually. I plan to make at least one before I next wear my blue and green dress. Which I plan to do in Orlando.

Okay, that’s it. Must go play mom. There will be more pictures later!

New Beads, Pink and Blue

Woohoo! Dh handed me 20 dollars this morning as I headed out with the cheerleaders so they could serve pancakes for a fundraiser. I went next door to Wal-mart and spent it in the bead section. I have enough stuff here for at least 2 necklaces, probably 4. And I bought a magazine, too.

IMG 0816

I said there was more

Yes, I did. And I woke up this morning with a wild hair up my behind to get it all sorted and stored and see what I felt like finishing and what was a wash and so forth. So I pulled it all out. Here’s the rest of it.
IMG 0614 1IMG 0615

Now that you’ve seen the whole dirty business, I think I can get on with the sorting.

When it all fits

Oh, ya’ll. Picture intense post ahead. For reals. I will use mostly thumbs so we don’t just die. Today, I got this:

IMG 0605 1 2 3

Freecycle. Love me some Freecycle!

So then I had to fill it, right? That is a great place for yarn and craft supplies, isn’t it? I thought so. I was totally surprised and thrilled at how nice it is, and that it is a bench. You never know what you will get off freecycle, until you pick it up, but man. This is way beyond what I expected. Anway, I digress as usual. I had to fill it. Well, that involved pulling craft supplies from here and there. Yes. So.

It was bad. I knew it was bad, but the reality was worse than I “knew”, and that statement I made the other day, about becoming a Zen Crafter. Sigh. Let me just say that I committing to not buying more craft supplies (with the exceptions of beads since I share with Diva, Country AND Mama, and items needed for finiahing projects) until all my craft stuff fits here, here, and here:
IMG 0608 1 IMG 0609 1 IMG 0610 1
Instead of all those places plus here, here, here and here:

IMG 0612 1 IMG 0611 1 2 IMG 0607 1 IMG 0606 1
And I did not include the stuff in the top of the closet, people.

I could cry at the pure tee wastefulness.

Future Kipper

Here’s my little knitter in training! Drama helped me while I was winding those mini skeins of yarn yesterday. The first time, I asked her to help, and she was quite willing, so we began, I was winding along, and she wanted to take her hands out. Of course, I said no, and she said, “but my hands will be tied up in there”. I assured her that this was not the case, and that her hands would be free shortly, but I could tell she didn’t quite believe me. She was very relieved when I got through winding to find out this was true and her hands were her very own again. This picture was taken later in the evening, when she’s had a little more yarn holding experience.
IMG 0838

Now, if I could just get DaBaby interested in yarn instead of the dog food, my pet supplies might last a bit longer.

Good Yarn Deals

Hehehe. I spend entirely too much time thinking about craft supplies, and how to acquire then. And I pretty much have reached SABLE, but, still, it never hurts to think scheme plan appropriately for future acquisitions. After all, there are projects out there that cost as much or more than Luminox watches. So, I know about Elann and Herrschner’s. Where else do you guys find phenomenal deals? Because, what if I live to be 200 instead of just 150? I might need more yarn, ykwim?

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