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Scout Awards

The photos did not come out very well. My zoom is just not good enough to do what I wanted.

groupshot1.jpg boys2.jpg boys1.jpg

So, I am now the proud mother of two little Bobcats, and it’s time to start some boy scout scrapbooks, isn’t it? Oh, and get a better camera, since we’ll be doing this about once a month :)

Yes, you can click for bigger pics! That’s me in the white print turtleneck beside the boys in the first pic. I don’t know who the lady in green is but I imagine she was sitting there to keep order after the parents were excused back to their seats. And yes, I made that sweater on DS#2.

Sleeves take a long time

Why is that?� I’m not the first knitter to notice it, either. But then, poof! they are done. The great time-space-knitting warp. Oh, I worked on DD#4’s dress yesterday.

Today will be the little lace dress, but I doubt I have much time to knit until late tonight. This evening, 2 sons are receiving boy scout awards, so I have to get patches on shirts. Which are in the washer even as I type. I’m thinking I may secure them with some iron-on stuff and then stitch them on the machine. If I can find the iron-on stuff. We’ll see.

Yes, I will take pictures. Of the boys, not the sewing, LOL!

Notes to self

1)Saturday morning is not such a good time to go sell popcorn. No one is home.

2)My 6yo, and I love him dearly, is spastic, and I say that in the kindest way possible. He seems unable to even hear the answers to his questions. I’ve dealt with this in a couple of my other children, and it generally indicates a high intelligence level. Their minds are already on the next thing before you are finished with this one. It also indicates certain behavioral aberrations that make me crazy, but what the heck.

3)In accordance with 2, spend some time with him, focusing on teaching him patience, both with himself and others. This explains much of what’s been going on with him lately. He shares certain personality traits with his mother.

So sleepy

and still no knitting to talk about.

Had fun at scouts tonight with DS#2, and found myself volunteering to make bread with them in 2 weeks. That will be fun. I’ll take a batch ready to bake, and while it’s cooking, we’ll mix up another batch and I’ll explain about the yeast and rising and such. This will take the place of a “Go See It” in their book where they were supposed to go to a bakery. I told the den leader doing was lots more fun than seeing, and he asked if I was volunteering, and I said I sure was, LOL! Then I made him a list of several other activities from the book that I would be willing to do with the boys, and told him to just let me know the meeting before when he wanted me to do something. There are a couple more cooking ones, and making a bird feeder with peanut butter and fat and seeds, and ….I forget what-all now, and it’s late and I am too tired to look it up right now, although the book is sitting right here in front of me.

It has turned off cool enough that I think we’ll turn the heat on tonight. I mentioned it earlier and DD#2 said she was glad cause she’d been cold. Now, why did she not tell me that? Hopefully this year will go smoother than last year :roll: Last year, when the heat strips in the furnace came on for the first time, the fire alarm went off! We stumbled out of bed at dark:30 to the ear- piercing shriek. Not fun.

More Stuff

The girls got their scout uniforms and books today. They are so excited! On the way to blingbling now (badges). They are both looking at the books right now.

Girl Scouts have iron-on patches now! That’s a far cry from the days when I was a troop leader for DD#1 and had to put all those suckers on by hand. Well, actually, I used hot glue, cause ……I’m just like that. I’ll not be getting uniforms ready today, though� I’m busy. sitting in this chair. waiting.

My wonderful husband took DD#2 to her meeting today so I could sit in this chair and wait for pieces. I’m sure the fact that he also got to go pick up his monitor had nothing to do with it.

Shamelessly Showing Off My Sons

2 scouts in hats

One scout in uniform

One scout to be

No knitting

none today, so far.

Scouts was fun! I helped show the boys how to fold a flag, and !no red showed! when I was done. Then I got to have a moment wherein I explained just how it made me feel when I saw the flag on the FLOOR! Which moment led to a discussion of how to fix the problem, and the general consensus that we parents will get together and procure a flag more suitable in size for our sons than the ones they have now. And then after the meeting we walked out to find smaller flags in use by the older boys who were meeting. What the heck? It’s not the boy’s fault that the flags are dragging. They are simply too short to keep them off the floor. But when I see a flag on the floor…… says “I don’t care. I don’t care about this flag, and I don’t care about my country, and I don’t care that men bled and died so I could have the freedom to disrespect the flag. I just don’t care.” I’m a veteran. Sue me.

Ooooh, that was a wee little rant, now wasn’t it? Umm-hmmm.

Catting Around

Bobcat-ting, that is. I’ve been working on scouting stuff with DS#1 and DS#2 this morning. The first badge they earn is the Bobcat, and they must earn it before they can receive any other recognitions. There are 8 requirements for this, and up front they look pretty simple: say this, this and this. Then underneath, it says “tell what it means”. That’s a little more involved. Slow and steady, right?� OK.

The scout store is having 10% off today, so I am hoping Mama can pick up their uniforms. They are both excited to get those, and I imagine DS#1 will wear his to the meeting tonight.

I guess I am adding a new category, Scouting. The kids are so excited, and frankly, it’s contagious.

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