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DVD Duplication Scrapbook Idea

Ok, so I mentioned that I went to JoAnn yesterday for buttons. While I was there, I had to browse. Of course. That goes without saying, right? Well, I wandered onto the scrapbooking stuff, and I had a marvelous idea for a Christmas present. Well, actually I had a massive collision of several idea seeds. See, when I was with my family this weekend, I was snapping pictures of hands to go with a project on my life list and mentioned that I was going to put them all in an album. My cousin popped up with, “that would make a neat Christmas present!”, and I thought, “oh yeah, it really would.”

And then in JoAnn, I decided I’d probably make another friend of mine a scrapbook full of images of her son. And then I realized I would have a hard time parting with that, so I’d have to make 2.

And then, today, I saw an article on DVD Duplication, and I thought to myself, VIOLA! Because I could make one digital scrapbook of each of those projects and then have someone like Precision Disc duplicate however many copies I needed. Boom, Merry Christmas to you, you, you, you and also ME. DVDs are more durable than paper, not prone to fading, take up less room and can be paused when you want more coffee and also enjoyed over and over again. Yeah, speaking of coffee, I would never look at a paper scrapbook with coffee in my hand, but I would sure sit down on the couch with a pepsi and a sandwich and thumb through a digital version. That’s a win!

Digital and Physical Keepsakes

Here is another guest post on storing your digital photos. This author recommends FaceBook for storage. Have you used it that way? I’ve lifted photos of friends from there, but never really considered for storage of my own pics.

This is a guest post by Eryn Vaun

Photos are very important keepsakes that I don’t want to lose if my computer goes down. I take a lot of pictures of my daughters. I then use my hughesnet Clinton LA to post them to facebook. I also post a few on snapfish to order copies of them for myself. Snapfish saves them on the site and then I can order them as pictures. You can also order the pictures on a mug or similar item if you want for a gift.

Facebook is where I keep most of my pictures. By posting them on here, I can keep track of them and look at them anytime I want to see them again. It is also a great way to keep them in case my computer ever crashes. They will be saved there and I can download them again for myself.

I love having the pictures up on social networks because my family can see them. My parents are able to save copies for themselves and see new pictures of the girls that I take with the camera. It is a great way to share them with the other important people in our lives.

Reducing Picture Clutter

As some of you probably know, I take a lot of pictures! I scrapbook some, but not all of them, and I am woefully behind on even that. I thought we all might gain something from this article.

Guest post from Alex Morslen

After years and years of taking pictures and getting my pictures developed I have ended up with many plastic storage bins filled with photographs and the bins are almost over flowing. It is so hard to actually organize such a large amount of photographs into albums because of the sheer amount of photographs that I have. When I found out that there were online photo sharing websites where I could upload my photos using hughs net I decided to make the change and switch over from printed photographs to the digital version. This has proven to be the best decision I have made in a while. I can archive all of the photos online so the photos do not take up too much space and if there is a really special one that I feel that I just need to have a record of I can print it out on photo paper and keep it that way. All of my friends and family can now see the photos that I take in album form on the internet so I can share them with more of the people I know without the bulk and space that physical photo albums take up. Flickr is one of the best ideas I have seen on the internet in quite a while and I thoroughly enjoy using the website.

Tales of Craftiness Past

As you may know, if you follow my other blog, I’ve been purging my house over the past few months. I’v found a lot of stuff, people. A lot of crafty stuff yet to be made and a fair amount of finished stuff, too. One thing leads to another, and I have uncovered a good deal of things from my wedding. For instance, I made the dress my daughter wore as flower girl. Man, that was forever ago, because Drama now wears that dress. Or at least, it fits her, LOL. I also found the unity candle that I redecorated to match the colors (now trashed), and the ring bearer pillow (saved in case one of the girls want it), and my dress. Well, both my wedding dresses, actually, both saved at Country’s request. (That really surprised me, since she is typically not one given to sentiment. At least on the outside :)).

I also found a stack of wedding invitations and wedding napkins. I’d been intending on making a shadow box thingie like the one Grandma and Papa had using those and that pillow for some 15 years. Guess that won’t be happening now, huh?

I think I’d still like to do a shadow box of some sort, just because I think they are neat to look at and would be fun to make, but I definitely need a different focus, ykwim? Perhaps…. well, I do have a lot of remembrances of Grandmother…. I could do that. I’m not sure I have enough flat stuff, though. And I think I passed up on all her costume jewelry that would have made for a cute display. But, I do have her watch and grand-dads, and some old pictures, and a couple of small knickknacks….. yeah, I think that’s do-able. And I think I just added another project to my someday list.

Does two rows count?

Cause that is about the amount of knitting I have done, and that little bit was on the BSJ that I am making form the last of the rust Encore. I have been making a point of relaxing more often though. I’ve cruised through a couple of Harry Potter novels, and I picked up the last one from the library today.

I also cleaned my desk today and found a 300 page novel I am supposed to review by the 22nd that I have not even started. Oops. So much for relaxing with a good book–I’ll be sweating trying to get it read in time. And then, after those two books, perhaps more knitting. Or beading. Or scrapping. Or other craftiness. Or maybe just a good night’s sleep.

If I were….

not sitting here at this computer, I would be doing crafty type stuff. I might be working on that 1/3 complete puzzle, or I might be weaving in the ends on Sonnet Redux. I finished the knitting last night, and boys and girls, I think it is hot. Like tankless water heater hot. I doubt someone seeing it for the first time would recognize it as a Sonnet.

So, umm, why am I still sitting here? Why am I not doing crafty stuff?

Because I am a wee bit distracted by the way dh is mumbling in his sleep and also by this. If I had the extra money, I would totally be buy the stuff to make about three of those. Maybe more.

Knitty stuff

I’m actually kinda stuck here! I don’t know what to knit! I have finished bother the sweaters I showed you in the last Craft Club post, hocks isn’t really a project I plan to “finish” so much as it is one that will just be eventually done, and I am not feeling the sock love. Especially for socks that won’t fit my foot. So? Any ideas what I should do with this?

I have 800 meters/874 yards. It was supposed to be a cardi for my SIL, but it’s been 4 or 5 years now and I still don’t have her measurements. I’m declaring it well-enough-seasoned to use. But for what? I’m not positive that is enough for a sweater for me… I’ll have to consult my yardage card. Of course, there is plenty for Batman a sweater, and the color is right, but I am kinda turned off of kid knitting for a bit, given the lack of care demonstrated toward my hand knits. Ahem.

Of course, Country would rather I give the yarn stash a little break, which might be cause to negotiate lower life insurance rates for it. (Ha, I slay me). She’d much rather I work on this:

And it December. I like for us to do a puzzle each December, so maybe I should concentrate on this:


Incredible Egg Art

No, I am not announcing a new hobby. I know that’s what you think, but seriously, I’m happy for now with what I already do. But that doesn’t mean I don’t gasp in delight when I see some of the awesome things other people create as hobby art. I saw this picture about a month ago, and gasp I did.


Isn’t that the most incredibly delicate thing you have seen in, like, forever? I mean, I have made some pretty stunning things in my time, if I do say so myself (right this minute, I am thinking about the lace baby dress) but seriously, I am humbled looking at that egg!

treeoflife 190x300 And look at this one! A tree of life right on the egg! That just amazes me. I hace always liked the tree of life designs, because they remind me of my family. I mean, come on, I have as many children as there are branches in that tree. Practically. For all intents and purposes. Especially if you count the ones that I didn’t give birth to that just hang around here. I should knit me a sweater with that design in it. It could replace the embroidered sweatshirt I got three kids ago and don’t wear anymore because not all my kids are on it. Anyway. I think I might be digressing.

So, where was I? Oh yes, I saw these eggs from L.D Bolton Arts a couple of months ago, and I begged to be able to tell you about them, because I know that my readers love beautiful things, and could appreciate the time and skill that goes into something like that. Go check them out, because the two I have showed you??? Those are just the tip of the iceberg eggshell.


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