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Another FO for ya!

Yes, the knitting continues. Like fine Padron cigars, it just does good things for my mind. Last week, I finished this hat for That One of the enormous head. Actually, the first one I made for him was a bit loose, so we took this one down to 22 inches, and he likes the fit much better.


It’s knit from Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Glamour in Sapphire, and he picked the yarn himself, so don’t blame me that the man is now blue and sparkly. I used size 5 needles to make it, and for a textured yarn, it wasn’t half bad to knit.

I think I have figured out a way to post more regularly here. Since I really only have time to blog on Tuesdays, I’ve been prepublishing content over on my personal blog and that seems to be working out ok. So today, I am going to prepublish a series of notes about what’s in my immediate knitting list and we’ll see how that works for us.

Hats Coming Out Their Ears

Or at least covering them up! Here are the hats I made for Drama and Stuntman, modeled by their owners.


Drama’s band is made from Plymouth Encore and the colorwork is doubled Trekking XXL in color 05. Stuntman’s band is some… uh… black yarn and the colorwork is doubled Lane Cervinia Forever Jaquard in color 230.

And as if mom-knit hats were the qooly equivalent of secure online backup, DaBaby has picked her yarn and thinks I should have started her hat instead of weaving in the ends on Stuntman’s. I am sure Batman will be lining up next!

Also, I have a picture of the Secret Christmas Knitting. I made stockings for Micheal, That One and That Boy. Merry Christmas fellas! Welcome to the fam.


First FO of 2010

So, I said I was gonna knit and I did. I told you that knitting a hat for That One had brought the beggars out and here is the first of the kiddo hats. This is Spidey and he picked the yarn himself.


The band is black, and I can’t remember the brand. It’s the same stuff I used for Diva’s hat. The colorwork is two strands of sock yarm held together, and again, I can’t remember the info. Such are the vagaries of knitting from the odd-ball stash. I want to say it is Mexicano from….uh, it’s on the tip of my fingers, really. I promise. Unfortunately, getting it to the keyboard is a fail. I wonder if it’s possible to find student loans that will pay for memory classes. Of course, I do have a lot of yarn to try to remember, now don’t I? This is why we now leave the ball band in the middle when we wind our yarn. Just sayin’. And that is the imperial we, of course!

Last night, I casted on Hat the Second for That One out of hideous acrylic fingerweight yarn in a sparkly blue that he admired in ACMoore. And today, I will cast on a pink concoction for Drama.

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