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Crusher Hat in Caron Simply Soft Shadows

Crusher Hat

Here is the [tag]Crusher Hat[/tag] I’ve been talking about. The hat was made with [tag]Caron Simply Soft Shadows[/tag] in Opal Twist. I used it doubled with an I hook.I t took almost two balls to make it.[tags]finished objects[/tags]


I am thrilled to report that I already have 3 submissions for the Southern Fried Carnival! I am also pleased to say that I think the crusher hat will be finished in time. DD#3 has agreed to model it when it’s complete. I am not so happy to say that I am queasy. I don’t know if it’s stress, or over-doing it, or if I am actually sick. Pray it’s not the latter, cause I just don’t have time for that!

The house is just about ready for tomorrow’s party. Once again, I am loving the extra room we get from re-arranging the furniture, and may adopt some of the changes as permanent.

Caron Simply Soft Shadows

Suni asked, way back when I mentioned that I was not having fun with this yarn, if I thought it would crochet any better than it knit. I am incredibly pleased to say that, yes, indeed, it does. I am using it for the [tag]crusher hat[/tag], and it is a totally different yarn with the hook. The shading is nice, too, and I think I will be very pleased with this hat.

I am through with the increases for the crown now, and am hopeful that I can knock this out (along with laundry, cleaning, etc) by tonight.
[tags]Caron Simply Soft Shadows[/tags]

Not done yet

I did not finish the socks last night. I was exhausted by a day of heavy cleaning, and went to bed incredibly early by my standards. I hope to get them done tonight. Umm, scratch that, I need to make a crusher hat, pronto, so that’s tonight’s agenda. In order to do that, I have to find the pattern again, LOL. Maybe I put it up the last time I was done with it. Wouldn’t that be a trick? Anyway, I have to have it done Saturday morning, and preferably 2 of them.

DD#5’s Stocking

DD 5s stocking
Here is DD#5’s [tag]stocking[/tag]. I assure you that it is normal size, in spite of the camera trickery that makes it look roughly the same size as my house (which you can see in the background). It was crocheted with doubled Plymouth Encore with a K hook. The cuff is white Jiffy. [tags]crocheted stocking[/tags]

I made it!

I finished DD#5’s stocking in the wee hours of this morning. Then I went to bed where I was punched, kicked and otherwise pummeled by DS#3. Boys and Girls, if I don’t get some sleep, and soon, things could get pretty messy.

I’ll have a pic for you soon. In the meantime, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

From the comments

Suni asked:
Would it be just as bad as crochet fiber?
in reference to the [tag]Caron yarn[/tag] I was talking about a couple of days ago here.

I often find that a yarn I cannot stand to knit will [tag]crochet[/tag] just fine, and vice versa. I also find that yarns I dislike to “pick”, I can throw with little problem. However, I am not usually willing to give up the ease and speed of picking to use a particular yarn.

Thanks, Suni, for a really good question!

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