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I need some help here

So with all the shopping (no, I haven’t told you about all of it yet, but it’s coming) and all the veggies (we’ve done 4 bushels of peas in less than a week–plus the shopping) and all the not-quite camping, my house was a total wreck on Monday. Dh had been home last week, so we had kinda slacked off some, and we are surely paying for it this week! I would love to call in a cleaning service, but I don’t see that happening in this lifetime!

I can just see it now, like that scene in Cheaper by the Dozen where Steve Martin is trying to find a sitter and they all hang up as soon as he says 12 kids.

I know a professional cleaner could whip this place into shape in less than a day of we were not here. I know that’s the secret, because I cleaned beach houses one summer for a rental agency. The secret is a smooth job with a quick in and out is that the place is EMPTY and there is no clutter. Hmm, no clutter. I believe that brings us back around to “Zen Crafter”, now doesn’t it?

Seriously. School.

Wow. I must have thought I was writing lesson plans for Wonder Woman’s children! I know it’s only the second day of the term, and we’ll adapt to the new load, but it seems like all I have done all day is school! Oh, and change my sheets. And cook. But only twice, because Diva made lunch.

*break to vacuum the walkway, re-sweep the kitchen and remove banana peel from window sill*

Hmm. Seems like I am a homeschooling mom after all. With seven kids at home. Dang. That’s a lot of food and dirt, ya’ll.

Can I just say

that I now totally understand why public school teachers have work days? Becasue writing lesson plans with The Wiggles and assorted squabbling in the background takes a lot of concentration, and not a little self control.

Time for a break

and not just for me!

Since January first, we have logged 126 school days. I said we needed to get back on track, and we have really been diligent with that. I’m proud of us. And also, we are taking next week off. I need to write more lesson plans, and I have a couple of students who need to catch up in math, and it. is. time.

And I am NOT going to spend all my free time cleaning the house, either.

In a world

where the yarn is carefully contained in bins and baskets, and the fabric is folded neatly away in the cabinet, while the reading pile is teetering precariously on the corner of the desk, and I have lost the light bill somewhere in there, I am electing to spend more time reading and less time stitching. Besides, it’s a little warm to hold a sweater on your lap!

I’m thinking that if I am diligent, I can clear that pile by the end of the weekend, and then we can get back to the regular scheduled programming around here. And yes, there are actual knitting books in that pile, ya’ll.

And also

IMG 0551

I am going to avoid getting all mushy here and talking about how wonderful my husband is, and how sweet he is to me, and how much I love him and all that. I won’t tell you about the back rubs, and the pats on the behind as he walks by, or the way he slips his arm around me as we pass each other and just such. After all, it might embarrass him or you or something, and we can’t have that can we?

I said I would

and so I did. Finally. Click to embiggen.


Walmart Warranties Suck

Did I really take 5 days off from blogging? It seems to be the case, though it hardly seems believable, even to me! I spent more time reading and cleaning while my computer was in the shop. And I am fuming mad because they didn’t fix it. See, I bought the two year warranty when I got the laptop, and I had not had it long when DaBaby knocked some coffee into the keyboard, which made one of the keys freak out, and now when it boots, there is a keyboard error. I never called about that, because I accepted that it was caused by my own child and was therefore my problem.

However, I fully expected that they would fix the issue that caused the backlight to cease functioning the very first time I ever used the Fn F6 key 10 days ago. I mean, boom, press the key, and the monitor never came up again, except for an occasional flicker. Instead, they opened the computer, saw that it had had a liquid mishap and buttoned the machine back up without even finding out what was wrong. Now, if I go get the display fixed on my own dime, they will cover the display after that. Provided I have a receipt.

Now, my husband is a certified computer tech. That’s how he affords our extravagant lifestyle (ha), and he assures me that this problem is in NO way related to a liquid spill that occurred 11 months ago. But there’s more. I can’t even have him fix the computer to get it back under warranty. The receipt has to be issued by a “computer repair company”.

So. I let the nice lady at customer unservice know that I was very unhappy, and I wanted to cancel that warranty, and I wanted that cancellation backdated from the time of the spill. And I told her I was not interested in writing a letter and supplying a copy of the receipt, given that they KNOW I have the warranty since that’s how I came to be talking to her. And she said she couldn’t do that. I told her I wanted to talk to a supervisor, and she assured me I would be contacted within 48 hours, since the supervisor was unavailable. And I told her quite calmly that if that didn’t happen, I would begin my personal campaign to let 500 people per day know that Wal-mart Warranties Suck.

Guess what? It’s been 4 days now, and no one has called me. That would be 96 hours. Walmart warranties suck. They are not worth the paper they are printed on.

There now. I’ve done my part. I’ll let the search engines and the people who use them do the rest. Although, if you want to help spread the word, that’s fine by me as well.

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