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Wilderness Barbie takes a hike

That would be me. I know some of you are holding your guffawing sides, reckoning that I would never be more than 23 feet from electircal lighting, kitchen faucets and central heating and air, but you are wrong. I did actually take my plump little self into the woods, and I hiked 2.6 miles with the Cub Scouts. And I had such a good time that I volunteered to go back again with the church youth.

In knitting news, not much–you didn’t have any recommendations, and what with the woods and all, I haven’t had time. Plus, I am almost through with a book, so I want to see how it ends. And the tree is supposed to go up tonight, so I may not knit until sometime later this week.

In beading news, we did better at this weekend’s sale than at our previous sale. IOW, we haven’t given up yet. I was hiking instead of selling, but I am told that someone purchased one stitch marker. Apparently to decorate her cell phone. Yeah, I don’t unsterstand it either, but that’s ok. I don’t have to understand. No one bought any bookmarks, but I did sell a few necklaces in addition to the lone marker.

On a mostly unrelated note, I took my husband to get a cat scan yesterday, as you may already know, if you read my personal blog. I’ll find out if he’s sick or merely crazy on Monday. It’s kinda odd to hope his shunt is messed up, but I do. Mostly because the other alternatives are vastly less pleasant.

Did you have a good weekend?

I sure did! On Saturday, we had Boy Scout Crossover. I now have a Webelo, a Bear AND a Tiger. Yes, Batman will be a Scout next fall, and he is so very excited! So are we! Here are a few pictures from Saturday. Things moved quickly, and I was involved in eh ceremonies, so it was hard to get pictures, when I was sitting down, and Country took the shots when I was up. She still thinks a shutter buttons is a thing to be conquered, instead of coaxed 😉

In between these 2 people is Spidey, looking at his awards.
IMG 0450

Here is Stuntman, very proud of himself. That’s me behind him.
IMG 0454

And this is what he had in his mouth…..bear teeth!
IMG 0457

Sunday was even better than Saturday. My husband and my mother were in church with me. She has a church home, so it is a rare treat for her to come with me. My Pastor preached a phenomenal message to children on honoring and obeying their parents, and the parental directive to make sure children do that. He started the sermon by asking how many of us were children. Of course we all are someone’s child, and he went from there. It was the first time I had heard him preach a Mother’s Day message, because we had been going to Grandmother’s before this year, and it was the best one I have ever heard. Parents, we are not doing our kids any long term favors when we allow them to disrespect and disobey. We ought to be making disciples of them instead. And I’m going to stop right there and show you some pictures, ok? Ok!

Here’s all of us, except my oldest daughter. (BTW Clone, you forgot to call your mom on Mother’s Day.)
IMG 0468 1

And here I am, with Mama, Diva and Country (right to left)
IMG 0470

Zoom, zoom, zoom

I really did mean to post more on Friday night. It had been my firm intention to finish off that set of posts with the OCC post before I called it a night, but then I got tired and went to bed, because I knew I would have a big shopping day Saturday. And, I was right, I did have a big day. I bought a freezer! And I picked up a computer for DH, and clothes for 3 of the girls. And another pair of shoes for myself. I love me some shoes, ya’ll!

And Sunday, I spent the day with my husband. And here it is Monday evening already, and after supper is Boy Scouts. I tell you, sometimes this real life stuff is a pain in the rear! I’ll get here, eventually, LOL!

What a Weekend! Part 1

Hey. I kinda slipped out of here Friday without doing an Online Craft Club post. Sorry ’bout that. Time got away from me, and I had to leave for the Boy Scout camping trip. Oh, man, we had so much fun! We rode up Friday afternoon, and pitched our tent, and then we just hiked and hung out for a while. We had hot dogs with some of our friends for supper, and then there was a campfire, and then bed. I was thrilled that the site had a cabin, so we had toilets, and also showers for those who didn’t realize that bugs are attracted to folks who smell like flowers.

IMG 0401 1
Here are Spidey and Stuntman with some other boys from our pack.

IMG 0406
Spidey holding a stick of bamboo. There was a man there who was making whistles from the bamboo. He has a tremendously huge beard, and I got a good picture of him and Spidey, and then I neglected to ask him if it was ok to put it on the internets. I truly suck, sorry.

On Saturday, I hung with Spidey while Stuntman went with our friends, since their son is in the same den. We went to several stations, and had a grand time learning about space. And then it rained. It did not rain long, but it did rain hard. It rained vehemently and emphatically.
IMG 0413

If you look closely, you can see the rain coming down like this ///////.

IMG 0414
See how wet Spidey is?

And our tent stayed dry! We left anyway, though, not because of that shower, but because thunderstorms were predicted for overnight, and while I can live with wet, thunder and lightning are a whole different level of weather; I want a real roof! The boys and I came home and camped in the living room, complete with flashlights to make our way to the bathrooms, though we did watch four episodes of Quantum Leap before we passed out in the dark.

Tomorrow, I will post about the rest of the weekend. Wednesday, I think we’ll start another giveaway. And then that will put us back on track for cooking and crafting on Thursday and Friday.

Found ’em!

I did find my buttons, right in the sewing cabinet where I thought they would be. I finished the weaving and then had to have a little lie down. Oh, have I mentioned that I am sick? Well, I am. I was with the boys at Scouts Monday night my throat suddenly slammed shut and started hurting. I am not having fun, boys and girls, Not at all.

I have discovered that it takes a couple of hours for a dose of ibuprofen to fully kick in, but that relief lasts about 4 hours after that. I’ve also discovered that when you have a fever, adding extra clothes does not help your coldness, but cuddling with a heating pad under the blankets does. I’ve also discovered that I lack energy to keep up with all my blogs, but that when I do have something to say, I come here to say it. So much for focused blogging, eh? Sigh.

Oh, I remembered something else I meant to tell ya! Tomorrow I am going to start organizing a crafting area for myself. That sounds pretty high-falutin’ for a loveseat with a lamp and a short bookshelf and a small hutch, but, hey, I’ll take what I can get, even if it is a wall directly across from the school bookshelves 😉

And on the cooking front, I got another cookbook today. If I can keep from drooling all over it, I will tell you about it tomorrow. Well, I’ll tell you about it either way, but it will be easier if the pages aren’t all wet and sticky, don’t you think? Speaking of cookbooks, don’t forget to check out the giveaway in the sidebar for the cutest cookbook ev-ar.

Finally, I had a comment that someone was having difficulty coming up with a G-rated answer to my big riddle from the other day. And of course, you know it had to be G-rated, right? The big thing in question was my crazy curly hair, not whatever it was that most of you were apparently thinking. Whatever that was, because surely I have no idea. This is important, because I tried a shampoo sample today, and tomorrow I will tell you about it, after I see how BIG my hair is. I’m hoping for something between Sinead O’Connor and Dolly Parton. Come to think of it, that would mean I like my hair to be just like my spectaculars.

Nope, that wasn’t finally. This is finally, I think: Diva has decided English is boring, and has developed a sedegecret ladaganguage. Wedege aredagar adagall tadagalking fudugunny nodogow. Hadaga, Hadaga. And making dh crazy, Hadaga hadaga hadaga.

That’s NOT what I meant

Apparently I signed up last night for about 12 years of camping, rowdiness, model car racing, field trips, war re-enactments, bb guns, arrows, and canoeing. Eventually there will be knives and wildlife involved. What in heck have I done? I was not my intent to agree to all that, I just said “Yeah, I can do the Tigers.” With 6 words, I have committed myself to a generation of ungirliness. You know I am a total foofoo girl! What have I done???

See, the pack that I was CubMastering can’t find a charter here in Bittyburg. At least not one that can provide what we need: meeting space. So most of us are joining up with the next pack over. We simply can’t have a pack if we have nowhere to meet, and the current chartering organization will not allow us to use the rooms we need, or to have food in the building. Or, or, or. So, anyway, I asked the CubMaster what I could do, and he said “I hate to ask you this (clearly, he recognized the extent of the question before I did)” and I said “don’t hate to do it, I’m here, what do you need?” And he said “Tigers” and I said “ok”. I have one more pack meeting at the old place to let the ones who show up know we are moving, and I guess if someone has not stepped up before then, I have a Tiger Den.

The good news is that none of my sons are Tigers this year, so this is a good time for me to start. I have to be there anyway, but part of the reason we started scouting was so my boys would meet and be involved with other adults (since we homeschool), so I didn’t want to be a den leader for any of them. Isn’t it great when things work out?


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Aaaaand they’re off!

IMG 0878

DH has taken the older two boys camping with the boy scouts. As soon as I get done with my work for today, the girly fun will commence.

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