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The Wednesday Beading Report 10/22/08

Chevron bead and Indian glass bead strings
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Man, do I have a lot of stuff to tell you about this week! And let me begin with the most important thing: my camera is at Mama’s. Yay me, and woohoo, right? Well, actually, that’s not an entirely bad thing, because if it was here, it would take me all morning to upload the pictures. I’m estimating that I have about 50 pieces ready for the craft show on the 1st. If it all sells, I’ll do well, but until then, it’s just another expensive hobby, right?

I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time beading since my husband quit his job. If Mama is off, I am over there and we are beading. This past week, we’ve been playing with sodalite, uncanite and jasper and other such stones. There’s even some amethyst over there for me to work up today. I’m finding that just like different yarns lend themselves to different projects, so, too, do different types of beads. In fact, I have some now I wish I could show you! They are so funky looking that Mama calls them “those SpongeBob beads”, and I just cannot imagine what to do with them! I guess that shouldn’t much surprise me, given my penchant for natural fibers, huh?

Oh yeah, one more thing. I didn’t lie, my camera really is at Mama’s. Today’s picture come to you via the miracle of Zemanta 😉

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When will it end?

Holy Cow! I am STILL sick. When will this crud end? It feels like I have been sick forever and three days already. Nonetheless, I cannot devote any more of my life to this whatever-it-is, and it’s time to bust a move. Not that I have been sitting on my laurels. Oh, no.

I have gone to Mama’s house everyday that she has been off or even gotten off early and I have beaded my wee bitty fingers to the bone. I have accumulated quite a bit of salable product, even though I haven’t listed any of it on the jewelry page. I had actually planned to open an etsy shop soon, but have decided to hold off until after the Craft Show, and see how that goes first. I think I said most of this last Friday, but I was kinda feverish then still.

Blackboard Lie Algebras
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Two of the schoolers started new Ambleside years today, and Country started Year 5, Term 3. Speaking of Country, she needs some help with an algebra assignment. Guess that means I am done here, at least for now.

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And yet I live

Sorta. My head is pounding and I talk like Sam Elliot, when I can talk at all, but I’m here. Today, I have grand plans: clear my desk and do a bit of writing, then go bead.

In fact, I have been beading for the past two days. Mama has been off work, so she has come and picked me up and I have rested and beaded at her house. And!

Yesterday, we had to go get some supplies (don’t even snicker, I am NEVER too sick to shop) and we found out about a craft show on November 1st. And we signed up. I am sooo excited. I just wish I could think enough to string the words together to convey my excitement. Anyway, now we are seriously beading in earnest to get ready, whereas before we were merely beading in earnest to get ready for a show on December 13. Yeah, BAM, kick it up notch.

So, I am not going to try to catch up the Tuesday book Review, the Wednesday Beading Report, Cass in the Kitchen or even the Online Craft Club. Right now, I am just going to plow as far through this pile on my desk as I can before I need a nap.

So, how was your weekend?

Mine was mighty fine! Dh got up and got some of the children ready to go to the ball field on Saturday morning. They were still in the driveway at 7:30 when the phone rang, and it was one of the board members letting me know all the games were canceled. I do enjoy football season, don’t get me wrong. It’s busy, and exciting and frenetic and all that stuff, and it’s a very big deal for the whole family. But I do love the sound of “canceled”. It just feels good in my brain at this time of year, because it is literally found time, and in this case, it was about 12 hours of found time.

The fact that dh was still in the driveway was an extra bonus, and meant that no gas was wasted with him driving across town. Since he’s currently NOT employed (yeah, I know, I neglected to mention that), any savings is a good thing.

And it get’s even better! Mama saw my tweet about no games, and hopped on IM to ask me if I wanted her to come get me to go to her house and bead. I giggled, because I was already setting up to bead at my desk. Needless to say, I packed it back up and Country and I spent the day over at Mama’s beading and yapping. It was great! I made 7 pieces, plus there was shopping. Does anyone else run out of findings, go after more, and end up with new beads, too? Yeah? Thought so.

I totally need to update the bead stash pictures. Also, the jewelry store page and maybe the finished object page, too. Muhahahahahahahah

The Wednesday Beading Report for October 8, 2008

Well, I almost didn’t post this. I got a chance to go bead instead of just writing about it, and so I did. And I made some cool stuff. But I don’t have pictures of it all. I decided though, that I could show you what I did have pictures of, and that would be a good thing! Am I rambling? I think I must be. HAHA! I’ve invented sleep-blogging! It’s like drunk-blogging, only sober and very tired. Ok. Pictures. And maybe some words.

IMG 1092

IMG 1094

These two glass lanyards were custom orders.

IMG 1096

This piece I made for myself to wear to a family reunion on Sunday. I was wearing Skimmer with a bright orange cardigan, and thought a new necklace would just “finish” the look. I came very close to selling it to my aunt right off my neck, but she elected to have me make a longer one instead. Gotta love that kind of advertising, eh?

And here are a couple of pieces for the jewelry store:
IMG 1134 IMG 1135

Blue and Purple and Amber Necklace

It’s Wednesday, so it must be time to talk about beads, right? Not long after I posted last week, the power went out for a bit. You saw some of what I did in the picture of the domino game. Umm, it doesn’t take very long to play dominoes, ya’ll, and so I had time after that to make this:

IMG 1038

I posted a picture of these beads last Wednesday, and I told you it would be for me, and it is! I went with my mother to a funeral visitation last Wednesday night, and wore it, and I got so many compliments!

In the meantime, there have been more beads. Mama found resin beads on sale at Jo-Ann, and brought me home these peachy ones, because I have a project I need them for. I lifted the copper ones from her because they coordinate with some black ones I have.

IMG 1084

In other news, I have noticed that I can no longer remember what kinds of beads I have. Now, new packs of beads generally get stored in a baggie, al the coordinating ones together so I can make the piece I planned. But after that, I have some left, and no real plan for them, but I know I will use them. So I need to store them, and I need to be able to see what I have so I can plan and design, right? Behold the clear plastic bead organizer thingie:

IMG 1085

I have two of these so far, and it is so nice to be able to see exactly what I have instead of having to guess with the little opaque boxes I was using.

Now then, I have become more and more disappointed in the amount of time I no longer have to create. I don’t know about you, but I get to feeling real dry if I am not making stuff. I love to write, this is true, but I also like to make tangible stuff. I decided this morning that I was going to cut back on some of my blogs to free up more time to let my creative self play.

Finally, I’ve had some people ask about custom bead items, and if I am willing to do those. The answer is YES! Just let me know the length, the color and the materials, and I can give you a quote.

Wednesday Bead Report 9/24/2008

So, here we are with another Wednesday Bead report. I really had not intended to create a regular weekly segment the first time I typed that title, but I had great feedback on it, and it does keep me from talking about beading every day, so I guess it’s here to stay, at least for awhile.

First up, I need to show you some recent acquisitions:
IMG 1033
I have plans for all of these, and I won’t go into them any further beyond saying that the blue set is mine.

I don’t have any finished things to show you, because that’s just the kind of week it’s been, so we can skip that, but I do have a book to tell you about. You know I love a good book, right? My mom recently joined a craft book club, and so she’s ordered a few things that I thought we might all enjoy. This week, I want to talk about The Beader’s Handbook by Juju Vail.

31VNfU1CXjL. SL500 AA180 The Beader’s Handbook is a very thick book, with a plethora of detailed pictures. There are all kinds of techniques in here, from different stitches to to beaded pillows. The descriptions of the tools alone make the book invaluable, but she also tells you how to use them to make your own findings. And then there is a 60+ page photographic bead dictionary in the back!

It would truly take a year at my current crafting pace to work through this book and master each of the concepts in it, but I am surely tempted to try. I think I want to start with the memory wire bracelet on the credits page.

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Bead Buyer’s Bonanza

Yes, I knew you were all wondering how long it would take me to start with the beads again. FTR, I’ve been back home since 7pm Monday night, so roughly 93 hours. I did bead on Wednesday night at Mama’s, but I didn’t finish the piece, so there was no need to chatter about it. Though I could have. It’s the multi-stranded blue kit that you can see on the stash page, and I really like the way it is turning out. Oops, I just chattered, didn’t I? Sorry.

Anyway, this post isn’t about what I made Wednesday. This post is about the site I visited today, Beads of Cambay. There are some truly awesome beads on this site. They have gorgeous one-of-a-kinds, but they also carry a boatload of freshwater pearls, which you can shop for by color or shape. I enjoyed reading about them before I started drooling on the keyboard. Oh, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that I drooled, huh? Sigh. I am always getting into trouble for stuff like that. But, really. When the subject is wholesale gemstone beads, what do you expect me to do? Close my eyes and not look? At 30% off?? That’s not happening in this lifetime as long as I have the gift of sight!

Nor should it happen to you, so let me help you out a little bit:

And that’s just part of the top row of the first page of pearls, ya’ll. What are you still here for? Go check it out! Then come on back with coffee, because you know I will be here. Typing my little fingers to the nubs.

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