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or crochet it. or cross-stitch it. or needlepoint it. MicroRevolt’s knitPro is making a statement while making patterns. Check them out to see what I mean.

What’s in a Name?

Last night, I went over to my mom’s to help her sort some stuff (read that yarn) she’s planning to sell at the estate sale at Grandmother’s next month. Hmm, can’t really call it Grandmother’s estate sale, can we?? Even though that’s what it really is. Weird the way words are, huh? Anyway, while I was there the KITT movie came on, and since I had planned to watch it from the time I heard the first commercial, I parked (hahahahah, parked) myself on the couch beside my daddy and we watched KITT. Umm, ya’ll, I love that car. I have loved that car for 25 years. And if you doubt the fervor with which I adore this car, I say it the same way I say blue-faced leicester. Yeah, like that.I would totally marry that car, ok? Do you realize I have yet to say the name of the movie? That’s because I don’t know it, but I know the name KITT, don’t I? So, my point is that it doesn’t matter what the movie was called, once I heard the name KITT, I was hooked.

Now that was kinda funny, and a way to introduce you to a program called lifelock. Lifelock protects you from identity theft. It’s keeps your good name in good standing. Let me give you a more realistic example of what a good name means. My grandparents lived in a very small town. I had gone to see them one day, and I needed gas to get back home, so I pulled into the gas station. I was about 16 or 17 years old, and I had a checking account because I had a job, and this was back in the day, yk? I lived in a small town, too, about an hour away. (It’s maybe worth noting that I now live in the same town, only it’s much larger and only 45 minutes away, but their town is the same size, LOL.) Anyway, I pumped my gas and went in to pay and the clerk said “we don’t take out of town checks.” Well, oops, the gas had already been pumped. I looked him right in the eye and said “My granddad’s name is R—– C—–, and I’m here almost every week to see him”, and the clerk said “that will be fine then”, and he took my check based on Granddad’s good name and reputation. That’s the kind of legacy a person can have. ( I’ll also add that it’s a big legacy to live up to, but I’ll do that on another day ;))

Of course, today, it’s a different world, and people like to steal your good name, and when they do, you can bet it’s ruined. An organization like lifelock can prevent that, and they can also protect your children’s identities, too. Oh yeah, kids are also vulnerable. Their credit is guaranteed clean, see. That’s a scary thought, but there are people out their who will take a child’s name and SSN and use it and ruin it before they are even old enough to drive, let alone get credit.

Now, back to helping Mama with her yarn. If you’ve been reading for more than a day or two, you know I have a pink problem. A problem with pink. An issue with yarns of the hue of deliciousness. So, there was this bin of yarns, mostly acrylic, and even some kinds I hate, and it was all pink, and there it was, and it was so beautiful in it’s pinkness, and somehow I ended up asking for that bin of assorted pinkish yarns, and last night while I was watching my dream man car, I kinda started a blanket out of those assorted pink yarns. Sigh. Another WIP. But at least it’s pink!

Amazingly, Gaspingly, Heartbreakingly Beautiful

I received a book Tuesday that I simply must tell you about. Now, it’s a thick book, so obviously, I have not had time to linger over every word, but I have spent some time looking at the pictures and read a few snippets, and Craft in America is just stunning. Stunning.

Craft in American book jacket

There are a variety of crafts covered in this books, and the raw materials include fiber, wood, clay, stone, sand and more. If you can use it make something beautiful, then someone has, and the technique is in here. Craft in America was published as a companion to the PBS series of the same name, but it is an excellent stand-alone piece as well. And I know this, because i didn’t even know there was such a show, LOL!

Truly, buy it, check it out from the library, whatever, but do give this book a look. I promise that if you are a serious crafter, in any medium, it will stir your soul.

On Craftiness and Speed

Let’s talk about c cubed. I took it with me to a meeting Tuesday night, but no stitching was done, because, unlike most meetings, this one was productive. Then that night we began the 36 hour festival of pukiness, and so not much was done on the blanket. And tonight, I have a meeting and not much will be done on the blanket.

Or will it be? I’ve put almost a full ball of yarn into the thing, plus some scraps balls of leftovers. I’ve done more than 17 rows of 158 stitches. If I were a mason, working on Arizona luxury real estate and I laid well over 2,686 bricks in my spare time would I think it wasn’t enough, and be ashamed because I didn’t get the whole house built? No. I’d be saying, no, SHOUTING–hey ya’ll looka here! I made this in my free time. I’d be so proud of that partial wall. I’d expect you all to clap and stuff!

So, tomorrow, it’s time for the Online Craft Club again (you didn’t forget craft club, did you?), and I am going to show that blanket again. And I am going to be loud and proud that between working, and cleaning and parenting and going to meetings, I laid close to 3,000 bricks this week.

Waiting Rooms

are great places to stitch, but I am geting tired of them. It seems like I have been in one constantly for the past few weeks. In fact, my friend Ang. greeted me over IM this morning with: “dentist or eye doctor this morning?” I just giggled and told her that I got to stay home today. So far, I have not gotten much done, but I am enjoying just being here with no agenda. I’d love to be able to tell you I had finished up C cubed, but that’s not the case. I do have a meeting tonight and again on Thursday, so it will get plenty of air this week.

Q and E

So, C Cubed and I accompanied Batman to the Surgi-Care this morning, and I got less than 5 rows done, but for those of you who are waiting to hear a report, the report is: he did great.

I also really like this doctor. He’s a very friendly guy, and he has freckles and just looks so fun and happy in what he does. I doubt I make him any hand knit socks, (he’d have to do a couple more surgeries for that, I think), but I doubt I’ll be sicking (sp?? spellchecker says this is correct, but I am not sure) a personal injury attorney on him or anything either. He looks like a big kid, LOL.

As for C Cubed, it takes a lot more work to get it to visibly grow, and so it’s getting more difficult for it to hold my interest. I am going to try to stick it out though. I think I am tired of bouncing around from project to project so fast I give us all whiplash. OTOH, I think I am tired of looking at this for now. OT3H, I am not going to get where I went before and stop stitching because the project at hand is not what I want to work on. OT4H, I do need to at least refrain from any new projects. OT5H, I only have 2 hands.

Is it possible to sue a blogger or even oneself for injuries related to spastic crafting? If so, I know some Richmond lawyers who’d like a piece of that action.

That would be “no”

So I was at the dentist this morning, with the log cabin blanket, which I guess we can rename “Current Constant Companion” or C Cubed. Haha, I like that, C Cubed. In fact, that may be my name, now and forever, for the current project.

“Let me get my C Cubed and I’ll be right there.”

“Where is my C Cubed?”

Oh, I slay myself. Of course, this will only work for projects that can go with me. But anyway. And while I am digressing, click over to Midlife Musings to find out how and why my mouth is worth more than

Online Craft Club Show and Tell #6

Back for an incredible fourth week, we have the log cabin blanket. The thing is actually big enough at this point to provide some warmth while I work on it, which was nice last night, when the weather finally turned off cool!

So, let’s review!
IMG 0605 1 2 IMG 0639 IMG 0658

And now:
IMG 0714 1
Yep, one more week, I think. And then I will be out of yarn scraps.

I hope you enjoyed my [tag]show and tell[/tag]. I’d love it if you play along with me. Here’s what you do:

Take a picture of your current project, whatever that happens to be. Or maybe one you recently finished. Or the materials for the one you are about to start. Let’s say materials for a project in whatever state it happens to be in at the time you snap it. On Friday, post the picture and tell us about your project. What you did, or what you are going to do. How much you are enjoying it, or hating it. You know–show and tell.

Just copy & paste the code below the graphic and get crafty with me!

Be sure to come back and leave a comment so we know where to find you!
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