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Birthday Alert

Today is Country’s birthday. Unfortunately for her, we’ll be going to Granny’s birthday party instead of celebrating for her. Because of that, I took her out to the movies last weekend, and out to eat. Her sister came along, too. I have to admit, I really like taking the kids to do something instead of having a party. One of the reasons I enjoy going off with Country is that she is a completely different person when she’s not at home. It’s like she lays aside an adversarial attitude when we walk out the door, and becomes FUN. Or maybe I am the one who lays aside the attitude, hmmm? Regardless, she’s a blessing to me, and I am thankful for her!

Mother to Sons

I bought something today I had never purchased before. It was a most intriguing shopping experience! I bought cups. Not the drinking kind, but the other kind. I have no idea how they are supposed to work, but I think I have figured out why male underwear models always have such uniform packages, and why my dh never looks quite like that in the same underwear. Ha! I guess I’ve lived a pretty sheltered life, huh?

I think I’ll leave the fitting and explanations and future cup purchases to dh, and I’ll deal with shoes and uniforms and such. My boys are going to play football this year, so we are trying to get stuff together for that. They need cleats as well. I’m planning to get plain ones. They won’t be as colorful as Air Jordans but they will be a bit less spendy as well.

Spidey is heartbroken that his mean mom (that would be me) is making him play flag for this first year instead of tackle. Stuntman’s age group doesn’t have the flag option, or that’s what he’d play, too. Instead, we’re entering the world of pads, and crunch and bang. HEY! If he gets to pummel and be pummeled every stinkin’ day now, will he finally quit trying to beat up his brothers?? Huh?

Game time?

I have another question. How much space do you really need to enjoy a game system? Like do we have room in our 10×10 of open floor space in the living room for a Wii? Or do I need to look at a PS2? Our living room is larger than that, of course, but that’s the mount of open space I have after the furniture. And I’m not actually really sure I even want a game system, since I already think we spend too much time sitting as it is. I’m just not sure making the tv even more appealing is a good idea. I’ve been playing card games and such with the children, and we all enjoy that. Would there be more or less interaction with a game system? Umm, never mind, I’ve talked myself right out of this. Unless someone somewhere makes a game system than 7 people can play at once, I don’t think it’s worth the money.

Update on TheClone

I mentioned that TheClone had moved back to Colorado. At least I think I did. She moved back in with her grandparents in June, with intentions of going to school there. I haven’t talked to her much since she left, but she was chatting online with Diva a couple of days ago, and mentioned that shopping for her own food and paying rent was stressful. She recently moved into an apartment with a friend, see. I guess she’s glad she’s paying Colorado Springs rental rates instead of dealing with the Denver CO real estate market, which is even spendier.

I still miss my girl, ya’ll. I guess there is a bright side, though. I keep finding random balls of yarn stuck in odd places. Just this morning, it was some Austermann Step. I’ll use a bit for Hocks, and put the rest in the bin of things that I am slowly filling with things she left here that I think she’ll want eventually. It’s yarn she used to make a single sock, which also resides in that bin. Yeah, I said single. She’s that kind of knitter.

Footies and other disasters

Sigh. I was putting away diapers this morning, and found one of my hand knit soakers in there. It was the one I extended the waistband on last month so it would fit DaBaby again. It’s clean, thoroughly washed and dried, and now fits a newborn. I am NOT a happy camper just now.

On the sock front: the heel is in sock number two, and I am working down the foot of it. It’s my car project.

On the future sock front, I need footies. I’ve decided that shorts look ridiculous with long socks, and so I shall make myself some footies. The good news for me is that I can get a pair of footies AND a pair of regular length socks from one big ball/two small balls of sock yarn. Go me and I rock, etc.

A little clarification

It occurs to me that sometimes when I talk about going here or there, or doing this or that, it might sound as if I resent my children, that they “cramp my style” or whatever. I just need to clarify that this is not the case. I know what nanny agencies are, and I know how to pick up the phone and dial one up. I choose to instead to be with my children and raise them myself. I very rarely ask anyone to watch my children, because I figure God sent hem to me for a reason, ykwim?

All that said- I’m going to Carowinds in 11 days. Diva is going, too, and I hope Country will get her act together and finish cleaning her room so she can go, too. DH will be home with the other children. I haven’t been to Carowinds in probably 20 years. I’m not pregnant, so I can ride anything, and I. am. so. excited.

Drama Takes Me to School

The past few days, Drama has been asking for “school”. I know she only wants some of the attention the actual students get, so I have been reading a book to her sometime during our school day. Her choice has been The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher. It is not enough that I read the book, though. She knows Jeremy is a frog, and is displeased that the word frog does not appear regularly throughout the book. Each time I read his name, she says, “say frog.” There fore, our reading sounds like this:

Mr. Jeremy Fisher the Frog…… Jeremy the Frog…..Mr. Jeremy the Frog….

Hmm, maybe you have to be here, but trust me, it’s incredibly funny.

Funny Baby

This morning, I was sitting here working, and I heard a weird noise from the bedroom, and DaBaby just crying as if she was being attacked by wild animals. I ran in to see what was wrong, and she had climbed up and hit DH’s clock radio. It was making that “white noise” and making it really loudly. She was terrified.

I’d say to myself, “well, at least she won’t mess with the radio anymore”, but experience has taught me that’s just not true. Drama used to scare herself with the TV, but instead of learning to leave it alone, she eventually learned to work it.

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