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Knitting on Hocks

I took hocks with me yesterday when I went to see Grandmother. I got a block and a half into it. Not enough to warrant a picture, but it’s still progress.

This was one of the best visits I’ve had with [tag]Grandmother[/tag] in quite some time. She recognized me, and even said she had “just waked up”.

Dear Sweetheart

I have been reorganizing my blog over the past couple of days, as you know. Doing so has reminded me of special moments with your children, some precious, and some not so much. I know we made a mutual agreement to gloss over Valentine’s Day, and I can deal with that. I just want to remind you that Mother’s Day is coming, and the last time there was a flowers delivery around here was a couple of days after your youngest child was born. *clears throat* Remember, she was a year old 10 days ago. *cough, cough*

So, I just want to point you gently in the direction of ProFlowers. The photo below is an accurate representation of something I might enjoy receiving.
MBQsimplybeaut06 l

They also have chocolate gifts, which I would enjoy receiving after all the children are in bed. Because I really should not have to share my [tag]Mother’s Day gift[/tag]. No dear, not even with you.


P.S. Proflowers can get your order out the same day you place it.

I knit!

I was watching a movie with DD#1 last night, and wanted something simple to knit, so I picked up her sweater, and knit round and round. According to the miniature grandfather clock, I knit for almost 2 hours. It was great to just sit and knit without having to worry about the pattern. I’m 5 inches or so down from the armhole now. She’s short like me, so the end of the body is in site.

IMG 0559

You will notice that it is neither blue, nor gray, nor white, the colors for [tag]Project Spectrum[/tag]. I wanted something I could just KNIT on, so I grabbed this. DH’s blue socks are on the ribbing, and I haven’t called my SIL yet for her measurements. I did think briefly about starting a gratitude piece, but I wanted to KNIT, not plan.


I spent this afternoon with my mom. We looked at the shots I had made of the baby, and then went to Walgreens and printed out our choice, one 8×10 for me, a 5×7 for her and a 4×6 for Grandmother, and bought the frames for them. Then we went to see [tag]Grandmother[/tag] and took hers to her. She was sleeping when we got there, and we could not get her to wake up for more than a couple of seconds. I’m pretty sure she did not know me today. She did smile at the picture a little, but only because it was of a baby, not with any real recognition. It was a short visit. Sigh.

The picture we picked for the wall is not the one I showed you yesterday. We selected this one:
IMG 0438
Click if you wanna see it bigger :)

Heads up!! Walgreens has a huge sale on 512MB [tag]memory cards[/tag]. They are just 11.99, all brands/types. RUN!

I am not happy to report

that of the list of stuff I posted to do this morning, I have failed to accomplish any of it. I’ve spent the day trying to soothe shattered nerves (my own and others), and also working on my mom’s blog with her. Have you visited her? She’s at [tag]Grandi13[/tag]. I can’t remember if I have ever linked to her. I think I have, but here it is again anyway, because it sure looks different than it did when she first started it. Those of you who were interested in what’s going on with my Grandmother can get more updated info there, since she visits almost every day.

Must call SIL

I need to call my sister-in-law about her sweater. I haven’t talked to her in ages! I look forward to hearing about the nieces.

I should tell you the story of her. My ex husband convinced us both that we would hate each other. But she thought I should see my oldest daugher, and so she invited me to Texas to stay with her for a weekish and have a good visit with my young’un. It had been years since I’d seen DD at that point, so I agreed. Mama, Grandmother, the current five children and I all loaded up into one of those huge rental vans and took off for Texas.

Kathy and I circled around each other for about an hour, and then……..we just looked at each other, laughed and started over. We talked together and prayed together, both for her family and mine, that whole week. And we went back the following year, and it was just as marvelous. It was a wonderful time, and I tell, ya, I miss her! She doesn’t come this way, and I don’t go that way anymore. But I would surely love to do so.


Here’s something interesting: Belisi asks, "What’s Beautiful to You?"

Palm Beach, FL (PRWeb) January 18, 2007 – Belisi, makers of finishing pieces for wardrobes and a name synonymous with luxury, announces the launch of the What’s Beautiful to You? campaign. Peter Belisi says, “there’s more to beauty than glitz and glamour. The most beautiful people I’ve seen aren’t models & celebrities, but everyday people who make the world better, whether on a global scale or just by being a good mom or dad, husband or wife, brother or sister. We’ve launched the what’s beautiful to you campaign to to see if others agree. I know there’s irony in this type of campaign from a fashion company, but that’s the point, to get people to expand their view of beauty.”

There is a contest to go along with this campaign, and the winner receives a $100 Belisi gift certificate. So, [tag]what’s beautiful to me[/tag]? It depends on which eyes I am looking through, I suppose.

When I look through the eyes of a mother, it is my children I find most beautiful. All of them are delightful to look at it, of course, but their personalities are pretty spectacular, too. I’m blessed to have quite a range of delightful people in my home, from the budding adult with all of her teenage angst, to the medium sized diva with her own notions of just how things ought to be done, to the baby who stands on still-wobbly knees and grins at me in her wonderful gap-toothed way. And that’s not even half my crew :)

When I look through my photographer’s eyes, it is light and texture and the intermingling, ever-changing fluctuation of the two together. For instance, today I noticed that the tress which were brown and grey bark yesterday are today covered on one side with soft green moss. To me, that’s beautiful, and I’ll probably take a photo of it if it stops raining and stays grey long enough for me to do so.

The knitter in me takes great delight in vibrant colors, smooth textures, and the tools of my trade. It’s not just the way they look, but the way they feel in my hands that makes them beautiful. There are also beautiful memories caught up in some of my tools: the stitch markers from a friend, the antique needles that I don’t even know the history of, but can tell from the worn look of them that someone used them well.

And finally, when I look through the eyes of faith, there is beauty beyond compare. It is through these eyes that I see the hand of my Savior reaching down to lift a wretch like me from self-destruction. It is through these eyes of faith that I understand how much that redemption cost Him. And it is through these eyes that I see the wonderful prize that lies before me when I finish this race. It’s then that I will see the most beautiful thing of all–the face of Jesus Himself.

Yummy Stuff

Oh, will you just look at this?

Dear DH,
Valentine’s Day is coming. I know we usually forget and blow it off, but it’s been a rough year. Not between us, just a rough year for me personally. I guess by extension, that means it’s been pretty rough for you, too. So, this year let’s decide not to blow off Val’s day, and do something special for ourselves. These chocolate covered strawberries look wonderful, don’t they? Maybe we could get someone to come watch the children for a couple of hours so we could go out out to eat. Then we can come home, put them all to bed early, and watch a grown up movie while eating our treats.

Your loving but harried Wife

Here’s what the rest of you need to know:
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