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S.E.X. with my mother

How many hits will I get off that, I wonder? You crafters know exactly what this post is going to be about, but the rest of the perverts don’t. Traffic is traffic, though, isn’t it? Sorry, Mama.

Mama and I squeezed in a trip to A.C. Moore yesterday. She’d been trying to whisk me off to town for several days, but it just didn’t work out, what with this appointment and that meeting and ALL. THAT. FOOTBALL. Oh my word, the football. Let me say that there is beat, and there is beat up, and at our last game, we were the latter. One bloody nose, and TWO possible concussions later, I was kinda glad my scrawny little Stuntman had not made weight! That is a heart in your throat feeling, to be standing there, toe just this side of the field markings, holding the first aid kit, while the player just lays there. And lays there. And still lays there. We all walked away, though, so it was a good day.

Now, back to that S. E. X., which we all know means stash enhancement expedition. Here’s the big picture, and I will be listing the individual shots on the stash page.

IMG 0874

Some of this was purchased to go with stuff I already had, and some are complete sets in themselves. Umm, not sure that last sentence was completely necessary, LOL, but there it is. And with this mega purchase, bead buying stops until we get some stuff made. Yes, we. Mama has about this much, too! Her stash is all different black, red, white, clear and frosted beads.

More, you say?

Well, okay then. I did kinda tease you just a little bit yesterday, I know. But it was needful! Today, I will deliver the rest of the goods, ok? OK!

IMG 0836 1

Um, Beads. Black, white, frosted and clear. Not sure what else to say about these. I have what I want, and Mama has what she wants, so, umm. Guess I better get stringing, right?

IMG 0837 1

Pinks. I do have a definite plan for these, and I probably have enough to do two of what I see in my mind. The little tube of seeds and bugles is in the colorway Mardi Gras. Is it still a colorway when applied to beads instead of yarn? I think so. Anyway, I love the colors in that, and I will probably be looking at replicating them in fiber. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy knowing that ten bucks of materials can buy me a few hours of creative fun and years of pleasure in the wearing, PLUS the chance to recoup the original outlay? Well, I do!

IMG 0838 1

Purples. Saw these and just had to have them, including the little spools. I already know what I am going to do with these, too. Sorry about the glare, but the picture I took without flash left the stones looking flat. Bleh.

IMG 0840 1 2

Some silver beads. not quite sure what I am going to do with these. They are too fancy for spacers, that’s for sure. But not quite enough for a necklace as they are.

Ok, that is all the bead stash except for some spacer balls and findings. Time to quit talking about them and use them. Except not today. Today, I have to find my bare naked yarn so I can post a dye slot or 12.

Almost forgot!

And this is a biggie. A seriously biggie. And I deriously, finished the last post, and got up and went to put on the face in the jar by the door, and remembered that I FOUND A CRAFT STORE FIVE MINUTES FROM HOME. Seriously. I told you it was a biggie!

Now, she doesn’t have much yarn, but she can order it. But she has beading stuff (oh the beading stuff!!) and she has scrapbook stuff (oh the scrapbook stuff!!) and she has fat quarters (oh the fat quarters!!) and she has balsam wood models for my boys (oh the models!!) AND she has classes five nights a week and the biggest part–she is open until nine p.m. people! NINE PIP EMMA AT NIGHT!

I carefully and meticulously avoided dropping a boatload of money last night when I found her, mostly by the expedient of not having it to drop, but…. I shall return.

Morning Glory

Over the weekend, after I finished with the sewing box, and made a necklace that I haven’t showed you yet, but I will on Friday, I started this:

IMG 0636

I should say restarted, because we have tried to put it together once before. Dh and I bought it several years ago in Myrtle Beach to decorate our room. It will take me awhile to finish it, since I will only be taking it out on weekends. Good thing out tastes are relatively settled, huh? We still love it.

Let me say, if you have never worked a Fred Schmid puzzle, they are wonderful. Hard, but wonderful. The pieces are small but very sturdy, thicker than the other brands. They just feel good in the hand, and if you are a knitter, you know that is a high complement indeed, especially when applied to something other than yarn, LOL.

Released and Repaired and Finished

Today, I attacked the box of sewing stuff. I released these items, some to quilt fabric, some to freecycle:
IMG 0585IMG 0586IMG 0587IMG 0588IMG 0594IMG 0595

I finished these items, all of which were given to me mostly finished:
IMG 0682IMG 0690 1IMG 0685

I repaired these things:
IMG 0687IMG 0691IMG 0688

And here is what is left from the sewing box:

IMG 0692

Here is what it looked like yesterday:
IMG 0664

And then there were beads

So, I mentioned in passing that Mama and I picked up a necklace I had liked. What I failed to mention was that the necklace was in a bead store, and I was totally oohing and aahing and it was all so very, very pretty.

And then, we had to go to Wal-mart on Saturday to pick up the on sale school supplies that I mentioned in a different post, and we looked at the beads there, and I said to my mama, “Mama”, I said, “beading will be my next hobby, because they are just so beautiful.”

Well, my mother, she is an enabler, and my birthday is next Sunday. So. When we went back to Wal-Mart on Monday to get the puzzle glue and poster board that I mentioned in yet another post, she bought me my birthday present. It looked like this:

Mmm-hmm, baby. Beads. And findings. Oh yes.

I have a couple of kits in there, one for her in pink and one for me in blue, plus a bunch of little packs of beads which I may or may not photograph for the stash page. I sat down immediately and made this necklace for her.

I am under strict orders to tell you she designed this necklace.

Then I made this one, and she helped some with this design, too.

Yeah. Ya’ll, I like me some beads.

In which Cass does something new

Well, no one said I couldn’t call a finished puzzle a Finished Object, so………. that’s what I am going to do. Here is the one we did this weekend. And by we, I mean I put in 450 of the 547 pieces. Yes, there are supposed to be 550, but when you have lots of people, crap happens. Also, this was the second time this puzzle had come out of the box. Luckily, the missing pieces were all from the edge, so it worked out. This puzzle was pretty hard, and I mostly did it by going through the pieces one by one and trying to figure out where they went. I had to do that several times, of course, but in the end, I won beat it prevailed finished the puzzle.

Once I allow myself to buy craft supplies again, I will frame this for the boy’s room. I did buy the poster board and glue, because there is no way a put together puzzle can hang out unmolested on a table here for several months. Not gonna happen.

IMG 0601 1

Speaking of buying craft supplies …….. I am seriously considering continuing to not buy craft stuff except as needed to finish projects even after I have completed 12 things. Here’s why: I looked at the stash page a few days ago to decide what to knit next, and I realized I have not purchased yarn since December of 2006, when I got yarn to make DaBaby’s Christmas stocking. That’s over 18 months, ya’ll, and not only am I still knitting and crocheting, but I have TWO HUNDRED and EIGHT balls of yarn left. Let’s pause a moment, and consider that. No new yarn in 18 months, 208 balls left. The mind doesn’t just boggle over that, it threatens to fold entirely.

Additionally, I am exploring other crafty type fun, and having supplies on hand to do whatever I may take a wild hair to do sure does take up a lot of space and money. I’ve talked it over with dh, and pretty much come up with the plan to hold off buying more new stuff until I get what I have pared down a bit (ok, a lot) more, but then I will be free to buy whatever I want for whatever project I want to do. Yes, after so many years of hoarding and over planning, and lately just feeling overwhelmed by my stash, I want to become a Zen Crafter– what I need when I need it, and no more. Maybe. I’m flexible on that no extra thing, but I do want a contained stash for all my crafts, and by contained, I no longer mean all the space under my bed, plus two big ugly plastic bins in my room plus a hutch in the foyer plus, plus and good grief, there is MORE.

Quick Rundown

After I posted Friday, I went back to Myrtle beach with my folks. I had already been Wednesday to see Deb, which is a pst of it’s own, but will be on my other blog. Maybe. Anyway, we bought a necklace I had etyed on Wednesday, and a pair of shoes (yeah, whatever, hush), AND we scoped out a new yarn store. It’s in NMB, and it’s called Knittiing up a Storm, and it is fantabulous.

On Saturday, I finished my purse, and helped Mama shell peas, and then started a puzzle. We were supposed to camp this weekend, but it was just too hot and also very rainy, so we stayed in the air conditioning and played games and such. Except for the pea thing.

DH says puzzles count as finished objects, since I buy serious puzzles that take some mad skills to assemble. What do you think?

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