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I need some help here

So with all the shopping (no, I haven’t told you about all of it yet, but it’s coming) and all the veggies (we’ve done 4 bushels of peas in less than a week–plus the shopping) and all the not-quite camping, my house was a total wreck on Monday. Dh had been home last week, so we had kinda slacked off some, and we are surely paying for it this week! I would love to call in a cleaning service, but I don’t see that happening in this lifetime!

I can just see it now, like that scene in Cheaper by the Dozen where Steve Martin is trying to find a sitter and they all hang up as soon as he says 12 kids.

I know a professional cleaner could whip this place into shape in less than a day of we were not here. I know that’s the secret, because I cleaned beach houses one summer for a rental agency. The secret is a smooth job with a quick in and out is that the place is EMPTY and there is no clutter. Hmm, no clutter. I believe that brings us back around to “Zen Crafter”, now doesn’t it?

Seriously. School.

Wow. I must have thought I was writing lesson plans for Wonder Woman’s children! I know it’s only the second day of the term, and we’ll adapt to the new load, but it seems like all I have done all day is school! Oh, and change my sheets. And cook. But only twice, because Diva made lunch.

*break to vacuum the walkway, re-sweep the kitchen and remove banana peel from window sill*

Hmm. Seems like I am a homeschooling mom after all. With seven kids at home. Dang. That’s a lot of food and dirt, ya’ll.

I said I would

and so I did. Finally. Click to embiggen.



I forgot to make a couple of very important announcements earlier this week. Do you remember that handsome fellow with the bear teeth? Let me show you again:

IMG 0457 1
Monday was his birthday, and he’s a brand new 10!

And look who has a new math book!

IMG 0472
Batman started first grade on Monday.

Man does time fly! Seriously.

Chore Time

Man, I am aggravating my kids today. Muhahahhahahaha. I have decided I want to be more accountable for how I spend my timeand since how I spend my time also determines how my children spend their time, and when I change activity, so do they, at least until all the things we need to accomplish for the day are done. In fact, I spent a few minutes looking at printable chore charts today. The standard ones don’t really fit how we go about daily life right now, but I may check out the design-your-own page when it goes live. Of course, then I would have to figure out where exactly to PUT eight chore charts, but I reckon that’s not an insurmountable obstacle, now is it?

Anyway, I’m tickled to inform you that we got the house clean together today without anyone losing their head :)

Ouch. Ouch. Also, I am a crazy woman.

No April Fool’s joke here folks. This sad tale is true. I have a blood blister on my left thumb pad. I have a cut on my right thumb pad. There was no knitting in the house of Cass yesterday. Those are the ouches. The crazy woman part requires pictures:

IMG 0336

I finally switched the kids rooms. Well, I started switching them. I totally should have totally rented a couple of travel trailers to hold the fallout, don’t you think? All this stuff will reside in the office area while we sort it and only what fits will go back. I did this in my own room a few weeks ago and the results have been marvelous. Less stuff, and I can find what I kept, and it’s great. Well, except I need to sort through my hang-up stuff one more time.

IMG 0337

See that set of bunk beds? I took it partially apart and put it back together myself. All dh had to do when he got home was shake his head at me. Oh, and move one dresser.

IMG 0338

This is the ex-girl cum boy room. Umm, there were at least beds in there before bedtime last night. Well, I’m outtie. If you need me, please call loudly. Any excuse to stop working will be greatly appreciated.

Is it Spring?

I tell you, the weather here has been crazy. I don’t mean extreme temps so much as I mean wildly fluctuating temps. A couple of weeks ago, I was outside in shirt sleeves, Sunday it was cold, like in the 30s when we woke up, and sometime this week, it’s supposed to be over 75. I keep expecting a nice orderly progression of temperatures and I keep not getting it, ykwim? Regardless, it’s about time to get the backyard ready for Spring and Summer. There’s trash out there that needs to be gathered up, and the swing sets need the swings put back on them. Do your kids take the sets off the swing for no apparent reason? Mine do, and I haven’t been able to figure out why. They don’t do one bit of good just sitting there in the yard, do they?

And I need to get on some lesson plans. I told you I ordered all those books for Country. Did I tell you they got here? Well, they did. It is hard to believe it, but in May that child will start her 9th grade math book. How did that happen? Just yesterday I walked into her room and found her 18 month old self asleep across the saddle of her bouncing horse. I took a picture of her butt, because it was so funny. I’d show it to you, except it’s a paper picture. All I can say from this point in my mothering journey is that all that stuff they say about time flying is true. The days are indeed long, but the years pass in a flash. Can someone please tell me though, why is it that once we endure and struggle to turn the wild things into sensible human beings, it’s time for them to leave home just as we achieve some measure of success?

Spidey needs some more plans written as well, so I’ve got plenty of desk time coming the rest of the week. Hehe, at least I can turn on the mp3 player and tune out the distractions. Whether or not I can keep myself from reading Country’s books as I go is another question entirely.

Ripping and Walking

I had to rip my sweater back, ya’ll. Five inches times the width of my hips is a lot of stitches, but it was decreasing too fast. There’s just not that much difference between my hips and my ribcage. Not long after I recast-on, I grabbed he kids and the mp3 player and we went for a walk. I took several shots, but here is the first. I’ll share more later.

DaBaby and Drama

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