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That’s k2tbl to you!

It’s amazing the things I forget, even after all the knitting I’ve done. And everytime I forget something, I have to do a bit of ripping. Today, I forgot which way k2tog leans. Well, the answer is: not the way I need these decreases to go. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiip! The good news is that I had not gone very far, so I didn’t have to rip back very much. And now, I am over halfway done with the other back of Skimmer, thanks to a school day that lasted forever.

I was surprised really, that I didn’t get any knitting or reading done while we were camping this past weekend. I thought I would have long stretches of free time. I made a fatal error there. I forgot that I am still the Mama around here, LOL! Even camping, ther e are no long stretches of free time for Mama. The closest I came was the eveining I was getting increasingly frustrated because the kids were firing off requests so rapidly that I couldn’t get one answered before another started talking. I just excused myself and walked into my room with my timer and a magazine. 15 minutes later, I emerged, ready to answer them, though I still made them take turns, LOL.

Hello Food Pyramid

So, I was looking at my family the other day, as they were eating, (Haha, nine people live here, so someone is ALWAYS eating.) and I really started thinking about what I feed them. I am back to using the food pyramid for myself, because I just feel so much better when I eat that way. It’s plenty of food and I don’t end up feeling bloated, and I have energy– stamina– the ability to keep on going like the energizer bunny. And yet, I let my family eat however, whatever. Yeah, cause I am smart, and I thought it would seem like deprivation to them if I “made” them eat a little healthier.

So, anyway, I talked to dh, and we decided it would really benefit the whole family to have a healthier diet. It will be better for our hearts and lungs, our immune systems, and hopefully our tempers and ability to concentrate. But that health thing is a biggie. Do you know that sudden cardiac arrest kills 900 people per day? That’s just crazy, because it’s mostly preventable through diet! St. Jude’s has put together a website that explains abnormal heart rhythm and there are a couple of videos as well. Sudden Cardiac Arrest and The Human Heart (hey, that second one would be great for science for the younger kids– we may watch that on Tuesday).

Oh, I don’t think the kids will be suffering too much. We’re camping this weekend (yeah, and I am in here on the computer, because…………I am silly, that is why), and we’ll be having hotdogs for lunch. Ha, nothing new there, we eat hotdogs every Saturday. This week, though, they are coming with a little surprise–instead of 2 hotdogs, we’ll have one hotdog and some carrot sticks. Because, do you know how much protein we need a day? Six ounces. Do you know how much we were eating? Twice that. Easily. I love these guys, I want them to live long, healthy lives, and enjoy eating every day of those long healthy lives. That means I need to teach them about good food choices NOW.

Another Bridge Crossed

So, uh, Country, she has a paper to write for school this week. She has elected to type it in Word. And when she has made her final corrections, she is going to email it to me. My daughter is now emailing her work to me. Welcome to my brave new world.


I forgot to make a couple of very important announcements earlier this week. Do you remember that handsome fellow with the bear teeth? Let me show you again:

IMG 0457 1
Monday was his birthday, and he’s a brand new 10!

And look who has a new math book!

IMG 0472
Batman started first grade on Monday.

Man does time fly! Seriously.

Chore Time

Man, I am aggravating my kids today. Muhahahhahahaha. I have decided I want to be more accountable for how I spend my timeand since how I spend my time also determines how my children spend their time, and when I change activity, so do they, at least until all the things we need to accomplish for the day are done. In fact, I spent a few minutes looking at printable chore charts today. The standard ones don’t really fit how we go about daily life right now, but I may check out the design-your-own page when it goes live. Of course, then I would have to figure out where exactly to PUT eight chore charts, but I reckon that’s not an insurmountable obstacle, now is it?

Anyway, I’m tickled to inform you that we got the house clean together today without anyone losing their head :)

Did you have a good weekend?

I sure did! On Saturday, we had Boy Scout Crossover. I now have a Webelo, a Bear AND a Tiger. Yes, Batman will be a Scout next fall, and he is so very excited! So are we! Here are a few pictures from Saturday. Things moved quickly, and I was involved in eh ceremonies, so it was hard to get pictures, when I was sitting down, and Country took the shots when I was up. She still thinks a shutter buttons is a thing to be conquered, instead of coaxed 😉

In between these 2 people is Spidey, looking at his awards.
IMG 0450

Here is Stuntman, very proud of himself. That’s me behind him.
IMG 0454

And this is what he had in his mouth…..bear teeth!
IMG 0457

Sunday was even better than Saturday. My husband and my mother were in church with me. She has a church home, so it is a rare treat for her to come with me. My Pastor preached a phenomenal message to children on honoring and obeying their parents, and the parental directive to make sure children do that. He started the sermon by asking how many of us were children. Of course we all are someone’s child, and he went from there. It was the first time I had heard him preach a Mother’s Day message, because we had been going to Grandmother’s before this year, and it was the best one I have ever heard. Parents, we are not doing our kids any long term favors when we allow them to disrespect and disobey. We ought to be making disciples of them instead. And I’m going to stop right there and show you some pictures, ok? Ok!

Here’s all of us, except my oldest daughter. (BTW Clone, you forgot to call your mom on Mother’s Day.)
IMG 0468 1

And here I am, with Mama, Diva and Country (right to left)
IMG 0470

Bugaboo Bugs

I got some cool software for the kids the other day. Do you guys know about Mia the Mouse? She lives in a house, a lovely Victorian house, in fact! But in Bugaboo Bugs, her house has been invaded by bugs, and Mia needs to drive them out before the humans see them and call the exterminators, LOL!

The DVD-ROM is for ages 5-9 and includes the story, interactive adventure games where your child can control Mia and plenty of learning activities. There are four levels of educational play and lots of fun and excitement. Batman, Spidey and Stuntman will all enjoy this, and I would not be surprised if Drama begins to hang around and demand a turn.

It’s got to be better than the Death and Defy game they have been playing lately. Who thought crazy motorcycle riding would be a good premise for a game? For me, I think the Mouse is much more fun! And she’s cute, too, with her little PINK hairbow!

Zoom, zoom, zoom

I really did mean to post more on Friday night. It had been my firm intention to finish off that set of posts with the OCC post before I called it a night, but then I got tired and went to bed, because I knew I would have a big shopping day Saturday. And, I was right, I did have a big day. I bought a freezer! And I picked up a computer for DH, and clothes for 3 of the girls. And another pair of shoes for myself. I love me some shoes, ya’ll!

And Sunday, I spent the day with my husband. And here it is Monday evening already, and after supper is Boy Scouts. I tell you, sometimes this real life stuff is a pain in the rear! I’ll get here, eventually, LOL!

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