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Feeling Better

Thank you for all the well wishes, I am felling much more myself today. Which is good, because I have much to do, as usual. We put DS#1’s bed up on dressers yesterday, so I need to help the boys finish cleaning up their room. We’ll tackle that through the morning and finish it after we are done with school.
DS#1 has scouts tonight, and I will be practicing a skit with the boys to do at the next pack meeting.

OTN today: DD#5’s blanket, where I am on round 3 (I think) of the edging. Oops, I better remember to recharge my camera batteries!

Well, Shoot!

–Or not, as the case may be. I had Granny’s stole all laid out to take a picture, and my camera batteries are dead. Sigh. It’s real pretty, ya’ll. And at 32 inches, it’s a hair over half-way done.

–Dh just got back from Best Buy to report that they have elected to repair the monitor he took to them instead of replace it. It’ll be done in about 2 weeks.

–DDs #2 and 3 want to go to the Fall Festival with their girl scout troop. It’s about 45 minutes from here, and goes from 3-9. DD#1 has to work from 4 until they get through with her. Remember the one car thing?� Yeah.

–I can’t think of anything else to complain about just now, so I’ll stop.

New Project

Lalalalala! Lalalalala! I get to start something new. I showed ya’ll a dress a bit ago that I wanted to make. Last night, my midwife called and commissioned me to make a very special dress for a new baby girl, a bonny lass who came after a long line of boys. So, I’m looking at yarn and as soon as I find it, that dress will be the hot project. I am excited to make it!

I had a blast at boy scouts last night. Whodda thunk this old mama could still do a frog stand?� The boys had to do one, and I showed them how. I am also the “skit mother” for the den.

I did end up working a bit on DD#5s blanket last night, starting the edging. I had not knit on Hocks before the meeting, so I took that and made the square there.

I am getting a horribly late start today. Dh had the computer in use this morning for work, so I am just now doing the morning pump. While I was waiting I knit on the stole, and also started the Hocks block.

Okay, off to find yarn.


I just signed my boys up for Boy Scouts today. The guy came right out to the house for me to fill out the forms. I’m looking for a comparable activity for my girls. Remember that I am politically incorrect, and please give me some suggestions.

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