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Getting Organized to Get Stitching

So, one of the motivating factors in the great purge (which is finally happening after 4 years of meaning to get it done, and starting each January to do so) is to be able to spend more time doing what I love: crafting. You’ll note, I am sure that I just haven’t been doing very much of it. I’m hoping that once I get the house under control, and I am so very close, that I will feel the liberty to just sit and stitch.

Now, in addition to just getting rid of massive amounts of stuff, I am also organizing as I go. So, when I saw this: Organizational development university, I had to chuckle to myself. Of course, my first thought was that it was a course in organizing your stuff. I was wrong on that, it’s actually a program that teaches you how lead organizations–businesses and the like. Pretty cool, if that’s your focus, and you need an online course because of a hectic lifestyle. Which we all know I have, being the queen of hectic, but the only thing I am leading these days is a troop of conscripted kids to pick up the dirty underwear off the floor before I go stark raving mad! Yes, it is that basic sometimes. Most of the time. Ok, all of the time, but a different kid each time.

Now all of that is not to say that there is no stitching going on. In fact I have one thing in progress and 2 in the immediate wings, all crochet, but I can’t talk about any of them just yet. They are all secret projects, you see, and can only be worked on when the risk of discovery is very slight. Of course, once I yell “pick up your underwear” for the fortieth time, the kids do tend to try to more or less vanish. Perhaps I can use that to my advantage, considering as how there are only 19 stitching days left until Christmas. *GULP*

Some things jewelry just won’t fix

Doesn’t that look interesting? Yeah, I thought so. Bunch of young fellas sitting around giving and getting advice on what “chicks” like. And I suppose if I were a younger, hipper (not to be confused with hippier, which I still am, believe it or don’t) woman, I’d be all about some cute young thing gifting me with a necklace or some such bauble. But I am older now, and a little more mature and I have jewelry. I wear the necklace and earrings my daddy gave me every day. And now I wear Grandmother’s rings on my right hand. And the only piece of jewelry I really want is something a man can’t really give me, because it would just be too weird right now. I want a ring for my left hand. No, not that kind of ring, you ding-a-ling. Just a pretty one, because my hand looks naked. Maybe a mother’s ring, or a small sapphire. Yeah, better make it the small sapphire, since it will match the necklace and earrings. And also because with eight kids, I’m not sure I’d still be able to lift my finger if I had a mother’s ring.

On the other hand (would that be right or left?????), for everything jewelry can’t fix, there is fiber. And I am pleased to announce that I finally have a finished object for 2009. I shall have to make a page for it, since it is the first for the year. My dear Micheal asked me to make him a scarf, and so I did.

Micheals Caron Scarf

It’s crocheted from some Caron black that self stripes, and if I could remember the name, I would tell you. Unfortunately the links for my stash page got whacked and the thumbnail now links to only the main picture and so I have lost the information. Ah, the bliss of technology. Or some such. Anyway, at roughly 6 feet long and 5 inches wide, it should work with his 6′ 2″ frame quite nicely. And since he always wears black, it will go with his …everything.

FO and Stash

Well, I finally finished that Log Cabin Scrap blanket, forever to be known as “Belle’s Blankie”. And I want to talk about some bead stash. I am so glad that my host offers huge amounts of storage, because I never go in and delete old pictures, LOL. It allows me to be lazy! let me give one little piece of advice: if you are planning to start a knitting blog, make sure that you get a host who offers generous bandwidth, and copious storage. My last host did not, and I did not realize it until they were trying to force me into a very expensive package, claiming my blog was too big. And that was 2 years ago, people! Make sure that you read review and look at web host ratings, because it really can mean the difference between your blog being there one day. Or not. Here are some tips on choosing a domain name to help you get started.

Now, onto the pictures that started this whole diatribe. First, Belle’s Blanket:
IMG 0843

And some bead stash. I decided that just having a picture on the stash page of the white basket was totally un-fun, and that I should proudly show off the little gorgeousnesses, so! I took pictures of the beads in their pre-necklace forms. There are a bunch of them, but I am not going to put them all in this post. Not because of my host, mind you, but because my kiddos are seriously needing some focused attention just now.

IMG 0833 1

This is a kit that Mama bought me in that first batch of beads. I should totally make it up, and I will. I think it is going to look fabulous with the cardigan I plan to make myself from that Dublin Tweed. Do you hear me, SisterInLaw? If you don’t send me your measurements before I finish the two sweaters in my knitting basket, I will use that yarn for my stingy, greedy self. (I’ve been waiting at least three years, just so the rest of you know.) I have no idea what I will wear with the sweater and beads, mind you, only that they will look great together. Perhaps nothing. If I make a really LARGE sweater. *evil grin*

IMG 0834 1

These pink beads were also purchased in the first batch, and they are for my mother. I came thisclose to stringing them last Saturday, but I needed to ask her something first, so I didn’t. Soon. Very soon.

IMG 0835 1

These are newer beads, purchased Saturday and Sunday. I can make several necklaces from this, and I am pretty sure you will see something in the sidebar made from part of these eventually. I plan to make at least one before I next wear my blue and green dress. Which I plan to do in Orlando.

Okay, that’s it. Must go play mom. There will be more pictures later!

Repeated note to self:

Always, always, always keep a simple project going, one that requires no counting or thought. Always, always, always keep it close at hand. Yes, I am repeating this, because I tend to forget it, and then when I do have a simple project close at hand, I rocket through it, and I am amazed at how much gets done as I sit here and talk to my children about their school work. Seriously! It’s a lot of stitching time, at least 2.5 hours a day, often more. I don’t think I’d get any more done on vacation, because I would be distracted by the going and the seeing and the doing. Not that I would turn down a free Seville Hotels Destinia vakay or anything. Cheap hotel bookings are a thrill whether I get to stitch or not! Just sayin’

Fantasy vacations aside, I really think there will be an FO to show you on Friday. And even if it’s not an FO, I might show it to you anyway, because I can. I also have a book to tell you about!

And now a question. Is it acceptable to put Crisco on my son’s face? I only ask because that football helpmet is so hard to get on and off! maybe I will let the other son lick it off, since he’s supposed to gain 10 pounds by Saturday. Hahaha. Hahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahah. *continue hysterical laughter*

HEY! HEY! We could do a lipo-transfer! Muhahahahahaha *continue evil laughter*

Almost forgot!

And this is a biggie. A seriously biggie. And I deriously, finished the last post, and got up and went to put on the face in the jar by the door, and remembered that I FOUND A CRAFT STORE FIVE MINUTES FROM HOME. Seriously. I told you it was a biggie!

Now, she doesn’t have much yarn, but she can order it. But she has beading stuff (oh the beading stuff!!) and she has scrapbook stuff (oh the scrapbook stuff!!) and she has fat quarters (oh the fat quarters!!) and she has balsam wood models for my boys (oh the models!!) AND she has classes five nights a week and the biggest part–she is open until nine p.m. people! NINE PIP EMMA AT NIGHT!

I carefully and meticulously avoided dropping a boatload of money last night when I found her, mostly by the expedient of not having it to drop, but…. I shall return.

A Blanket for Belle, maybe Forever

That’s what I am working on right now. Of course, ya’ll don’t know it as that. You know it as the log cabin scrap blanket. It was in that pile of stuff I have to use up there in front of the bench chest, and once I found out my bff’s dog needed a blankie, well, there ya go. Yes, I have dogs. No they don’t need blankets. They live outside, unlike spoiled Belle, the throw-away boy-cum-girl-dog. Plus, it will allow me to cross off 14 balls of acrylic yarn :) Always an ulterior motive here at Chez Knits.

Speaking of the bench chest…. do you remember it?
IMG 0610 1

Yes, ok. I have decided that in the event that Earth was destroyed and I had to leave with just one treasured possession, it would be that chest. I’d put my Bible in there and yarn and needles. And it would be sock yarn. Because that chest is huge, and there is no way I could use it up full of sock yarn. And no matter where you end up, you always need socks. Even when fighting off the space creatures. I guess that would be my contribution to Operation Immortality, since I am a Tabula Rasa failure. LOL!

Social-spark-315x235Operation Immortality: Leave your mark. Save Humanity. is the website set up to gather ideas about humanity’s greatest achievements, and messages from regular folks. In October, Richard Garriott will travel to the International Space Station and put this archive, along with some DNA, there. Mr Garriott is the man behind the Tabula Rasa game, and the 6th private citizen to go to space.

And man an I behind the times! The last I remember they were just talking about letting private citizens travel to space! Anyway. If you think you have what it takes, then go play the game, and register for a chance to have your DNA sent to space. I’m telling you–that knitting gene MUST be preserved. You know I am right!

Sponsored by Operation Immortality

Alert the media.

I am stitching.

In a Slump

I’m feeling very uncrafterly this week. I pulled the floss to work on a piece of cross-stitch, but it is so very complicated that I am discouraged.I am sure that once I get out of the 40-11 shades of dark green corner that it will be less difficult, but right now it requires my full attention, and that’s just not something I have to spare, LOL.

I also have the log cabin blanket at my feet. That one is so simple I could almost do it in my sleep. It’s great for when I am engaged in conversation or whatever, but……..yeah boring. If crafting were home gym equipment, this project would be the treadmill. Steady, functional, boring. Sorry, blankie. I will love you next winter, to be sure.

I think I am actually itching to start a new knit project. Or finish a quilt. Or… I dunno. Something. And that something needs to make a dent in this pile of six craft bins sitting here in the middle of the floor.

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