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It’s a boy!

By which I mean a friend of mine is having a grandson! And I have finally found a purpose for that BSJ that has been sitting unfinished for so long. I finished the matching hat this morning, and I guess I will be earning dark under eye circles over the next few evenings getting the jacket trimmed and seamed. And that, my dear folks, will be FOs number nine and ten for this year! And then……I dunno, LOL!

That’s pretty darn exciting for a gal who barely touched her yarn in 2009!

Another silly hat

So, here is another hat. As you can see, it’s small on me and would probably fit a child ages 5-8. I was making it with a person in mind, but some balls of sock yarn are shorter than others, and I ran out of yarn. That’s ok, I know a little gal that age who could wear a hat like this, and might be needing a present or two.


You might also notice I have the whitest face in North America. I could say that was a trick of the flash on my camera, but why lie about a thing like that? At least I am not worried about age spot removal. Well, on my face. I worked out in the garden shop three days last week, and what popped up on my arms is fairly scary. Sigh.

Finished Clapotis

So, I finished the Clapotis, and it should be in the hands of it’s intended recipient any day now. I have to say that after I took the advice of my twitter friends and removed the stitch markers, it was a pure pleasure to knit. I also have to say that although I rarely knit the same pattern twice, I am probably going to make an exception in this case, because I want one for myself. I thought I was too short to pull off wearing one of these, but after I tried this one on, I think I could rock it.


Here it is, thrown over the back of a kitchen chair, because I am not a competent enough photographer to take a picture of my own back, and no one else was home when I was ready to get the shot.

One of the things I love most about this wrap is that, while it looks like nothing more than one of those elongated diamonds while you are knitting it, once you throw it over your shoulders, it drapes just amazingly. I guess it’s due to the diagonals of the dropped stitches or something, but…’s lovely to me.

Got some good knitting time in

Well, this week, I have been attending to family business. I really enjoyed hanging out with them, but as far as the business, I would have enjoyed looking at used rvs for sale more. I might possibly have enjoyed Chinese Water Torture more, too, but at least it is over!

Right before I left, I finished the knitting on the Clapotis. I need to weave in the ends and wash and block it, and then I can send it on it’s way.

I also bought myself some yarn. I didn’t intend to do so, and in fact I was shopping for other people, but ACMoore didn’t have what they had asked for. They did, however, have some yarn on sale for 1.99 a ball. I bought 5 or 6 of the pink/green and 3 of the blue/green. The colors are a little off here, they are very pretty in person, I assure you.

IMG00042 20100403 2131

They are for ME. I’m thinking one of them may become a Clapotis for me, because I just love the way the one I made looks wrapped around my own shoulders. Just sayin’

While I was doing the business I didn’t want to do, I was a bit nervous. Maybe more than a bit. I was in fact so nervous that I started a hat at 9:30 am and by 4:30, I had knit about 7inches. And I took an hour and a half for lunch and another 30 minutes to be intently involved in the business with no yarn in my hands. While I was knitting to relieve my stress, my cousin was sitting beside me pulling the yarn off the ball for me to relieve his. I wish I had a picture of that!!! He also talked me into making a hat for him, which wasn’t very difficult, I suppose.

Pics of the FOs soon!

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Update on the Clapotis

I am really enjoying this knit. Since I lost the stitch markers in favor of purling the drops, it is really flying. Or at least it is when I actually work on it. I’m just past the 10th drop, and I’m thinking somewhere around 2/3 done, based on the amount of yarn I have used. I have just 40 rows left in the straight section.

Up until now, I have only been knitting on it at the computer, because I haven’t printed the pattern. I do plan to spend less time in front of the computer this weekend, since I will have company, so I guess I better go ahead and print it, right? Since I do want to knit. Quite a bit. Hey, it beats having to sit through Mesothelioma treatment and provides something for my hands to do while I’m watching movies, which is also high on the weekend agenda.

I Have Smart Twit Friends

So, this weekend, my kids were off with their dad, and I spent some quality time with my close friend, the Clapotis. And I tweeted that I wish I could pur faster with all those stitch markers in my way. Two folks suggested I lose the markers and just reverse stockinette the drop stitches instead. And I did. And, baby, that thing is zooming now! I am so much happier with my progress!

You probably remember that I wanted to be done by the 9th. That is tomorrow. I might as well call for some life insurance leads, cause that idea id all but dead. I might make it of I skip work today, and scouts this evening and sleep tonight, but I can’t do any of those things, so…….nope, won’t be finished by my self-imposed deadline.

In other news, my hats are a big hit, and I have been requested to make more of them. Not for That One. Oh, no. The next set is for his family. But I am finishing the Clapotis first, and then a hat for Batman.

P.S. Do you know how hard it is to not abbreviate Clapotis? But then I get the mental image of knitting syphilis and I just type the whole thing out. Over and over and over.

Next Up: Clapotis!

Yes, years after the Clapotis was all the buzz of the knitting world, I am finally knitting one. And not for myself. I’m using this yarn, which I showed you a couple/three weeks ago:


I think I am in the 3rd increase section, so I still have quite a ways to go. I’d like to finish it by the 9th of March, and if I can keep from surfing the free web directories and playing Facebook games, I may make it. Or maybe not. But I plan to try.

The yarn is knitting up ok for 100% petroleum plastic non-fiber yarn. I’m pleasantly surprised.

Pinwheel Sweater FO

O, so, yes I finished it in time, see?


This is the Pinwheel Sweater from It is knit and crocheted from Brown Sheep Cotton Fine in color 230 Victorian Pink. I’d been wanting to knit this pattern for quite awhile, and if you recall, I started it last summer, and stopped a bit over halfway through the body, when I lost my knitting mojo.

Now, I do have a couple of pattern notes to share. If you look at the photos in the link, you will notice that they never show you the front of the “sweater”. I’ve put sweater in quotes there, because it is not really a sweater. It’s actually more of a bolero, as you can see in this frontal shot.


That worked out fine for me, since I really wanted to wear it to a formal event, and a sweater just would not have been quite the right thing. But I also wanted to warn you, in case a sweater is what you really need. Also, if you dance and spin, it will slip off your shoulder. But then it is really easy to let it slip off the other arm and throw it on a chair, so that worked out, too. :)

The back worked up pretty much like the pattern showed.


Here is the sweater laid out all nice and round:

And a close-up of the lace border:

And a gratuitous shot, just so I can comment about how nicely the yarn washed up and smoothed out. The stitches evened out nicely, which was quite a feat, considering I knit the whole thing on 16 inch rounds.

As I noted before, be careful on the lace. Mine is crocheted according to the written directions for the body lace. Those instructions do not match the chart. My lace is therefore a bit frillier than the lace on the pattern model, but that’s okay, because I am a frilly sort of gal. I figure that and good skin care products ought to keep me looking 18 forever, right?

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