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Tomorrow I Bowl

Tomorrow, I have an agenda. It doesn’t include much stitching, nor does it include shopping for Chrysler 300 accessory packs. That would fall under hobby and craft supplies, now wouldn’t it? And I’m not doing that, remember? No, tomorrow, we have a youth event. We will be meeting at the church for a study and lunch, and then we will go bowling. I would love to say I look forward to beating some teenage booty but the truth is, they are just as likely to mop the place up with me as I am with them.

A long time ago, a dear friend of mine used to say “teenagers are such neat people”, and at the time, I thought she was…pie in the sky, but I decided when TheClone moved home that it was a great attitude to try out, and I found that it was true. I liked the teens and the teens liked me, and I still do and they still do, and you know what? Teenagers are really neat people. I’m going bowling with a bunch of them tomorrow.

Still Crazy after all these years

That would be me, over Garth Brooks. Only now I have kids. Kids with noisy toys. And they will climb up into my lap while I am trying to listen to and watch The Great Garth in concert on television. And they will push the buttons on these noisy toys. And this will cause me to mutter things under my breath. Not cute, not cute at all.

Cool DVD Find

We occasionally use videos in school, and the kids have several movies that they really enjoy watching. Over and over and over. You know just what I mean, don’t you? I have favorites too. I could watch Moulin Rouge and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Fame and Footloose and Flashdance with the same passion they have for Spirit and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Since I do have small kids and I do find DVDs on the floor now and again, I’ve often considered DVD backup, but I didn’t have the equipment or knowledge to do it.

I know we’d be heartbroken to lose some of our favorites, and it would be nice to have copies of the ones we love the most. I’ve had to throw out VHS tapes that got the guts ripped out of them, and it was like throwing away a part of our family history. I still haven’t told TheClone that The Last Unicorn took it’s last journey a few months ago, ifykwim. She watched that movie DAILY for a couple of years as a small child. And then as a teen, she had me buy the book for her.

123 Copy DVD can solve that problem. The Gold Program allows you to

  • copy DVD to DVD
  • copy DVD to iPod and Zune
  • copyDVD to PSP
  • create cellphone ringtones
  • and

  • create DVDs from downloaded movies

The full program is just $49.99, less than the cost of 3 movies, and you can buy smaller programs to do just a couple of those things for even less. That’s like DVD insurance, but you only have to pay the premium one time. How cool is that? I guess it’s maybe time to look at replacing The Last Unicorn, huh? I do have another generation of little girls to love it, now don’t I?

PS: Do you have any idea how weird it feels to realize my children span a generation??? Really weird. Just sayin’

Moblogger R Me

Okay ya’ll, I will be moblogging a time or two or more while I am gone. I have my updates set up to go to Mothering Many. It seemed appropriate, given the nature of the trip. Check in over there to see what we are up to!

Groove? What groove?

So, I am trying to settle back into a routine. At this point, I’ll admit, it feels more like being SLAMMED back into a routine. Nothing like coming home to a houseful of children to remind you why you add them one at a time, ykwim? Anyway, I mentioned that my footie was almost done, and I am hoping to have time today or tonight to work the remaining 14 rounds plus the toe. I’d like to get that done, and then it will be time to decide what to take to Charlotte next weekend.

Yeah, guess who’s going to Charlotte for Thanksgiving? Me, only it’s not for Thanksgiving. In fact, I shall miss Thanksgiving entirely. Of course, given my family, maybe that’s not such a bad thing Diva, Country and myself will be going to the PopWarner Regional Cheerleading competition. They will compete, I will watch. And knit.

One more thing

I have one more piece of business that I ran out of time for in my home airport. I got a new kitchen toy in the mail a few days ago, and I need to tell you about it. It’s a totally enclosed microwave bacon cooker. That means no mess! You lay your bacon strips over the “vanes” of the cooker, put that piece in the holder and lock the lid, and cook your bacon for 45 seconds to a minute per piece. No messy splatters, no dirty pan. You pour off the grease after each batch is done, and just store the whole thing in the frig. It’s top rack dishwasher safe, too.

I only have one issue with the cooker, and it probably would not be that big a deal for most people, but for me, it’s a big one. The cooker only holds six pieces of bacon at a time. Now, I buy bacon in three pound packages, ya’ll. And if I let them, my family would eat the whole package in one sitting. Do you know how long it would take me to cook 3 pounds of bacon 6 slices at a time? A lot longer than it takes me to throw the whole pile into my huge electric skillet and fry it, that’s how long. This will, however, make an excellent gift for some healthy person who considers bacon to be a condiment instead of a meal 😉 or for a family of normal size, LOL!

Q and E

So, C Cubed and I accompanied Batman to the Surgi-Care this morning, and I got less than 5 rows done, but for those of you who are waiting to hear a report, the report is: he did great.

I also really like this doctor. He’s a very friendly guy, and he has freckles and just looks so fun and happy in what he does. I doubt I make him any hand knit socks, (he’d have to do a couple more surgeries for that, I think), but I doubt I’ll be sicking (sp?? spellchecker says this is correct, but I am not sure) a personal injury attorney on him or anything either. He looks like a big kid, LOL.

As for C Cubed, it takes a lot more work to get it to visibly grow, and so it’s getting more difficult for it to hold my interest. I am going to try to stick it out though. I think I am tired of bouncing around from project to project so fast I give us all whiplash. OTOH, I think I am tired of looking at this for now. OT3H, I am not going to get where I went before and stop stitching because the project at hand is not what I want to work on. OT4H, I do need to at least refrain from any new projects. OT5H, I only have 2 hands.

Is it possible to sue a blogger or even oneself for injuries related to spastic crafting? If so, I know some Richmond lawyers who’d like a piece of that action.

Storage Idea

So, how was your weekend? I stayed busy, busy, busy. Saturday was a trip to Fort Caswell where this happened:
IMG 0622

And then from there it was out to the ball park where there was this:

IMG 0439

And then there was and a movie with the fam and this:

IMG 0605 1

Sunday was church, a nap and then shopping for this*:

IMG 0632

And also these:

IMG 0634

I got these to help with the organizing of the bazillion craft projects. I figured they’s be good sized for tool storage and also the materials. Especially for the cross-stitch, I think I could get the pattern, the piece and everything else I needed in there, too.

Today, I’ve been dentist-ing and cleaning. I do have a picture of the former, but I am saving it for a slow day. As for the latter, that’s why I can’t tell you if my storage idea works or not.

*Those are not my feet and those are not my shoes. They are, however, someone’s first high heels, so I thought they were worth a mention.

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