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What do you knitters think of knitting clothes for pets? Not so much sportdog training collars. but the fluffy little sweaters and such? I’ve looked at a few pattern books, but I just can’t wrap my mind around the concept. I get spending money on good yarn to make people clothes, because they know the love that goes in. But pet clothes? What’s the pay-off there?


Well Then

Looks like I am taking the summer off to write and clean. And yes, there will be knitting and crocheting, though there won’t be any hosa cables. I’m working on my Virginia socks right now. Then my cousin’s cat scarf. Then I need to decide whether to work on Carrigan or the Suzie Hoodie. Probably the Carrigan, it just needs half a sleeve and a collar. And then there is Hocks. And I will be starting a travel shawl as well. What do you mean, “in my free time?”

Traitorous Scarf

Remember that scarf I showed you? Well, actually I showed you a bazillion tiny balls of yarn? Yeah, so i finished the knitting, and not only did the yarn work up in a very masculine color pattern, the edges roll. In spite of the fact that I put 10 rows of garter on each edge. Rather than throw the thing on a Saber Cast 330 Infrared Grill, I have elected to pick up stitches and hem the thing. I will block it severely to get rid of that roll, and it will be called The BabyMan Scarf, because that the only kind of person it will look decent on.

Will you look at this?

This was a 200 yard ball of sockweight that I left on the couch while I went into my room. Apparently, my dog likes yarn. I;m counting my blessing that 1) I had a second ball. 2) He didn’t eat the needles or the scarf that’s on them. But dang, that was a mess! And I had to throw too much of it out. Perhaps I can interest him in a hobby besides knitting. Maybe some cigars information…I hear you don’t need opposable thumbs for that!

Been a long time

Wow, seems like I disappeared when summer session started and just forgot to come back! I’m closing in on the end of fall semester and finally feel like I can catch my breath. I may be in error, since I have about 5 projects due next week. Regardless, I cast on a scarf last night, and I knit on it while watching Bones. Yes, I know Bones wasn’t on last night, but I can hook up the computer to the tv with my HDMI cable and watch whenever. Which is awesome, because I hate live tv. Except for election night and the Super Bowl.

So, how are things with you guys? What have you watched lately? I mean knit! What have you KNIT lately?

So Knitters

Tell me which you would rather discuss: cables or sd memory cards. That’s what I thought! And I absolutely love that each of the twenty-eight cables on this page has a chart AND printed directions. I don’t know about you, but I still need both, at least for now!

In other crafty news, I miss my beads. I think I have mentioned that it is just too hot to knit, but I am thinking I about purchasing a large tackle box to sort beads into. That way I can have some inside to work with. Right now, they are all out in the storage shed, and it’s very difficult to make pretty things when they are out there, and I am in here socking up the ac.

So, yeah

The book came yesterday. Tweed I mean. So I can finish Carrick. One month later than I planned, but still, I can finish it. And along with Tweed, I ordered the third book in Sally Melville’s wonderful series. I can’t wait to dig in to that.

In the meantime, I have finished the keyhole scarf and I am continuing to work on the Suzie Hoodie. And also, I am doing some reading. And eating saltines, almost an entire sleeve so far, because I am sick. Not with Mesothelioma or any other life threatening thing, just some nausea, which is most likely caused by the continual sound of my middle son hurling. At least I hope so, because I really do NOT have time to get sick. Sick means missing school and I don’t want to do that, because my profs like to test from lectures and not the texts.

Speaking of profs, my English prof has worn several cool knitted scarves to class. I’m beginning to wonder if she’s a knitter. How cool would that be?

Now, in an act that I am sure will shock you all, I am going to read. I actually have a wee amount of free time today, and I have already knitted. SO there!

Proof of the Clapotis

Hello friends. I’ve called you together, not to admire the mini chandeliers, but rather to prove to you that I really did finish the Clapotis I started last summer. The intended recipient has been notified of it’s completion and seemed pleased.

No, I am not going to show you the other stuff I have finished in the same post. A girl likes to spread things out. Also, I haven’t made my FO page for this year yet, and I need to do that before I post too much else, right? Right.

But there, I said I finished it and now you know it’s true.

OH! I almost forgot. It’s made from Caron Simply Soft Paints, in a colorway whose name I forget.

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