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On Gloves and Such

Ok, I’ll admit this: I have never knitted a pair pf gloves. No dress gloves, no work gloves, nothing with fingers. Also, no toe socks. I have done mittens, and enjoyed that, because I made my own pattern, and it was fun working out the details of it. I’ve also crocheted mittens, for the record. But gloves, when I can buy them on sale for a buck a pair? I just can’t see it. I don’t want to mess with knitting the fingers. I’m a lazy, lazt knitter, I guess.

I found a hole!

So, I said I had a lot to do in the house, right? One of those tasks was the matching of all the stray socks we accumulated over the past however long. And in the sock basket, I found the socks I made for Stuntman back in the day. And people, there is a HOLE in one of them. Which leads to a question. I plan to mend the hole, because I have roughly 30 hours invested in the socks, and another 20 minutes won’t make or break me. But what do you do when your handknit socks spring a leak? Repair or trash? And do you repair them, ASAP, if you do, or wander around doing other things, reading acne treatments reviews while you contemplate the fact that someone actually wore a pair of your knitted socks out?

Whatever, I think I now know what to make for my kids. They throw hats on the ground, even if they have asked for them. Socks get used. Hmmmmm. Yeah, no brainer!

Nothing to say here

Nothing knitting related anyway. I’ve been sick for 8 freaking days. Have I mentioned that? I don’t think I have. I don’t want to knit, I don’t want to blog. I just want to sit around and read, interspersed with laying down to nap until someone uses some document imaging software to email me a clean bill of health. But no, the show must go on.

I’m telling you, when I feel this back, even cashmere is unappealing. Alpaca, maybe, but even that might be stretching it.

I picked up Hocks

Yes, I did. I told you I’d been thinking about it. So, I picked it up for a few minutes this weekend, and I listened to some music (a little Hank Jr., a little steel drums) and I knit and missed The Clone, who still lived here when I started that little large-and-knit-with-tiny-yarn project.

And as I knit, I tried to memorize the way the needles and yarn felt in my hands for another little project I am working on, which is only tangentially related to knitting.

But the point is, I worked on Hocks. Finally.

A Worthy Compliment

Ok, this is a brag moment, I guess. But it made me feel so good, I just have to share. And it’s not really tooting my own horn, it’s reporting someone else tooting it for me. I was talking to That One today, and he said my knitting was art. I’d not really thought of it that way, but he explained why he thought it was so, and it made sense and I finally quit arguing with him and just said “thank you”.

It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, I tell ya. The man does not hand out compliments lightly. He meant what he said. Now I have to look at weight loss creams for my ego. Just kidding. But he is liable to get a whole lot more knitted goodness from these hands of mine.

That Didn’t Work For Me

So, I said I was going to knit, but that didn’t work out for me. It’s not that I got all caught up in Diet pills fat burners, it’s just that I was so tired by the time I got the cleaning done, I just wanted to sit and do nothing. And I do mean absolutely nothing. No reading, no knitting, just sitting here clicking randomly from one site to another.

Do you ever have days like that? Weeks? Yeah, I figured as much.

And now I am sick, so as soon as do what I absolutely have to do today, I am going back to bed.

Today’s Plan

Today, I have a plan, and it includes a little knitting. I wanted needed to do quite a bit of housework, and some blogging and then I planned to hang out with the kids and knit while we watched a movie or something. I’m about half way through the housework I meant to do, and likewise half way through the blogging. A few more mundane things like sorting the games and dealing with car insurance and I can get on to the fun stuff.

Now, is it going to be the Clapotis? Or Hocks?

No Notes Needed

So, I went camping this past weekend. I won’t be getting any thank you cards for the knitting I did, mostly because I didn’t do any. I took it, sock yarn, needle, pattern on an index card, all in a pocket on my ruck. I also took a book.

Instead of knitting and reading, though, I cooked when I was hungry and slept when I was tired. And I spent a lot of time looking into a fire and thinking thoughts, sorting things out. It was the most fun I have had in months.

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