sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

And another thing

I am so not going to need real estate closing checklist. Because I have realized that my time, skills, and money are indeed limited, and I don’t want to be having to maintain a house. At least not until I am through with school. It’s just too much to be a full time student, a full time mom, and Ms. Fix it.

So much stuff

If you are keeping track of me, which I am relatively sure is not happening, you are aware that I am planning a move to Maryland this summer. I;m sitting here looking at the sheer amount of stuff I have and, people, it’s a lot. About the only thing I don’t have is allen & heath mixers. Maybe I need to get one or two, just to weight the truck down a bit. Whaddya think?

This is me doing homework

So the kids have been off school since Monday night. And so have I. And it’s been fun. However, the time for horsing around has ended today. I have looked around and discovered how far behind I am in home and housework. This evening, tomorrow, and this weekend, there will be no blue yeti pro at guitar center, but there will be catching up. Because, oops, this enforced vakay has also put me behind in internship hours. But I sure have saved on gas!

Crafting for Cons

So, I went to my first con this past weekend to help a friend work her booth. It was a great experience and one I am looking forward to repeating. I am planning to make some stuff geared to the con for next year. I need stuff that will capture interest and be fairly quick to make. I would also like it to be at least slightly less complicated than this rme babyface at guitar center. Not quite so many buttons and dials, ykwim?


Did you guys know that I have a guitar hanging on the wall in my room? Yep. Never take it down. I do want to learn to play it, that’s why it was gifted to me. I don’t even necessarily want to play it well, I just want to be able to accompany myself when I sing. Which I also rarely do any more. But I just don’t seem to make the time. It’s a “one day” thing. In the meantime, it’s getting dusty. I wonder if I should put it in a case. So then I read about this case for ael30 acoustic electric guitar. And I thought to myself, what the heck is an electric acoustic anyway? Don’t they have to be one or the other anymore? Well, apparently not.

Did you know

that Reeds sells bulova? I didn’t. Of course, I haven’t been in one in a long time. The first piece of jewelry I selected and purchased for myself came from there. I was still in high school. I guess my independent streak started early, right? It had three swirled rows of diamond chips. It was a pretty thing, but the band broke a couple of decades later. I had it in my jewelry box when my house was broken into, and so it was stolen. Sigh. I should do that again, minus the stolen part.

Six months, really?

Yep! That long. I could tell you I have been busy. I have. I could tell you that I now do most of my blogging over at, which I do, when I blog. I could tell you that I have been hanging out at I could tell you that I haven’t been knitting enough in the past couple of years to justify maintaining a crafting blog. Somehow, I don’t think you are interested in hearing any of that. Nor am I particularly interested in typing up a list of reason why I don’t post here much. I just don’t do it very often anymore, and that’s what that is.

More along that line

Continuing the get away from it all and knit in peace theme, let’s look at hotels in Kelowna. I googled Kelowna, see. And it is close to the coast. Now, I love the cost. I love it almost as much as I love yarn. So maybe I need to re-evaluate sneaking off to Canada in the winter, and look at spring or fall instead, so I can sit on the beach and knit. Under an umbrella so the sand doesn’t get in my eyes.

How meditative would that be? The rhythm of the stitches and the rhythm of the ocean waves. It would be incredibly easy to wander around in my own head for hours, picking things up, dusting them off, studying them a bit and putting them back down. I could get to know my own head again PLUS have knitted goodies to show for my time. Sometimes, I forget to do that, and I find myself missing me. In fact, sometimes I choose to do that because I am not wanting to hear what I am really thinking, and that is less than healthy, right?
I should be better to me than that.

Yeah, ok. That puts me on a tangent. I swear, sometimes I don’t know where I am going until I see where the words lead. These words are clearly telling me that it is time to reconnect with myself. So, where *exactly* did I put my journal? And where are my meditation beads? I clearly have some work to do that is more important than knitting.

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