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I said no craft supplies, but

that doesn’t mean I can’t get other stuff, right? I still have rampant consumerism issues, and after seeing how much fun the fam is having with their MP3 players:

IMG 1369

I definitely want one for myself. If you’ve been reading long, you know I have been thinking about it for quite some time and I happen to know that Amazon has that little number right there in hot pink, as well as the black I gave dh. And I also know that CouponChief has Amazon coupons.

Hey, when I girl’s gotta shop…..

Snickety, Snickety, Click, Click, Click

I knit again yesterday, for the first time since … I think it was the 9th of December. Diva had a doctor’s appointment, so it just seemed natural to grab the basket as I headed out the door. You know part of the pure joy of knitting (for me) is that it is pretty mindless and I can do it with my hands while my mind does other things. That has not been exactly the prescription I wanted over the last 10 or 12 days. Is that really all it’s been? Wow. That’s mind boggling, because it seems like it has been at least a month. A not-month in which the last thing I wanted to do was think.

As a bonus to the knitting, I was able to try on Sonnet, and maybe, just maybe it will fit. And all the ladies in the office oohed and ahhed over it, which is always nice. The color, the texture, it’s all a big hit with the medical supplies crowd. And with me, of course. Another 87 sleeve rounds and I will have a sweater. I purchased the buttons back in the summer, so…..a week at the outside, I think. Maybe I better pencil in some tv and knitting time. And I think I will allow myself to make a pair of socks after I finish Sonnet.

On my non-knitting agenda: clean the girls room so we can put up the tree. I gave them all fair warning that there would be no tree until the house was clean, and that’s the last hold-out. Today I told them that if it didn’t happen Saturday, it wasn’t going to happen.

Go get my hair did since my gal overslept next Saturday and I looked like pooh for my Grandmother’s funeral. I’m hoping she can see me on Saturday morning early.

Give myself a series of makeovers with the makeup I have on the way. I had several folks tell me that the picture with the mineral makeup looked good, even with the curl in the middle of my forehead that I went ahead and ordered samples from Aromaleigh and full size products from e.l.f late Tuesday night. Yes, there will be pictures of the fun, LOL.

Plan, purchase supplies for and execute the Christmas baking. We are obviously getting a horrendously late start, and our celebrations will be continuing past the 25th, which is something I planned on even before Grandmother’s decline and death. Therefore, while all of you are frantically rushing around, I’m just enjoying the ride 😛

I think that about brings us up to date. I am trying hard to get back in the groove. Today is already better in that I have managed to post at least once. Well, as soon as I proofread and hit publish.

Future Kipper

Here’s my little knitter in training! Drama helped me while I was winding those mini skeins of yarn yesterday. The first time, I asked her to help, and she was quite willing, so we began, I was winding along, and she wanted to take her hands out. Of course, I said no, and she said, “but my hands will be tied up in there”. I assured her that this was not the case, and that her hands would be free shortly, but I could tell she didn’t quite believe me. She was very relieved when I got through winding to find out this was true and her hands were her very own again. This picture was taken later in the evening, when she’s had a little more yarn holding experience.
IMG 0838

Now, if I could just get DaBaby interested in yarn instead of the dog food, my pet supplies might last a bit longer.

Rattling my Cup

Ok, fellow stitchers, I need some help here. I’m organizing and walking in in The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk here in Bitty-burg, and I need some help. Please just click the banner and give up a little cash-ola. Just the amount you would fork out for one ball of marginal yarn, multiplied by all the folks who stop by here in a day can make a real difference. Please?

Love is a Choice

Warning, serious post ahead. It’s ok, since I haven’t had a really serious one lately, right? Into every life a little rain must fall, so they say. This is true in all areas of out life, I think: our kids, our work, our marriages. It’s just not always peachy and pleasant, and sometime a quick peek at a marriage counseling directory may be the best thing you can do for your future. I’ve said for years that love is a choice, not an emotion. Sure the emotion is nice, but the emotion is not going to keep you committed when things get tough. Choosing to love someone has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with you.

You know, I could go on about this for another 300 words, I think. But I also think the rest of what I have to say on the subject would fit best on Midlife Musings. Perhaps I will continue it there.

This post isn’t autobiographical in nature, nor is it directed at anyone I know. Somethings just need saying, and so I did.


I picked up Sonnet last night, and did a bit of work on it while I was visiting my folks. Yesterdy was Daddy’s birthday, so I went over there for supper and tv. My dad and I are both total history nerds, except, like, he isn’t a nerd, LOL!


I did all that shopping, and do you know what I forgot? I’m embarrassed to admit that it was Father’s Day gifts. My dad is so hard to buy for. He has everything, and wants “nothing” for every holiday. I think he really is satisfied with my time, but I always feel like I ought to get him something. I do like the idea of gift baskets, but I’m still stumped as to which one. He’s very particular about what he eats, so food is risky, unless it consists of almonds and rice. No cheese. He does not eat cheese. At all. Ever. And the rice, it must be white. (How can he live without CHEESE????) He likes coffee, so maybe that would be an option. It might be safer to go with a custom basket, though, so I could pick and choose the stuff I know he would like. Like, almonds and coffee and coffee and almonds.

Battery? Check!

I ordered an extra battery for the new laptop this morning. It ttok me awhile to track one down, because I kept searching for the number, along with various words. Words like: acer, battery, laptop, sanyo. All of these words are directly related to my battery, but in Google’s eyes, less is more. Just searching on the number brought up tons of hits, and I should have it in a week or so. it’s coming from China. Gotta love the internets.

All that remains is the wireless modem and soon, I will be able to move off this desk, and into the living room, where my comfortable home furniture is. And also my family :) In fact, I may give it a whirl tonight with the extra long ethernet cable. That would totally rock.

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