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Here ya go!


The body of the blanket is in ripple stitch. The border is the beginning of a lace pattern from Plain and Fancy Crochet. I stopped, because we all loved the way it ruffled. Crocheted with Plymouth Encore, with an I hook.

The Blanket is Done

The one for DD#5. Pic tomorrow! I am very pleased with it. I plan to try on the body of her sweater tomorrow also. If it will still fit, I plan to go ahead and do the sleeves now, before I move on to someone else. No way will it even fit by the time I get around to her again! If it doesn’t fit, I’ll just step back a few paces and punt.

Note to self: update stash page and sidebar.

New Project

Lalalalala! Lalalalala! I get to start something new. I showed ya’ll a dress a bit ago that I wanted to make. Last night, my midwife called and commissioned me to make a very special dress for a new baby girl, a bonny lass who came after a long line of boys. So, I’m looking at yarn and as soon as I find it, that dress will be the hot project. I am excited to make it!

I had a blast at boy scouts last night. Whodda thunk this old mama could still do a frog stand?� The boys had to do one, and I showed them how. I am also the “skit mother” for the den.

I did end up working a bit on DD#5s blanket last night, starting the edging. I had not knit on Hocks before the meeting, so I took that and made the square there.

I am getting a horribly late start today. Dh had the computer in use this morning for work, so I am just now doing the morning pump. While I was waiting I knit on the stole, and also started the Hocks block.

Okay, off to find yarn.


Actual Fiber Content Alert! Complete with visual stimulation! Here’s the body of DD#5’s blanket. I’ll be adding a goodish lace border to it. Right now, it is 30×36.


Not so surprising, I did not get up and get my house stuff done yesterday. Today I must only sit in this chair while actually pumping.

Small Things

Here we have a hat for the midwife, and an Opus square, both finished 8 September. And also maybe some socks that I started for me.


Guess I am not quite as lame as I thought! I told you all that I was almost done with ball 6 in DD#5’s blanket, but that’s not true. Good news: I did not leave it in mid-ball. Bad news: it was only ball 5 that I finished.

As for my sock. I elected to rip the first one out, and make them to my preferred pattern. Nope, did not start them yet. And may even start a totally different pair instead, just to ease the sting.

Oh, and I apparently did not make half a square on Opus, either. Yay Me!

Today, I am working on the pinwheel sweater. I may finish it :)

And look over in the sidebar. I have a “category cloud” where the category list used to be. Carla found it for me when I admired hers.

Odds and Ends

I was up again way too late last night. Dh (yeah, the computer tech) downloaded a virus onto the computer. Now I keep virus software on here, but I was not home, and he thought we did not have one. (Does he think I am stupid???) It’s not big and it’s not flashy, it just sits there quietly in the background doing it’s thing effectively, as a well behave virus protection system should. For the record, I use AVG which you can get at

Anyway, he thought he was getting virus protection. This pernicious thing made pop-ups, and spyware, and then told us we had pop ups and spyware, and told us to click to get rid of them. And all those clicks led back to the website where they sell virus and pop up protection at exorbitant prices. And it refused to be deleted. Period. If I tried to take it out on the remove software window, it told me I had to reboot first, then failed the removal because the system was shutting down. If I tried to delete it from “my computer”, it denied access. I finally restored the system to an earlier registry, and told him not to download anything else onto this computer. So, I am tired and grumpy today. But I do have some lovely pictures for you.

First, we have Jenna’s socks, finally completed, and off my mind.

Then a cute hat for the midwife:

And a square for the Opus Blanket:

Then DD#5, who was 6 months yesterday. I assure you that she does smile, but not for the camera, only for faces.

And finally, not nearly so cute as the baby (except to DD#1) and the face that puts the odd in the title of this post, I present the boyfriend. In truth, I love the young man dearly.

Today’s knitting will be for DS#1, and he wants (ta-da) socks. I have some started for him, you may recall, but I don’t so much like the 1×1 rib I have going, so I will probably rip the couple of inches I have, and just start over.


I finished Jenna’s socks. And made a midwife hat.Today, I took two girls out for birthday dinners. I do have some pics for you: hopefully I’ll get them uploaded tomorrow. I plan to work on (a) square(s) for DD#1’s Opus blanket tonight.

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