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Oh Canada!

You know, I am thinking I should go to Canada. First, the political climate suits me better. That’s becoming pretty darn important. People here in my neck of the woods seem to have gone completely crazy.

Second, if I wait until winter I can take this box of unfinished woolen knitting projects and finish them all up, because my hands won’t sweat causing the yarn to become all icky and stick to the needles.

Third, I can check out Canada hotels, and I like hotels because people there will clean up after me and bring me food when I want it and I never actually have to leave the room. Unless I need more yarn. Or some stitch markers. I definitely won’t need any more needles, because they are already tied up IN the projects. Plus, turned down beds and mints on the pillow.

Fourth, when I got back home, I’d have all my needles free again, so I could *drumroll, please* start more projects. But maybe not in wool, which is fun to wear 3 months of the year, but not really pleasant to knit on the other nine.

Fifth, the Yarn Harlot lives there, and who doesn’t want to meet her? And while it is unlikely that I would actually meet her, since I don’t know anyone who knows her, I could at least be breathing in the same country she breathes in. Oops, that part sounds a bit stalkerish, doesn’t it?

Sixth, I’d be somewhere else. I like that. You know, for a while. I also like to come home. Which brings me to

Seventh, eventually I’d get to come home, which is also quite pleasant.

Early Morning

I love me some good sleep. It’s only 7:30. I woke up this morning just a few minutes before the alarm went off, and for the first time in quite a while, I actually felt rested. The kids are off to school, including the one I had to take because her bus came early, crossing paths with the other bus, and we didn’t hear it. My morning reading is done, the house is policed, the laundry is started. The only other household tasks for the day are vacuuming with one of those classic carpet cleaners and organizing one kitchen cabinet. And I am only on my first cup of coffee! How is your day shaping up?

Something Different

So, I had one knitting basket and 48 knitting projects. And I had no mending basket. So I did a something.

It’s not a traditional mending basket. It holds a few knitting tools, batteries, crazy glue. The little stuff that constantly gets misplaced. I am…um…missing my thread holder, but it will go in here, too, when I find it. The only thing it lacks is adjustable handles and I am okay with that. Now to tackle that huge pile of mending!

Who’s knitting?

Me! I’m not making any custom military shirts, but I am working on a relatively simple scarf. Garter stick sides and end, stockinette in the middle. It was pretty straightforward until the dog chewed up my ball of yarn. Sigh! Who told him he was a cat? At least he didn’t eat the bamboo needles. Or chew the cord. Just made my one ball of yarn into ten or so.


Here’s the $64 question. What did you think of when you read that title? Personally, I think of fried chicken. And I recommend a deep fat fryer set at 360 degrees for exactly 21 minutes, if that’s what you thought of, too.

If, on the other hand, you thought of music when I said drumsticks, I have no recommendation. I understand the purpose of drums, and I appreciate all they add to music, but this girl ain’t got no rhythm a’tall.


oops, sorry. Realized my last post was just a wee bit sexist! I acknowledge that G.I Joe could use some new military apparel, and I will admit that he is not that much bigger than Barbie. But I don’t want to fiddle with knitting all the pockets that actual BDUs require. In fact, all I really want to do is sit here by the fan and READ. Is this a problem?


I think it has been several weeks since I have actually touched yarn. Pretty crazy, right? First, it was “busy with school.” Then it was “too dang hot.” Come to think of it, it’s still too dang hot, even sitting here with central air conditioning. I desperately want to finish Hocks, but I think it would be unbearable to work on anything larger than a pair of riding pants for a Barbie doll. Maybe in October, right?


That’s a rather quick version of “How are you doing?” for those who don’t speak Cass. Did you have a good Christmas? Are you glad it’s over? Me too, me too.

Here’s my deal. I am going back to school tomorrow. I know I haven’t said anything here since, what? August or something? Right before I went back to school for fall?? Anyway. I have missed blogging, but I truly lack time and motivation to put fresh and interesting content up on six blogs several times per week. So, from now on, most of my blogging will happen over at Midlife Musings. Yes, even the crafty stuff. Sorry. The good news is that you can once again read about my crafting, my cooking, my kids and my crazy life pretty much in one place. Only that place isn’t here, it’s there. This blog will stay up, because I’m sorta attached to it, but the content….well, you know the drill, right?

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