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The radio staggers against the backspace!

A Conspiracy

It’s a conspiracy, I tell you. The other night, I picked up my knitting for the first time in weeks, and there was a loud bang, and then the sound of rushing water. The water line from the hot water tank blew, and water was just pouring under the house. We got that shut off and then I went to bed. And yes, I did leave my knitting in mid-rowwhich is something I never do!

Now, I wonder what natural disaster would occur if I attempted to write weight loss pill reviews? Like a monsoon? Or just a hurricane? And do you think I will finish this Baby Surprise Jacket anytime soon? Cause right now, I just want to work and sleep.

Just shuffling it around

That’s what I did last night, shuffled. I shuffled my half of my crafty crap from one corner of my room to put it all together in another corner. It’s all together now, and it is one heinous mountain of craftastic stuff. I need to go on holiday for a couple of weeks and just work on crafts. Or perhaps it would be better to send the kids on one of those Orlando vacations while I stay home and stitch. Less to haul that way.

Seriously, ya’ll, I am so…backed up and overwhelmed just now. Did I mention that? And then when I do have a block of time to do something, there’s so much to do that I just sit here and surf the internet because I am just too confused by all the choices. You reckon that’s gonna get better anytime soon? Seems like it’s been a couple of months now, yk?

Just want a nap!

Brown cup of coffee
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Ok, how many times have I been here? You know where here is, right? Like six oclockish, and really wanting to go to bed, but having 48 bazillion things to do first, so I guess I’ll drink some coffee just to make it through the evening? That’s where. You been there? Found a good way to get through it that doesn’t involve caffeine or misusing the best diet pills? Me either, so I guess I’ll make coffee.

I just want to be organized, I just want to read, I just want my house clean, I just want to knit, I just want my laundry caught up, I just want to make pretty stuff, I just want to play with my kids. But first, I need to make coffee.

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One Last Thing For Today

Remember that gal I put in school a few weeks ago? Well, guess who started Driver’s Ed this week. That’s right. Miss I’m Fifteen and Ready to Terrorize the World. What’s mostly terrorized is my wallet, since I’m looking at my car insurance premium doubling in a few months. Gulp. Big Deep Breath. You know that gal just took her first steps last week. I’m She’s not ready for this.

A little hiatus

Ok, folks. I am apparently going to be going offline starting tomorrow for an indeterminate period of time. I do have an entry for tomorrow that I will set to auto-publish, but after that ….. you’ll know I’m back when I start posting again. Darn Time Warner and their rabid insistence on actually being paid, they are really cramping my blogging style!

Cass in the Kitchen: The Final Edition

:kitchen: The time has come, the time is now.
I’m still in the kitchen, but honey, wow
It looks so good, it smells so fine
I wanna talk cooking all. the. time.

Ok, bad poetry aside, here’s the deal. When I launched the Cass in the Kitchen segment, I did it as a prelude to starting a cooking blog. I’ve had Cass Cooks, Too! up and running for several months now, and I think it’s ready to stand on it’s own two feet. Now, I’ll still be doing cook book reviews here. After all, a gal has to do reviews where the reviews are sent: dish detergent, cook books, Callaway irons, whatever. But recipes and cooking tips and all that kind of stuff– it’s gonna be over there. You really oughta check it out. My good pal Retta made the theme for me!

One more item of cook-y business. Last week, I asked for recipes for weiner schnitzel. Allena ponied up to the plate (haha, very punny) and I riffed off that today, and folks, I made weiner schitzel. It was da bomb. I toyed with talking about it here, and then I decided that I should make you salivate and then direct you over to Cass Cooks, Too! I’ll have that recipe up sometime before midnight.

So. Sick.

I’ll be back as soon as I can think clearly. Or at all, for that matter.

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