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It is with incredibly mixed emotions that I announce that the emergency knitting has been accomplished. All that remains is to weave in the ends, which I will do after I post this. You can expect a FO report later today, complete with pictures. But FO reports are supposed to be only happy, so I need to write this now.

See, I had to pick the sweater up Sunday night, because DD#1 flies out tomorrow morning. This is the last thing I’ll make for her while she’s still one of my little chicks at home. And we both wanted her to be able to take it with her. One last hug from mom that she can put on whenever she needs it.


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Golfers Lending a Hand

I read a press release tonight about a Chicago charity event, and thought I would share it with you. It’s a little off topic for this blog, but I know I have a few readers in the windy city with big hearts, so I am going to share anyway. International Profit Associates has organized a golfing event to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

I have a friend that I have known since I was a child who has Juvenile Diabetes. If you know anything about JD, you know that’s a mighty big statement I just made. I have a friend, not I had a friend. He was never expected to live past his early 20s, and I remember the stunned feeling we all had when he was diagnosed in his early teens. He’s my age, you see. He’s a minister now, with a lovely wife, and three beautiful children. And sing, oh can he sing!! He gives Christian concerts in teh area, and has recorded a couple of CDs. It’s because of research funding that he has been able to live a full life with his diabetes under control. That, and a bit of help from above.

He is Risen!

Donating my old ride

Ya’ll remember I got that new van a couple months ago. The old one is still sitting in the yard, and I know we are not going to repair it. I have been putting off calling the junk yard to come haul it off, and so there it just sits, useless for anything but storage. (Dh has a few left over parts from work in it.)

I think I may have found another option, though. I saw today that you can help help needy children by [tag]donating a car[/tag], instead of selling it. You get free towing, it’s hassle free, and you can make a difference in someone’s life! Donate car has a toll-free number to call for more info (866-211-5277), but you can also fill out a form on-line and they’ll call you. And you can check the Donate Car FAQs to find out more. They are a 501(c)(3) charity organization, and you do get a tax benefit from your donation.

I’m excited about this, and I will be cleaning out that van, and filling out the form later this week. It will feel good to help others while I solve my own problem. And if DH has his way about it, they’ll be getting a second call from me in a couple of months.

A Modest Proposal

I was asked to tell the story of how DH proposed to me. I’ve talked before about how we shopped for engagement rings, but I don’t think I have ever told ya’ll what happened after that. We were living in Colorado Springs at the time, and my wise friend told me: “you are only going to get engaged one time, so make sure it’s like you want to remember it”. See, I’m a low-maintenance gal, and we had not planned to do anything special to mark the occasion. I’m glad I listened to her, because it is a fun memory for me now, and one I treasure.

There is a little dinner theatre in Manitou Springs, which I forget the name of now, but it’s a quaint little place, with a beamed ceiling in the dining room, and the waiters and waitresses are also the players in the performance. That’s where I asked DH to take me, because I’d always wanted to go to one. I don’t even remember what the play was, except that it was funny.

But here’s what I do remember: I expected DH to just pull the ring out of his pocket, and give it to me. (I told you I was low-maintenance, right?) Dinner dragged on, and there was no ring. Finally after we’d been brought dessert, the waiter came with a bouquet of roses. I thought to myself “well, that’s nice, where is the ring?” I stuck my nose in that bouquet, as all women do, and there nestled in the flowers was my engagement ring. DH had come up with that little touch all on his own, you see.

So why is this story over here, instead of on the blog where I usually share memories? Couple of reasons, but one of them is this: Remembering the story also reminded me that I need to be teaching my children about relationships, as well as reading, writing and arithmetic. I don’t often talk about what goes on with DH and I, or rather what went on before we had so many children, when it was just the two of us. They need to know that we were a couple, and that it was the special moments we created together as a couple that help us hang on when the going gets tough. They need to know that we loved each other before we loved them. They also need to know that when I dance in the kitchen with my husband, I’m not even able to hear them snickering in the background, because my ears are tuned to sounds from the past.

Diamonds USA has some awesome deals on diamond jewelry. They also have a cool online ring designer. Just remember to follow the advice of my friend: make sure the memory shines as brightly as the ring.

Chair and a half

I have been wanting one of these “chair and a half”s since I first saw them several years ago. I thought they would be so neat to snuggle up with a kid and read in. Well, I finally have one, and it’s a rocker recliner, even! My cousin (yes, he of the dogs) dropped off his old chair, and also a very comfortable couch today. I now have plenty of cushy seats for the kiddos to spread out to do their work! Now all the students can have a sofa/loveseat/chair and a half/desk to themselves, with plenty of room for me to sit beside them and explain things. Gotta love all that North Carolina [tag]furniture[/tag]. In truth, I don’t know if it was made here or not, but the stuff sits just as soft as southern hospitality feels, so I think it must have been.

To build a computer………

I spoke to DH about DD#2 and her desire to learn more about [tag]computers[/tag]. Man, did his eyes light up to hear that! (I’ve mentioned he’s a computer-tech, right?) We have here several pieces/parts of computers that we are hoping to hobble together to make a dedicated system for those who would like to practice [tag]coding[/tag]. I’d feel much safer that way, rather than letting them practice on computers we rely on for other things. I know we have a case and a hard-drive. We will probably need more computer memory, though, since that’s the first thing we harvest out of any system we get.

I’ll be having to clear space for yet another desk, now, and that is going to be a fine trick. Honestly, we use every square inch already. I suppose I will be finding another place for one of the bookcases and putting a desk in that spot, but I have no idea where I’ll put the bookcase.And it will have to be a very narrow desk. It will bear some thinking about for sure.

I’m thinking to head out to the bookstore this afternoon to pick up a resource or two for her. I need a couple of things, too.

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