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So, this past weekend, I did something I rarely do outside of the church walls: I listened to live music! I happened to be a bluegrass band, and they were pretty awesome. There was a cello, a banjo and a guitar, just three people, but they did pull a couple of us to sing with them, and that was fun! They were as much fun to watch as they were to listen to! There hands were flying over the string so fast, they were a blur! I should have looked to see if there was a boomerang looper laying around, but I didn’t.

One Month Off

Starting Friday afternoon, after cramming TWELVE credit hours into 9 weeks, I will have a month off of school. No, I do not plan to spend it with a massage therapy program online. I plan to do some reading, and some writing and some crafting. I haven’t quite made up my mind what kind of crafting to do, because I don’t know yet if I will be traveling or not.

Lots of possibilities, though: needlepoint, beading, cross-stitching. Anything but knitting, LOL. We can talk about that again in September!

Holy Carp!

Umml so a couple of months ago, I got a notice that my hosting company was moving this site to a new server. And then my friend, Ang. said her photopress wasn’t working anymore. And then just a few minutes ago, I wrote that post on Carrington, and tried to upload pictures. Guess who’s photopress also isn’t working? Yeah. Mine. And using the wp uploader is NOT convenient. Just sayin’ It might be easier after I play with it a bit.

But it might also be easier to just figure out what’s up with photopress and then I could help myself AND my friend. Hmmmm. Either way, it can’t take longer than weeding through hundreds of plasma tv reviews. But the thing is, I don’t *need* a new tv. On a knitting blog, though, I do need pictures.

Question for ya!

Because I know we knitters are constantly worried about flabby bellies and spreading backsides. Have any of you tried the p90x? I don’t mean have you read p90x reviews, but have you actually done it? If so, is it any more effective than just getting off your tush and doing something active? Like, you now, taking a walk further than the kitchen, or maybe riding a bike? I want to get more active, but …. I don’t want to kill myself either, ykwim? So what say you?

Mindless Internet Wandering

So, in spite of feeling like yesterday’s crap, I have managed to do some internet wandering today. Ha, are you any of you surprised? I didn’t think so.

Any, I was looking at these tiles, and thinking about mosaics. I’ve seen some pretty are pieces done with broken bathroom tiles and assorted glass. I bet you could even use subway tiles for them if you could find them in the right textures and colors. I’ve never made one myself, but the instructions seem pretty straightforward and uncomplicated: a little plaster of paris, a mold for the shape you want, and broken bits of this and that to make the picture or abstract design. The hardest part would probably be breaking the tiles!

I also saw a page on quilling today that was pretty neat. Have any of you ever done that? I don’t much think I’d have the patience for that, but it sire was pretty.

Pardon My Dust

I’m sorta remodeling. I am trying to do some stuff in the side by with coding, and I should have just installed a plugin. Plugins I understand, but coding for me is like trying to find an over the counter diet pill that works. You know how you just keep trying until you hit the magic? That’s me and code. I just keep trying until it works. Except that tonight, I am past tired, and I have a headache, and I am calling it done. I’ll try to fix it tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m sorry for the mess.

Permission to Create

If you have been following my personal blog, you probably know I have been working through The Artist’s Way for the past couple of months. It’s been a great experience for me, and I am looking forward to the rest of what I discover about myself. In fact, I am planning to read most, if not all, of her books over the next several months/years/however long it takes to get through them.

Anyway, as I was reading this week’s chapter, it asked about what we lacked growing up, and for some reason “art supplies” popped into my head. Now, I didn’t have any real interest in visual arts growing up. It wasn’t an area that I felt like I had any talent in, and so I endured art class, rather than enjoying it. And I never asked for art supplies, beyond crayons and coloring books. And, yes, I always colored in the lines. And then, once I wrote that, I realized that I don’t buy art supplies for my kids either, beyond….coloring books and crayons. And I had to wonder, am I putting door locks on creativity for them that I don’t see because they don’t have the tools to express it?

And I am thinking that a trip to A.C. Moore maybe in order, just for some basics, yk? Nothing expensive, nothing trendy, just some decent pencils and paints and such. For them, yk? And maybe also for me.

No New Knitting

Or anything else for that matter! I’m thinking about knitting. And I am planning knitting, but I am not actually knitting. I’m doing other stuff instead: working, cleaning, shopping, camping, roller coaster riding, reading, sleeping. I know we all have times like that, but I will be both glad and sad when the weather gets too cold to enjoy being outside. Sad, because I will miss being out and doing stuff, but glad because I can have an excuse to sit on my apple bottoms and finish up a few things. But not just yet please. Let me have one more month to play outside before we have to move it all indoors!

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