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I mean it this time

How many times have I complained in the last couple of years that I don’t knit much anymore? Probably about as many times as the have been new iphone acessories. But I have actually been thinking as this year winds down about how to recapture that knitting joy.

For 2011, I want to finish a project a month, and by project, I don’t mean hat. I mean something bigger. Not like, a house cover, by any stretch, but more substantial than a hat. For instance, the Clapotis and Carrington. And maybe, just maybe, by the end of the year, Hocks. I even have a plan to accomplish this: Each week, I plan to enjoy a movie at home and knit while I do it.

You know, I discovered something while I was doing the NaNo this November: I can indeed make time for the things I want to do. I just have to decide that the thing I want to accomplish is more important to me than hanging out on facebook and yahoo, chatting. I have to purpose to move away from the keyboard and do something productive. Productive can mean fun, you know.

Holy Carp!

Umml so a couple of months ago, I got a notice that my hosting company was moving this site to a new server. And then my friend, Ang. said her photopress wasn’t working anymore. And then just a few minutes ago, I wrote that post on Carrington, and tried to upload pictures. Guess who’s photopress also isn’t working? Yeah. Mine. And using the wp uploader is NOT convenient. Just sayin’ It might be easier after I play with it a bit.

But it might also be easier to just figure out what’s up with photopress and then I could help myself AND my friend. Hmmmm. Either way, it can’t take longer than weeding through hundreds of plasma tv reviews. But the thing is, I don’t *need* a new tv. On a knitting blog, though, I do need pictures.

The current state of Carrington

At least, I think that’s the name. Maybe not, but we’ll go with it for now. As you can see, I have a front and a back here.

I need 2 sleeves and a turtle neck. Not a tight one, a loose one.

But, umm, what are these pins for? I’m taking bets as to whether or not I can remember when I pick it up. Your odds are better than your last insurance quote if you say “probably not”. Oh, how I love my knitting adhd. Which probably isn’t a politically correct thing to say, but have you seen the number of unfinished objects sitting around my house?

And yes, that is my beautiful new comforter peeking out underneath the sweater parts! 😉


That’s me! After a full week of being constantly “on”, I am off work for a record 9 days. Woohoo!!! Squeee! No worrying about and trying to explain the slow POS systems. No trying to explain to irate customers that their coupon is good for *this* product and not the one in their hand. Nine days of being home, doing my home stuff: cleaning, typing, reading and maybe, just maybe a little knitting. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it? Maybe I could actually finish something, huh? Maybe Carrington. Cause it is certainly cold enough for a wool sweater right now. It’s also raining, and I don’t want a felted wool sweater, so I guess it’s a good thing it isn’t quite finished yet!

On Gloves and Such

Ok, I’ll admit this: I have never knitted a pair pf gloves. No dress gloves, no work gloves, nothing with fingers. Also, no toe socks. I have done mittens, and enjoyed that, because I made my own pattern, and it was fun working out the details of it. I’ve also crocheted mittens, for the record. But gloves, when I can buy them on sale for a buck a pair? I just can’t see it. I don’t want to mess with knitting the fingers. I’m a lazy, lazt knitter, I guess.

I found a hole!

So, I said I had a lot to do in the house, right? One of those tasks was the matching of all the stray socks we accumulated over the past however long. And in the sock basket, I found the socks I made for Stuntman back in the day. And people, there is a HOLE in one of them. Which leads to a question. I plan to mend the hole, because I have roughly 30 hours invested in the socks, and another 20 minutes won’t make or break me. But what do you do when your handknit socks spring a leak? Repair or trash? And do you repair them, ASAP, if you do, or wander around doing other things, reading acne treatments reviews while you contemplate the fact that someone actually wore a pair of your knitted socks out?

Whatever, I think I now know what to make for my kids. They throw hats on the ground, even if they have asked for them. Socks get used. Hmmmmm. Yeah, no brainer!

Question for ya!

Because I know we knitters are constantly worried about flabby bellies and spreading backsides. Have any of you tried the p90x? I don’t mean have you read p90x reviews, but have you actually done it? If so, is it any more effective than just getting off your tush and doing something active? Like, you now, taking a walk further than the kitchen, or maybe riding a bike? I want to get more active, but …. I don’t want to kill myself either, ykwim? So what say you?

Nothing to say here

Nothing knitting related anyway. I’ve been sick for 8 freaking days. Have I mentioned that? I don’t think I have. I don’t want to knit, I don’t want to blog. I just want to sit around and read, interspersed with laying down to nap until someone uses some document imaging software to email me a clean bill of health. But no, the show must go on.

I’m telling you, when I feel this back, even cashmere is unappealing. Alpaca, maybe, but even that might be stretching it.

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