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Not so hard!

So, I finally got to sit down with the pattern and the lace dress, and it’s not so hard after all. I got 14 rows done on teh back last night, and it’s time to start the armhole shaping. I was too tired to tackle that, so I stopped, and today I haven’t touched it at all.

Today was [tag]Mama[/tag]’s birthday, and I spent some time working on her blog for her, and also picking up [tag]God’s Van[/tag] which you can read all about on my other blog. It’s quite a story..

Grandmother’s Socks For Real

IMG 0253

I finished these heavy [tag]socks[/tag] for Grandmother today. They were knit with [tag]Red Heart MacIntosh[/tag], shown here, on size 7 needles. The cuffs are garter stitch, then the stitches for the foot were picked up and knitted in the round.


I am thrilled to report that I already have 3 submissions for the Southern Fried Carnival! I am also pleased to say that I think the crusher hat will be finished in time. DD#3 has agreed to model it when it’s complete. I am not so happy to say that I am queasy. I don’t know if it’s stress, or over-doing it, or if I am actually sick. Pray it’s not the latter, cause I just don’t have time for that!

The house is just about ready for tomorrow’s party. Once again, I am loving the extra room we get from re-arranging the furniture, and may adopt some of the changes as permanent.

Grandmotherly Knitting

I am knitting more [tag]socks[/tag] for [tag]Grandmother[/tag], as I said. She is my “gratitude knitting” for the time being. The thing is, I usually do [tag]gratitude knitting[/tag] three days a month, I have a commission knit to do (the lace dress), and I need to get a couple of crusher hats made by the 13th.

But I am afraid if I put these socks down before I finish them, that there will be no need to complete them. So, onward with thick pink socks for Grandmother we shall go.

I am doing the cuffs in garter stitch, and the ridges will run up and down when the socks are complete. I am about half way done with the second cuff, or I would be if I hadn’t made a stupid mistake and had to rip it all back, so we better say 1/4. These will be wonderfully stretchy for her, very easy to get on and off, even without her able to help.

Grandmother’s Socks


These were knitted from [tag]Lorna’s Laces[/tag] on 2.75mm needles. The color is “Vera”. Unfortunately, they are for me and not for Grandmother. Given the fact that she can’t move her foot to help get them on, and her feet swell without rhyme or reason, Mama and I have declared them too snug. I’ve started her another pair from worsted weight and they will be quite a bit looser![tags]socks, knitted socks[/tags]


Sorry I’ve been a little lax yesterday and today with the knitting content. I’m still working on the socks for [tag]Grandmother[/tag]. It’s bittersweet. We just found out that Grandmother has [tag]Organic Brain Syndrome[/tag]. By the time I get these [tag]socks[/tag] finished, she won’t even realize what I’ve done. Heck, she may not even realize who I am. I should have finished them months ago.

If ever

there has been a time when I wanted to crawl up into God’s lap, weep on His shoulder and ask Him “why are you allowing this?”, it is now. We got the results back on [tag]Grandmother[/tag]’s scan. No stroke. Instead, she has [tag]Organic Brain Syndrome[/tag]. As I look down the list of causes, she has several of the contributing factors, none of which are reversible or treatable.

Have I mentioned that she has been refusing her meds lately? Well, she has. And she has high blood pressure, has had TIAs, had a severe bladder infection not long ago (during which she was disoriented and distressed) and depression.

DD#5’s Stocking

DD 5s stocking
Here is DD#5’s [tag]stocking[/tag]. I assure you that it is normal size, in spite of the camera trickery that makes it look roughly the same size as my house (which you can see in the background). It was crocheted with doubled Plymouth Encore with a K hook. The cuff is white Jiffy. [tags]crocheted stocking[/tags]

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