sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Boyds for Sale

Felicity Angelbliss Wee Folkstone PE/2885 QVC $35
Cocoa M. Angelrich and Scoop Wee Folkstone Music Box 1E/1660 $40
Luna the Light of the Silvery Moon Folkstone 3e/696 $20
Isabella Follow Your Heart’s Desire Folkstone Jan/8138 $40
Confidentia “No-tell” Faeriewhisper Wee Folkstone 2E/4419 $30
Henry K. Wallstreet Wee Folkstone 1E/2828 $30
Autumn L. Faeriefrost Wee Folkstone 1E/1303 $30
Rememberance Y. Angelflyte Wee Folkstone 1E/5568 $30
Immaculata T. Faerieburg Wee Folkstone 8E/3912 $20
Flossie Faeriefloss Canadian Wee Folkstone C5569 $30
Esrudious “Cram” Faeriebaum Wee Folkstone 6E/1513 $20
Ann and Abby Angelstitch Wee Folkstone Jan/8539 LE 1999 $35
Cerebella “Smarty” Faerienoggin Wee Folkstone PE/2306 of 3600 $30
Flossie Faeriefloss Wee Folkstone 1E/5133 $30
“Kristabell” Faeriefrost Wee Folkstone 1E/3725 $30
Tuxworth J. Angelman Wee Folkstone 1E/2079 $30
Nana Angelbless with Peekins Wee Folkstone 2E/5617 $25
Ms. McFrazzle Daycare Extraordinaire Folkstone 1E/1172 $30
Laverne B. Bowler Folkstone 2E/2450 $20
Ms McFrazzle On the Job Musical Waterglobe Folkstone 1E/1568 $50
Iown Payne Folkstone GCC $25
Bearly Nick and Buddies Folkstone 13E/2714 $20
Constance and Felicity Folkstone 1997 LE 11881 $65
Beatrice the Birthday Angel Folkstone 11e/2175 $20
Liddy Pearl Waterglobe Folkstone PE/679 $70
Betty Cocker Folkstone 7e/2817 $35
Illumina Angel of Light Folkstone 3E/2115 $30
Auntie CoCoa M. Maximus Folkstone 1E/1930 $30
Luminette The light of the Silvery Moon GM’s Choice Folkstone 2172/20000 $35
Execunick the First Global Businessman Folkstone 5e/567 $20
Athena the Wedding Angel Folkstone 23E/2340 $20
Liddy Pearl Folkstone LE 1998 8343/18000 $45
Slicknick the Chimney sweep Folkstone 12E/3384 $20
Too-Loose Folkstone 5E/974 $20
Sparky McPlug Folkstone 11E/2221 $25
Myrtle Believe Folkstone 13E/1517 $20
Astrid Isinglass Folkstone 2475/12000 $40
Krystal Isinglass Folkstone 19E/1869 $20
NaNick of the North Folkstone 10E/2471 $20
Siegfried and Egon the Sign Folkstone 3E/404 $30
Nicholas with Book of Lists Folkstone 11E/1490 $20
Peacenick Folkstone GCC Exclusive 1E/2148 $35
Francoise and Suzanne Folkstone PE/2344 $30
Honker T. Flatfoot Folkstone 7E/3901 $20
Ms. Fries Folkstone GCC Early Release PE/3172 $30


Ms. Libearty FOB piece 1998 $40
Union Jack Love Letters 19E/1377 $15
Tessa, Ben and Cissie A sign of the Times 1E/3307 $20
Alexandra and Belle Telephone Tied 2E/2349 $15
Elvira and Chauncey Fizbruin Waterglobe Musical 2E/1507 $35
S.S. Noah The Ark 3E/4183 $40
THB Work is Love Made Visible LE 1998 Jan/3756 $90
Sunny and Sally Berriweather Plant with Hope FOB piece 1999 $35
Elizabeth with Rosencrantz and Guilderstern FOB piece 1998 $40
Victoria Regina Buzzbruin FOB 1999 $30
Daphne and Eloise 27E/216 $15
Victoria Regina Musiacal Waterglobe 2E/1957 $55
Prissie, Sissie and Missie FOB piece 2000 $40
Gary, Tina, Matt and Bailey LE 1999 March/2003 $70
Member Kit 1999 $60
Member Kit 1996 $60
Sparky and the Box QVC PE/1163 $25
Mrs. Bruin Afternoon Tea (mug) $5
FOB Plush 1999 Hope, Love, Joy $30
Jacques Grenouille (no box) $10
Jeremy as Noah the Ark Builder 3E/6017 $15
Noah’s Toolbox FOB 1E/1207 $15
Bernice as Mrs. Noah 3E/5905 $15
Louella and Hedda the Secret 25E/1329 $15
Louella and Hedda the Secret Musicbox 4E/645 $50
Noah’s Genius at Work Table FOB 3E/5981 $15
Stretch and Skye Longnecker the Lookouts 3E/6646 $15
Greenville and Neville the Sign TBC93 $20
Bailey the Cheerleader 16E/3481 $11
Velma Q. Berriweather FOB 1997 $50
Berriweather’s Cottage FOB 1998 $35
Elliot the Hero Plaque GCC Eclusive $20
Daphne the Reader Hare 18E/818 $15
Daphne and Eloise Musical 2E/1042 $40
Otis the Fisherman 28E/20 $15
Eddie Proud to be an American 2E/752 $20
Bailey The Night Before Christmas Musical 3E/1736 $45
Judge Griz Hissonah Bearstone 10E/1571 $15
Bailey as the Bride Bearstone GCC Edition $15
Clara the Nurse Bearstone 67E/874 $15
Clarence Angel Bear Bearstone 13E/2840 $40
Santa’s Challenge Bearstone 4E/613 $40
The Collector Waterball Bearstone 3E/2378 $50
Caren B. Bearlove Bearstone GCC Exclusive $15
Mrs. Tuttle Stop and Smell the Roses Bearstone 2E/1432 $25
Elgin the Elf Bear Bearstone 21E/3534 $20
Sebastian and Nicholas The Lost Ball Votive Bearstone 6E/2794 $25