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Cheaper than Tuition

Holy cow! Oh my word. I think I just pooped myself checking out at Amazon. I ordered:

The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White
The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson
A History of US: Vol 9, War, Peace, and All That Jazz (A History of Us) Joy Hakim
A History of US: Vol 10, All the People (A History of Us) by Joy Hakim
Black Ships Before Troy by Rosemary Sutcliff
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Genesis: Finding Our Roots by Ruth Beechick
The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child, Volume 4: The Modern Age: From Victoria’s Empire to the End of the USSR by S. Wise Bauer
The Story of Science: Einstein Adds a New Dimension by Joy Hakim
Kim (Barnes & Noble Classics) by Rudyard Kipling
A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
The Story of the Greeks (Yesterday’s Classics)by H. A. Guerber
The Story of the Romans (Yesterday’s Classics) by H. A. Guerber
School of the Woods (Yesterday’s Classics) by William J. Long
The Story of David Livingstone (Yesterday’s Classics) by Vautier Golding

The bill might or might not be less than the weekly rental of one of those fancy Condo Hotels, but I am not sure. When I get back from Orlando in September, I will let you know. If I can still afford to go.

Playing Catch-up

This week, we have had a couple of serious catch-up days in school. Stuntman had a doctor’s appointment, and taking him made dh run late for everything, and so he ended up spending the whole day out with his dad. Cool for him, but it did put him a day behind. And then, I had missed a couple days doing check outs, so that put me behind. A couple days this past week going until 5 pm almost caught us all up with that. It doesn’t help the speed factor any when both the teacher and the the student get the giggles. Or when the other students walk around trying to incite said giggles. Just sayin’

Today, I must spend some time and a bit of money at is about to start Ambleside’s year 6, and it’s time to order the books. Yum! I can’t wait until they get here. I love the whiff that you get when you open a box of new books. So do my kids! We all get excited at book time, LOL, and it doesn’t matter who the books are for!

Ok, I am just procrastinating now. Time to get ‘er done!

School that’s Right for You

You know, I have some interesting children. If you don’t believe that, just scroll down to the post titled “Things We’ve Said”. Go ahead, I’ll wait. OH, be careful– Don’t be sipping something. Okay, now go.

Back? Good. Having read that, I am sure you can appreciate that one of the beauties of home schooling this crew is that I don’t have to try to pound those square pegs of mine into round holes. I can help them explore what interests them, and find new solutions to problems, and we learn daily that there isn’t just one right way to do things. I want that kind of education to continue for them, even after I’m not the one teaching them. I”m thinking that not all of them will prosper in a traditional university setting. Like most folks, my children learn better when they can get their hands on a thing, which is NOT a strong suit of most colleges. The co op idea behind Kettering seems like it would be of real benefit to kinesthetic learners. Encouraging students to put classroom knowledge into real world situations can only be of benefit. It’s late and my mind is having trouble putting this into words, but the picture in my mind is of a chemical reaction. You have one chemical in a beaker, and then you add another, and all of a sudden you have this bubbly, fizzy something that is bigger and better than either chemical can be on it’s on. That’s practical experience added to book knowledge, see. Bigger, better….fizzy.

I had an opportunity this evening to watch some videos put out by Kettering University, promoting their mechanical engineering program. They are pretty well done, and made me giggle, which is pretty unusual in a college advertisement video. Here, take a look for yourself:

And Kettering has been named by US News and World Report as “the #1 University in the nation for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering”. When you visit the site, check out the article: US News Best Colleges. I’m thinking that I need to keep this school in mind, particularly for Stuntman, who invented the “mom detector” not too long ago. Besides, the young man whose picture was on the home page of the site when I first visited had a mischievous twinkly-eyed look just like the one my oldest boy frequently wears.

Why I Love Homeschooling, Reason #45627885

IMG 0183 1Here’s Batman. Remember him? He’s learning to read. He’s wearing a Thomas the Train towel as a cape. School for him lasts less than an hour a day, and the rest of the time, he’s free to be………a superhero, ninja, laughy, giggly boy who doesn’t have to sit still, sit up, speak up, quit that, be quiet.

I love it when the light comes on, and I am there to see it. And more than that, really. I was there to flip the switch. That’s a way cool feeling, ykwim? Microsoft Software Store

Sometimes I just love being a homeschooler. Well, I love it all the time (umm, most of the time??), but sometimes there are financial incentives to homeschooling. Occasionally those financial incentives are enough to begin to offset the cost of some of our books, and such is the case right now at CostCaptain! They have Microsoft products, including Vista upgrades and Office 2007, at academic prices.

You do have to provide proof of academic eligibility, but most states supply you with some sort of paperwork, so that is not difficult to do. Looks like it may be time to find my orange card again. See, the computer we were letting the girls use has died. I’m going to have to replace it. And all the software that was on it, because before it’s final crash, dh reloaded Windows on it. No, that’s wrong. He tried to reload Windows, and the system never came back up. Oops!

BTW, if you know a homeschooler, also offers gift certificates, and the customer service is reputed to be excellent!
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Another week down

No, I don’t reckon to give you a blow by blow of our school each week, we cover way too much academic ground for that, but I do enjoy talking about some of the materials we encounter. For instance, this week, Diva was introduced to Arthur. Yes, that Arthur. And when she slubbed over the narration, I made her recover it, because I know how important it will be in her later reading to know Arthur Pendragon, his father Uther and his mentor Merlin.

So, I said we cover a lot of real estate. How much you say? All told about 80 pages of written material per day, and while I don;t have to read it all every day, I do have to be familiar enough with it to make sure they “got” it. Good thing I used to read. Sigh.

re: Ananias

Country: Not the dead one, the other one. Of course, he’s dead now too.
Me: He is?
Country: Yeah, not everyone can live forever.

End of Week 1

Well, I didn’t get a response to my little poll the other day, but the answer was my kids. And since part of the reason I am consolidating blogs again is due to lack of time to maintain them with style and aplomb, and since part of the reason I lack time is because we are back in to school on a actual and real full-time basis, it seems appropriate for the first post I do about the kids to concern their school work.

I spent the first couple of weeks in January working on their lesson plans, as I believe I have mentioned in passing. I have 4 full students and one beginning reader this year, and my older girls are beginning to need a little more one on one time that I was able to give them when I tried to maintain a huge “group work” schedule, so I have cut that to a bare minimum, and this allows more time for me to work with the children individually. It also forces the younger two students to read more of their material themselves, instead of getting spoon fed. I was afraid this would be a problem, but they are really taking to it!

I am thrilled with our progress this week, and while I can’t point to anyone thing and say “we learned this“, I can say that my children have met and enjoyed new poets, been introduced to characters from classic literature and 3 periods of history, and there has been math involved in their lives everyday. On five different levels, which may explain why I am so mentally drained by the time the school day is over, LOL.

Now, then. If you are on a feed reader, I apologize in advance. I have some plans for the old domain, and I need to get those posts that pertained to the children back over here. I plan to pretty much place them on the date they were originally written, so the move won’t make much difference to those who read on site, but the feed is going to be going crazy until I get that done. I’ve set it to partial to help lessen the onslaught, but I don’t know how much help that will be.

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