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Tomorrow is the [tag]Blue and Gold[/tag]. I mentioned it, and the [tag]cake[/tag] DH had to help the boys make a few days ago. You may remember I asked Do I have to eat it? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

IMG 0513

He forgot the butter. Then when he remembered just after he put the pans in the oven, he just poured it on top and did not stir it in. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

IMG 0514

If I were not old and dignified, or if I had one of those exercise mats to cushion my back, I’d be laying in the floor right now, kicking my feet and still saying Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Minor miscalculation

I think I made have made an incredible financial mistake. I told DDs 2 and 3 that I would match whatever money they saved toward Girl Scout [tag]summer camp[/tag]. My mom promptly offered to hold onto their money for them so they would not be tempted to spend it. DD#3 earned 20 bucks this week, and when I gave her the money, she handed it right to Mama for saving. This is gonna cost me a mint!

She wants to go to the cooking camp, and I think she will enjoy it. One of her Christian gifts is service, and she loves to make treats for the neighbors and such.

Little Fire Man

DS#2 had a “[tag]Go See It[/tag]” with his scout troop today. And I had my camera :)
IMG 0402

Do I have to eat it?

When DS#1 came home from scouts Monday night, I was treated to some very exciting news. He wants to participate in the [tag]cake contest[/tag] for the [tag]Blue and Gold[/tag] Banquet this month. Here’s the rub–he can’t have any help from those of us without a peenie (see previous post for explanation). No advice, no instructions, no nothin’. We can only watch, take pictures and laugh. The only cooking that boy has ever done is making pancakes. The outsides were black and the insides were raw. This oughta be a trick!

No Peenie

One more story to haunt DD#4 well into adulthood, LOL! She was distraught last week when it was time for her brothers to go to boy scouts. She really wanted to go, and insisted “me big enough, go scouts”. No amount of telling her she was too young would convince her, and she just went on and on and on.

Finally, I said, “You have to have a peenie” (her word for ….well, you know what I mean, and no need to give the pervs keywords to search on).
DD: need a peenie?
Me: Yes, boys have a peenie, and you don’t have one, so you can’t go to boy scouts.
DD: No peenie?
Me: No peenie, girls don’t have peenies.
DD: Boys have peenie.
Me: Right
DD: Me no peenie
Me: Right

DD wonders off to play, no longer worried about going to scouts.[tags]kids[/tags]

Will I knit tonight?

I just might start the first sleeve of the [tag]lace dress[/tag]. DD#3 has scouts, and I may just sit on the couch there and wait for her. Take a little down time, and knit. I did end up reading the other day when I told you to guess what I was going to do, so I need to catch up.

Pick me! Kids, Porn, Christmas and Videos!

Ooooh, I want that [tag]camera[/tag], that cool SIX MEGAPIXEL [tag]digital camera[/tag] from [tag]HP[/tag]! Why?

mlicense.jpg sleepingbaby.jpg
Because I have the cutest kids ever! And moments like these deserve to be captured in 6 MP.
Moments like these deserve a decent zoom.

I want a new HP camera so I can take videos! PPP is about to buy me a new ride, and I want to show it off in grand style. I want to be a catfeesh, too. Can’t do that with what I have now. Ted, you’ve been asking me to do it. You make it sound like you mean anypostie, but I know you really want me to take that opp, so you can hear me say “catfish” in my southern accent!

I want that new camera, so I can do better [tag]yarn porn[/tag]. Just imagine this:

crisp enough to taste the textures. Blow it up, and you could just roll all in it. Ummm, yes, yarn porn!

I want a new camera, because I want to work on my [tag]photography[/tag] skills, and any hobby is more fun with better equipment. HP offers free photography classes and awesome tips.

I want a new camera, because I’d really like to get a memory card for each of the older children for Christmas, and let them start using the one I have.

I want that new camera because……I can ask for it, so I am!

How can you say “no” to a face like this:
Yeah, ok, it’s not my face. But I looked just like that 36 years ago! And I bet that sweet HP will let me take decent self-portraits, won’t it? It will probably make me look like that again, too!

This post was brought to you by HP.


I finally ended up calling tech support last night, after dealing with a flaky internet connection for a few weeks. It’s nice not to worry if the connection is going to go down just as I hit “publish”.

Consequently, there was no knitting, since I spent my prime yarn time playing with the modem, router, and cables, and trying to make myself understood. Maybe today.

I had fun at scouts last night. I covered telephone manners and 911. I played it like Deal or No Deal, like so: Mom’s taking a nap and you are hungry– 911 or Grandma? There’s a dog in the yard and you are scared– 911 or Dad?� They had fun with it, and hopefully the lessons will stick. One thing that was interesting: I took in play phones to practice on. These kids had honestly never seen a rotary dial phone!! I literally had to show them how to use one.

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